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Summer of 73

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My story began a little while after my 12th birthday when we were on a boy's club trip. We had been taken to an old farmhouse that was no longer used and was owned by the guy that ran our youth group. He would take us there during the summer holidays and we loved spending time running around the open fields and playing in trees and the old hay loft. The group consisted of about 12 boys all around my age with a couple of exceptions. Two of the boys were 15 and had taught us all about the joys of wanking by letting us watch them. None of us younger boys had reached puberty and were all still a little nervous about wanking our little boners off in front of each other.

That was very soon to change for me one evening at the farm. a boy called Sam and I had been friends since primary school and had talked about sex and stuff before. I remember one incident at primary school in the toilets where he got me to play a game with him to see who could pee up the wall the highest. I wasn't much into the game but loved seeing the sight of his hairless little cock. From a very early age I was fascinated by boys. So back to the story. Sam and I had been teasing each other a bit during the day and it got to the point of us falling out. We exchanged words and then there was a long period of silence and us keeping out of each others way. After tea I thought I should say sorry to him so when he was alone outside I made my way over and apologised for calling him names. He too said he was really sorry and wanted to make up. I said that was ok and he said that he wanted to give me something after lights out. I had an idea' what he meant because we had promised each other favours before but never plucked up the bottle or I thought it was all talk. Never the less I was excited at the possibilty of having Sam's cock in my hand.

There were 6 lads sharing a dorm that night and the talk ranged from the place being haunted to who had been with a girl and lots of other boy talk. No one mentioned masterbation which was my favourite topic! Anyway we started drifting off to sleep and I thought the promise made by Sam was something that might happen another night but not tonight. I was half asleep when I felt something warm rubbing gently on my face, It was Sam's cock. He was kneeling over my face with his little hard 3 inch cock pressed against my cheek. I quickly sat up startled and it took me a few seconds to realise that this was no a dream but was for real. Streaight away I got a boner in my briefs as he climbed in beside me. In order not to disturb the others in the room we didn't talk but just started wanking each other off through our pants. He reached in and placed his hand right onto my cock. This made me groan as it was the first time I had been touched in my 12 years but had desired it for so long.

I soon reached in to his briefs and had his little cock throbbing in my hand. We were two very excited and horny little boys that night. I think with all the teasing and previous talking we were going to have a lot of fun. I was worried that we might wake the others and they would tease us forever so Sam said for me to follow him. We left the room and Sam led us into another empty bedroom. As soon as we were in there, our briefs were on the floor and our naked little bodies were rubbing against each other. Our cocks were pounding against each other as we experienced this wonderful feeling for the first time.

In no time at all I had him lying on his back with his legs over hanging the bed and I lay next to him. I started to stroke his cock nice and gentle at first then got faster and faster as his little body squirmed under me. Soon he was moaning and breathing heavy and then he just gasped a little. We changed position and soon he was working my 4 inch hairless cock with his little hand. Before long I could feel a sensation that I had never before experienced. My whole body seemed to tense as the blood raced around. I felt light headed and then my whole body went into spasm as he wanked me really fast. I had just had my first dry cum at 12 wow it was fantastic. We had many more orgasms that night and or a couple of years later. We taught each other lots of other things too.



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