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Super Soaker Part 1

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I love this site!!



I have been coming to this site for a while now, so I thought I'd give something back.

I live in a big house with a hot tub and a pool out back. I mention this because it is how I first started exploring sexually.

My parents both have jobs that take up most of their time in the summer, as well as the rest of the year. I am also an only child, so I often have the house all to myself.

This all started when I was 14. At that age, it turns out that I was done growing. I was and am five feet tall even, and had and have a B-cup chest. I have always been the outdoorsy type, so I am reasonably fit, but still rather curvy.

One day, I was alone at home during the summer. I think it was in June. After waking up, having breakfast, and watching a bit of TV, I was getting a little uncomfortable from the heat. It was in the upper nineties that day, and we've never had air conditioning, so I decided to take a swim.

I got into my bikini and went outside into the full heat of summer. I was sweating a little, so I just jumped right in. Off the diving board and into the surprisingly cold water. I don't know if the water in the pool just hadn't caught up to the temperature in the air, or what, but it felt freezing! I swam up from the bottom of the pool as fast as possible and to the edge to climb out.

As I brought one leg up and over the side of the pool, I felt something between my legs. I looked down and saw that my crotch had passed over one of the water jets that pushes in the filtered water back to the pool. I didn't pay too much attention to it at first, but as I spent some time aclimatising myself to the cold water, I felt a tingling sensation from what I now know is my clit. Along with this tingling, I had the urge to try putting my pussy in front of the water jet again.

Holding onto the side of the pool, I edged my way over to the area where I had first felt the water jet. There are about five in the pool in total, but since I didn't know too much about what was happening, I just recreated the first incident as close as possible. I lifted one leg up, spreading them apart to provide full access to the jet. First of all, I have to say, these jets are STRONG. If you were to put your hand in front of the jet, you wouldn't be able to bring it all the way to the side of the pool.

I lowered my waist into the line of fire. It first went across my ass, which felt good, but it wan't what I had been feeling before. It then hit my pussy. I immediately felt a surge of pressure and, what I can only describe as ecstasy, flood my senses. I was SHOCKED. I had never felt anything so amazing in my life! It was beyond anything I could have imagined! I had to do it again.

I quickly hovered the jet back over my pussy almost immediately, my hips started bucking and I clung to the side of the pool. Seconds after doing so, slipped a bit, and it hit me for the third time. This time though, it hit me directly on my clit. I felt that surge of energy and pleasure again, but this time it didn't go away when I moved away from the jet. It lingered slightly. Instinctively and simultaneously, my right hand moved down to my crotch, my left hand held my chest, I took a deep breath, and fell backward into the water. I sank to the bottom, furiously rubbing my pussy and feeling my boobs. I felt weightless, and as if I didn't need to breathe. The feeling in my pussy only grew and grew until finally, I arched my back and had my first orgasm.

At that point I was just squirming at the bottom of the pool, lost in my orgasm. Once it had receded, I suddenly felt the crushing need to breathe again. I stopped rubbing myself and pushed off from the bottom of the pool. Once my face broke the surface, I gasped, feeling like I had just barely made it. I climbed out of the pool, my arms and legs shaking, still feeling what I now think of as the aftermath of my orgasm. I felt better than I ever had before, still breathing heavily, with slow waves of pleasure coursing throughout my hips.

Well, I hope you enjoyed that! writing it made me really wet, I think I need to cum again right now!

This story isn't over though, I'll have more soon.



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