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Summer of Change for Me

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Really a MFF story, kind of long but wait for it, it might be worth it in the end. ENJOY!


This story took place years ago, back during the summer when I got my drivers license and my new freedom. I had a job and a car and could go anywhere and do just about anything. I was however still a bit timid and bashful when it came to girls. This event would be the start of the new me and the end of my shyness with the fairer sex.

I had become friends with a girl, Jen, who lived about 70 miles away and we kept in touch and called each other from time to time. I had called her out of pure boredom one day to see what she was up to. She had a friend of hers staying with her for the next two weeks. Her friend was from the big city and often came to spend a few weeks with the family during the hot days of the summer, however the last three years her friend had not been there. They caught up with each other, or so Jen said, and were now getting bored and looking for things to do. Jen asked if I had my license and a car and willing to drive down to see them and take them to the beach for the day. I told her I had the following day off and was up for that day trip and would see them the next day.

When I got there the two girls were giddy and talking in code to themselves most of the ride to the beach. We arrived at the beach and set out our towels. There were very few people around and almost no one in the water. The girls asked if I would go down to the water with them and I said yes. They asked me to go ahead of them and test the water temperature for them. I think they wanted to be alone to strip down to their swimsuits. They arrived to the waters edge and asked how was it. I said cold at first but you can get use to it fairly quickly. As they entered the water the screams of shock rang out to warn others not to try entering the water as it was too cold. They backed up the beach a bit out of the water and I kept egging them back into the water with me. Jen then says its not just the coldness of the water but the fact that they had just shaved, um, their legs that morning and the freshly saved stubble hurt when in contact with the salt water. Little did I know this shave they were talking about went higher up the legs.

They then asked if I wouldn't mind leaving the beach since it was a bit overcast and not much of a beach day after all. I agreed and asked where we would go. Jen said she had a plan and wanted to show her friend and me the places that she hung out at with her friends that she went to school with. They offered to buy me gas to drive them around.

We drove around from point to point and Jen said what she wanted to look about the place and directed me to the next point. It was getting late when she asked if I would drive to the abandoned house they liked to party at. I said to point the way. As I drove down the deserted driveway with overgrown brush and grass surrounding my car as I made the path towards the shell of the house I sensed something was amiss and was preparing myself for some sort of shenanigans.

We got out and started to walk towards the house through a pile of discarded beer cans and other trash littered around the place. Jen said she had never seen the place in the daylight as they mostly partied here late at night in the dark. Inside the carport was a mattress that had been spray painted by whoever spray painted a mural inside the carport. It was this mattress that would change the course of my life, when it comes to dealing with the ladies.

After a bit Jen says to me that her and her friend, Kim, were talking most of the day, if I hadn't noticed, that I was good looking and they were wondering if I had a girlfriend at the time. I said no girlfriend at the time but there was someone I had been looking at asking but did not have the courage to. They were okay with that and the subject changed fairly quickly.

We were back in the carport hiding from the intense sunshine of the late afternoon sky. It seemed like the sky opened and allowed all the heat to enter under the exiting clouds. Kim says they wanted to show me something. Jen quickly says that no they didn't want to show me anything. Kim being a bit stronger in her words said that they would show us if I was okay with it. Since I had no idea what they were talking about I said sure.

She asked if I had remembered they said the salt water hurt their freshly shaven legs and they didn't want to be in the water. I said I had remembered. Kim goes on to say that they also shaved a little higher up the legs. I looked at her a little perplexed and wondered if she was talking about the pubic hair region, since that was the next thing up the leg I could think of. She then yells out that they shaved their pubic hair, as if I was lame and didn't know what she was referring to. Of course I knew that's what she was hinting at, but why would anyone shave their pubic hair I wondered.

They said that they were getting ready this morning for the beach and Jen said she had to trim her bikini line and Kim had asked why she wasn't smooth down there. Kim said that many girls in her school were all shaving the hair off their mounds and going with the new look. Kim had joined the crowd and shaved hers off last summer and has since kept it clean looking, as she called it. Jen was not up for shaving it all off but asked Kim for more details. Kim only had one option but to show her friend her smooth vagina. Jen said she could never shave herself completely and was afraid of cutting herself down there. Kim offered to do it for her.

It was during this morning's event that Kim said they should show me their shaved pussies to see which one looked better. Kim had promised to not shave all of Jens pubic hair and she almost did get away with it because Jen laid back on her bed while Kim shaved away. Jen happened to wonder what it was looking like when Kim was almost done with the whole thing. Jen stopped her before she could get it all off and left her with a small strip down the center. Jen was first mad at Kim for shaving so much off but as she looked at herself in the mirror she liked the landing strip look and asked Kim to leave at least that much for her. It was then that they had agreed to ask me which looked better.

Kim said she was going to strip off her shorts and bikini bottoms and show me hers while Jen readied herself. Kim does this as I stand frozen in front of her with my mouth open and all but confused as to what is happening so fast in front of me. Kim says that since she has already done that Jen needs to hurry up and take her shorts off to show me hers. Jen says she has chickened out and changed her mind. She said she didn't want to get undressed in front of me. Kim said that she could strip behind my back and she would keep me looking at her while Jen was free to strip behind my back and I wouldn't watch. Jen said it wasn't just that. She reminded Kim that she was wearing a one piece suit and would have to strip completely to show herself. Kim told her to strip then put her t-shirt back on, no big deal. Jen came up with more excuses and Kim countered them with proposals. The whole time she was naked from the waist down and standing in front of me with a hairless pussy.

Jen finally agreed but wondered how she was going to make sure I did not turn around and peek. Kim said, she was going to show me some more and keep me looking in her direction. She turned around and picked up her shorts giving me a fine view of her naked ass. She stayed bent over and placed her shorts on the mattress then sat on her shorts. She placed one hand behind her and leaned back. The other hand went between her legs as she spread her legs covering her pussy. I thought if she was going to cover it up, why spread her legs and tease me with this view. I also thought about turning around to see if Jen was looking at this. That's when Kim spread open her fingers and used two of them to press against the side of her lips and puff out her lips in between the pinched sides of her fingers. She had not a hair on her pussy area. She was as smooth as silk, or so it looked. Kim ran her semi pinched fingers up and down the sides of her lips giving a slight tighter pinch from time to time.

Jen said she was ready and walked in from of me holding her shorts in front of her. Kim said to come next to her and patted to sit next to her. Jen said she would not sit and preferred to stand. Kim grabbed her shorts out from her hands and said for Jen to show me her strip of hair to compare to Kims lack of hair. After seeing the hairless pussy I was not interested at looking at one camouflaged by pubic hair. I wanted more hairless pussy to look at. Jen removed her hands from her crotch area and placed them over her own eyes as if to hide. There she stood half naked and with a strip of hair running straight down between her legs. Kim asked which one I preferred. I was a bit taken back at this point as I did not want to say the truth, that I liked the hairless one better, and upset my friend by saying I liked the other better.

I instead said I would need to get a better look and knelt down to get a different angle of view. I really was attempting to make a motion that would allow me to adjust the boner growing in my shorts without them knowing I was so erect in my shorts. I also thought I would get a better view of Jens pussy. She had her legs so tight together it was not working for me. I stood back up and was going to let them know which I liked better when Jen steps behind me and out of view. Kim still spread legged but with both hands behind her goes to sit up and says that she will make it more interesting. She removes her t-shirt in one swoop of her arms over her head and then unties her bikini top allowing her breasts to hang free in the summer wind. I am now completely stunned this is happening to me and not sure what is about to happen next.

Kim goes back to spread her legs and places the hand back along the sides of her lips like she was doing before. Only this time she spreads her lips outward instead of pushing them, together. She is still running her fingers up and down her pussy and it appears to be glistening and smiling back at me. I was so into what she was doing with herself that I had lost the fact that Jen was somewhere behind me. I was about to bend back done, again to hide me erection, and to get a better close up view of this when Jen grabs the waist of my shorts and pulls them down so quickly I had no idea they were down for the first few seconds.

I went to bend down and grab my shorts when Jen says to not even try it. What's fair is fair she says. She says I have to show them mine since they showed me theirs. I disagreed with her because she had not shown hers, she only stood with her legs tight and did not show anything but her strip of pubic hair. Kim again encouraged her to sit next to her on the edge of the bed. I agreed with Kim and said its only fair since I stood before them with a raging erection. Jen finally sits down and is first reluctant to spread her legs but eventually does and shows me a beautiful pussy. I then tell them my answer as if it was the answer to a million dollar question. I tell them I would like to see Jens pussy without hair as that was the best looking one. There I said what I thought was the best answer without upsetting either of them.

Kim kept rubbing her lips in the rhythmic up and down motion and Jen sat there squeezing her legs back and forth between open and closed. They both would not look me in the eye but stared at my erection. I started to ask if we could get dressed now and leave when Jen blurts out that she is horny and needs to do something about it. She asks if we could wait for her in the car. Kim asks if she is going to masturbate. Jen said she was going to be doing something then get dressed and meet us in the car. Kim retaliates with a bunch of questions about her and me. What are we going to do? What if we wanted to masturbate too? Why is she the only one that gets to masturbate? I was about to go into Jens defense and suggest we wait in the car like my friend had asked when Kim says she is also horny and wants to masturbate more than Jen does. She then looks at my dick and says that I more than likely would want to masturbate while watching them masturbate.

Wow! This is getting a bit out of hand, I was about to meet them in the car. They can work out their issues and we could get on with the day. Kim starts rubbing faster and her finger keeps disappearing between her lips. Jen sees what she is doing and starts touching herself with one hand while covering herself with the other hand. They both are going at it right in front of me. I can't believe this is happening to me. Kim than says that it's only fair if I masturbate with them. I tried to tell them that I didn't masturbate to which they called me a liar and said to get going to start stroking myself. I tried to find a way to tell them that I usually lay down on a blanket or sheet and rub myself that way. I rarely am able to stroke my cock dry and usually need some sort of lube.

They both warn me that if I don't start stroking myself they will stop and this will all end. I grab a hold of my erection and start stroking. As I reach the tip of my dick I touched something wet and look down and see a gob of clear fluid resting at the tip of my dick. As my hand comes back down the fluid goes with my hand and the feeling of gratification followed with it. I didn't know it at the time but learned something new. This fluid, whatever it is, feels nice and provides that lubrication I needed to stroke myself. I must have gotten about ten more strokes in when I erupted and came on the floor in between the two girls. Kim did not see this event as she had her eyes closed and her head tilted back at the moment. Jen says she had never seen a boy do that and thought it was great to see so up close and personal. Kim asked if I could do it again.

I told them I would need a few minutes and they could continue as I watched them. I went back and forth with my eyes mere inches from their crotches as they stroked their lips up and down. Kim was the only one that made her middle finger disappear every once in awhile. Jen came with a body convulsion that looked as if she needed some sort of medical help at the time. She quickly recovered and sat there with a smile on her face.

Kim kept going at it when she asked if I was ready to stroke myself again. I said I would try and see what happened. Kim bent her head back and went at her pussy like there was no tomorrow and she had lost something inside her that she needed out. Jen was about to stand up and walk behind me again when she stopped in her tracks and looked between her friends legs and saw what she was doing to herself. Jen looks up at me as if to say, look at that. Jen knelt on the ground in view with Kim's pussy and real close to my dick. She took turns between looking at what Jen was doing to what I was doing. I thought for sure she was going to ask to help me out. Instead she reached out and touched Kim's inner thigh and moved her hand closer to Kim's entrance. Kim looked at us and realized it was Jen's hand not mine and allowed her friends hand to take over for her. Kim reached up to her breasts and rubbed her own nipples as Jen fingered her pussy. Jen kept using her thumb to push up the center of Kim's pussy while digging her finger in and out. Jen then started to twist her wrist back and forth while sliding her finger in and out of Kim's pussy. The moans and groans coming from Kim's throat were getting deeper and closer together. She sat up and looked at my dick and smiled. She asked if I was close as she wanted to come with me. I said I was close and she began to climax as Jen picked up the pace of going in and out while alternating with the thumb movement she was doing earlier.

Kim climaxed in a twisted and bundled mess in that mattress with her friend's fingers inside her. The look on Jenâ......s face was awe inspiring and the smirk on her lips told me she liked doing that to her friend. They both turned their heads in my direction and with both happy faces watching me I had another orgasm but little shot out of my dick. They were both pleased to see this and saw the relieved look on my face. They knew this would happen earlier in the day, why did they wait so long to put the plan into action?

Kim said she had wondered what it would be like having another girl do that to her since this morning when she was down on Jen shaving her mound. Jens agreed she had always wondered what it would be like doing that to another girl and now she knows. She said she liked it and would do it again. Kim said she would have to wait awhile to do it to her again as she needed to collect herself.



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