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Surprise at Regular Massage

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I went for a massage last week at the Chinese Dr place I have been visiting regularly for a couple of years with a bad back. On the majority of occasions the therapist is female which I find exciting. Although there has never been a hint of any 'extras', I always end up horny and usually give myself a happy ending after the therapist has left the room.

Anyway, last week I arrived and spoke to the therapist briefly before being lead to my room. It was a new lady doctor, a slim, attractive Chinese lady in her early forties. When she asked if anything in particular was the trouble I said my back was fine and it was actually my legs, calves and thighs in particular, that needed attention as I had been running.

When I entered the room, I stripped naked as I always do before laying face down on the bench and spreading the towel across my lower half.

The Dr entered the room after knocking and began to stroke my shoulders, then back and buttocks, sliding the towel down far enough to see that I'm naked. She asks if that is okay, I 'Mmm' in appreciation as she continues rubbing my buttocks before sliding her hands right down my legs, pushing the towel all the way down, past my feet. Now I'm paying (and standing to) attention.

As the leg massage proceeds, there is the occasional highlight as a hand strays near my crack and balls but mostly it's just a very good leg massage, finding all the knots and tension. There's a little extra tension of course due to the fact that I'm completely naked and uncovered in her presence.

Then she begins massaging the front of my thighs by reaching underneath me, it feels nice but makes me think I'm not going to get to turn over and reveal my hard cock.

It still feels great and I continue to 'Mmm' whenever she gets to the top of my thighs... until I feel a definite brush of my balls, once and then once more. I now completely involuntarily lift my hips, pushing my buttocks up and apart and giving full access to my balls. I immediately regret this, thinking I've gone too far and she will cover me up or leave.

Instead, she tickles my buttocks with her nails, runs a finger along my crack and then fully cups my balls, before running her nails along them. She says 'Okay?' again and I agree of course.

Then she stops, laughs and pats my bum, saying 'Time to turn over'.

I roll over in a flash, my hard cock almost upright, I'm so horny. She says 'Hello' but ignores it and massages my legs and thighs again. Probably a good job as I would have exploded with the first touch if she had been willing.

I was still wondering if she was going to touch me, whether I would get away with rubbing myself in front of her or whether I'd have to wait and take care of myself afterwards. I wasn't wondering long though, as the therapist saw me gazing at her breasts and made the international gesture for a handjob. Again I agreed and she oiled up her hands before applying a truly expert touch to my balls and cock, both hands all the way up to the head, all the way down circling the balls, crack and then back round the front and up to the head again. It only took a few of those before I was moaning gently, she shushed me and, licking her lips and staring at my cock, suddenly started stroking incredibly quickly, with no warning or build up this gave me an intense orgasm in seconds. I covered her hand and my chest in warm cum.

The whole handjob probably took less than a minute (I usually tease and edge myself for hours). She cleaned me up and accepted a tip, there had been no previous mention of money and when I asked how much, she said whatever you like. I think she basically loved the effect her massage had on me. I said I'll be back soon and she said that she hoped so.



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