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Sunday Afternoon Rest

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This is may 3rd story to Solotouch


This is my 3rd story to solotouch,previous being 'in the car' and 'first time with fiance'

I had just returned from the hotel I work at after checking on the progress of the repairs to a hydrant that a guest had knocked off the wall with his car.

While there,I logged on to ST and read a few stories,so I was a little turned on when I reached home. My wife was out visiting so I decided to curl up on our bed and read my book I recently bought. It was about 3 in the afternoon

She arrived home about 15 minutes later,dropped her stuff on the table and came through to the room.She then checked on our 14 year son and as he was on the computer in his room with the head phones on, she decided to join me and hopped on to the bed with me. I was only in my undies and shirt so she stripped off her jeans and got under the covers. After about 5 minutes she leaned forward and asked me to undo her bra clasp as it was digging in to her back and then she removed it and tossed it on to the floor.

My wife was wearing these blue french knickers that really show off her assets and she just looks so sexy in them. She draped her leg over mine and exposed her pussy which was straining to get out of her undies. I casually place my hand over her pussy and started gently stroking her. My fingers where tracing the edge of her panties and every now and then, I would gently rub her between her pussy lips through the material of her panties.

Slowly she started to move her hips round and round and she was starting to enjoy her self.I slipped my hand under her undies and started to part her lips now that I had clear access to her sweet engorged pussy.

She warned me that she had started her monthly cycle and that I could not go to far into her.

'My wife has always been very horny during this time of the month'.

Back to the story, she reached over and opened her bedside draw and gets her little purple toy that I bought her a few years back, and starts to stimulate herself with me also doing my bit. The next thing the battery decides it has had enough and dies on us. She then tells me that she used the toy the previous night when I had to go to the hotel to checked the damaged caused by the guest that drove into the hydrant.

We had being entertaining friends and we where about to get into bed when the call came through at 12 in the evening, regarding the hydrant. I had to leave in a hurry and was away for about 2 hours. She had become very aroused just before the phone rang and decided she could not wait for me to return so that I could satisfy her so she went ahead with out me.

I hopped out of the bed, got another battery, and we continued with our Sunday rest.

It is not often that I get to see my wife masturbate herself and she does get a little embarrassed and covers her head with the pillow.

By this time, I was popping out of my jocks but I continued to stroke her pussy and the little bit between her pussy and her arsehole, and enjoy the sight of her riding both her toy and my fingers.Her movements became more powerful until she could not hold on any longer and came all over my fingers, it was so intense. After she started to come down from her high, she turned her attention to me. I slipped my jocks lower for better access and she started to stroke and touch my balls until I started to buck and squirm and finally came all over my stomach. We lay there a while just enjoying the memory and then got up and cleaned our selfs up. I returned to bed and a quick 40 minute sleep.

Do other people find it strange that woman can get so aroused during their cycle.I find it very erotic and wished that she would be more adventurous during this time.

By the way, I found Solotouch back in June of this year and go on to it daily. The site was mentioned in our local Cosmopolitan magazine here in South Africa and my wife asked me to investigate and see what it was all about and now I am hooked.



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