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Support from a female co-worker

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She has helped encourage me in my desire to masturbate to photos of naked men and possibly be with a man for the first time.


If you have read my bio, youre aware that I have developed an increased desire to look at naked men. And I have confided in a female co-worker regarding this new interest. Even though I'm not interested in her relationship-wise, she somehow makes it easy to tell her anything, and I mean ANYTHING. It might be because she speaks with such ease about whatever she wants to. Anyway, I mentioned that she has been very supportive in my ever-developing interest, and I'd like to share a portion of that support with you.

Over the past 3 months we have gotten together numerous times at either her condo or my house. We would usually pour ourselves a glass of wine, sit next to each other on the couch, flip open a laptop on the coffee table and start surfing the web for naked men. We'd tell each other who was hot and who was not, and whose cock we would or wouldn't suck. This would lead to a few mutual masturbation sessions. And I didn't mind that all she would do is unzip and put her hand down her panties, while I had to lower my pants and shorts at least to my knees. Although she had never seen my cock before, I had already described it to her, so there wasn't much of a surprise factor the first time she saw it. So there we would be, masturbating away right next to each other, often with our legs touching. Sometimes when I leaned forward to go to a different page, I would let go of my cock, and she didn't think anything of taking hold of me with her free hand while I surfed, and letting go when I leaned back to resume stroking.

I would say that the majority of our get-togethers, though, involved the same surfing, comparing and debating, but only I would masturbate. It was not uncommon for her to notice me getting fidgety and say "Why don't you lower your pants now?" So I would, and I was already hard as usual. I'd pick out a guy with a gorgeous cock, enlarge the photo, and start masturbating. While she watched me, she would just sip her wine and massage the top of my thigh. She would sometimes say things like "I think you two would look great together, with or without your clothes on." There were other times where she would put her glass down and sit on the edge of the couch so she could take my shoes off in order to pull my pants and shorts all the way off and say "There, thats better. Do you need help with your shirt?" So I would stop and take my shirt off as well. Once I resumed playing with myself, she has on occasion said "Just imagine how good it would feel to both be on your sides in bed together, slowly sucking on each other's cock, exploring with your tongues, licking your heads and shafts. What I wouldn't give to be there to watch! I hope you get your chance to live your fantasy!" She would always help me clean up my mess too when I finished. She's very special!



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