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Summer of '62.....continued

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Part 2 of Summer of '62


Just before we split up for the night, Dee suggested that we meet the following morning at Judy's house. From there we would head out to the woods to a 'fort' where we had played a few days earlier, and resume our 'circle jerk' as Dee referred to it.

That night was torture. By the time I went to bed I must have replayed our trip down to the lake a hundred times start to finish. Like a favorite scene in your favorite movie, my restless mind would not stop. I was amazed by the whole thing, as if, even at the age of twelve years, I knew that I had experienced one of those highlights of my entire life. Just the magnitude of it made me question later if it even happened.

If it did happen, what if it was just a fluke, and the girls the next day decide to avoid me and not go any further? They might act like nothing happened and make me question my own sanity. Then I'd grin and think of what some of my male buddies would do to witness what I had seen. I avoided my perpetual hardon like it was some growth to be dealt with in the morning, and eventually passed out from exhaustion.

The next day was sunny and clear, and no sooner had the sun broke the horizon, I was pacing my bedroom like a Tom Cat with three females in heat. Sometimes I shivered from the excitement and anticipation of what (hopefully) awaited my future. It seemed to take forever for 10:00 a.m. to roll around. I kept fighting my thoughts, my nerves, my constantly surging dick, and all the while, trying to appear 'normal' to my parents while having breakfast. Like I said, torture.

Finally I could make out Dee and Judy walking down the road toward my house and I ran out to meet them. Not knowing what to expect, I kept my greeting low key. The girls were in a great mood, all smiles, and anxious to get out in the woods. To get there we had to go by Kelly's house, so we stopped along the way. Kelly was acting just the opposite, very serious and appearing like she really wasn't into going with us. We ignored her negative attitude, and talked about our adventure the night before.

We turned at the Railroad tracks and followed the tracks to where they cut into the woods. The woods were thick and on either side of the track bed as far as you could see. Over the years I had explored much of it, and never saw much sign of anyone ever being there. The remote location, and thick tree cover would allow us all the privacy we could want to carry on with our activities.

After a walk of about 200 yards we cut into the woods where there was a small break in the cover. From there we took a narrow trail that the girls and I had made years earlier, passing our little 'fort', and continued up a slight hill to an old cellar. Whatever had been there, was long gone. The timbers either rotted or burned down for over a hundred years. The cellar was shallow, just three feet or so, it's walls lined with rock. Off to one side was a huge patch of sunlight which had dried out the morning dew and reflecting of the wall of rock, looked warm and inviting. We stood staring into the pit for a moment. My body shook.

'I figure if we sit down there, we'll be unseen even if someone did come by.' I said trying to break the ice. 'I don't know if I can do it' whined Kelly. Dee was short with her.

'Look Kelly, I told you last night what we were going out here for, you either join with us or head back home now. You're not gonna just sit here and watch,' snapped Dee. Kelly looked down at the ground with a pout and looked rejected. 'I don't think I can come,' said Kelly.

Judy started laughing. I looked over at her and saw her staring at the crotch of my pants, which held a raging hardon. With that, all three girls broke out laughing while focusing on my pecker. Surprisingly I was not the least bit embarrassed after our revealing encounter the night before, and knew how to take it, even joining in the laugh.

'Come on let's get started,' said Dee, as if she was a tour guide on some wilderness adventure. We walked down an incline where steps may have been at one time, and went to the far wall in the patch of sun. The girls lined up at the wall, and Dee directed the girls to take off pants only, in case we had to dress quickly. I found a perfect backrest from the remains of an old brick chimney that slanted just like a recliner situated about four feet opposite the wall. I quickly took off my pants and folding them, placed them as a cushion for my bare butt, and took my place in front of the girls. I sat there and took it all in.

The girls giggled as they made themselves comfortable shifting their pants under their silky white bottoms and removing sticks or rocks that were in the way, then leaned back against the wall. They sat shoulder to shoulder, Dee to my left, Judy in the center and Kelly to the right, their legs spread wide and knees drawn up to their chest in a sort of squat. The sunlight glared off their puffy slits. I was captivated at how simple the design, a mere slit, and yet the power that the sight of those organs had on me. I sat there shivering in some kind of sexual chill.

'Can I take a closer look?' I asked. Before they could answer, I got up and approached Dee's pussy on all fours, like a cat sneaking up on it's prey. I had my face a mere foot away, and watched with facination as she pulled open her lips to reveal a glistening wet pink interior. Pulling up on a hood of skin, a teardrop shaped pink pearl poked it's head into the sun. It was the first time I ever saw what was in that lushious slit. I could smell a slight musky scent from her pussy that triggered my dick to throb.

'Looks like a little dick.' I said. 'That's what a girl rubs to get off,' said Dee, 'it's my clit.' I crawled over to check out Judy's, who was kind enough to reveal her innermost self to me as I approached. She giggled nervously. Her inner lips were as juicy as Dee's, maybe a bit more, and her clit reminded me of a pencil eraser. She had a tuft of dark hair just starting at the top of her slit.

By this time Kelly was smiling and had totally changed her attitude. She had pulled herself open before I got to her. Her pussy was smooth and hairless, the inner lips were smaller but her clit was the same size as Judy's, and she too, showed signs of a nice wetness.

'Our turn,' said Dee 'let's see it.'

I stood up on my knees and watched as the girls leaned forward for a closer look at my rod of steel. It hurt it was so hard, the head of my dick looked purple in the sun and oozed a drop of clear thick fluid. They had me pull up on my dick so they could see my balls. They seemed just as curious and fascinated by my sex organ as I was of theirs.

'O.K.' said our tour guide Dee, 'let's start out slow, we've waited all night for this, let's not get off too soon, make it last.'

The other girls said nothing. I nodded in agreement as I got back into position in front of them. The girls started slowly manipulating their pussies by rubbing in a small circle over their clits. I leaned back and stroked in slow motion, taking turns watching Dee, then Judy then Kelly. I could not believe that we were doing this, it was not a dream that would end with me waking in a wet puddle in bed. This was real. I listened to their breathing, their sighs, their gentle moans of pleasure, as their pussies began to glow like a light sunburn and their lips became more swollen. As they swelled, their inner lips poked out more and went from a pink to deep red. Watching as their pussies got bigger and darker in color just amazed and thrilled me.

Dee and Judy alternated from staring at my dick to closing their eyes and aiming their faces to the sun. Their faces glowed like angels with a gentle smile on their lips, lost in their own pleasure. Kelly seemed to look more at my dick and then check her own pussies progress, cupping it at times, or pulling it open to inspect her clit. About five or six minutes went by.

'Whoa.....this is feeling good...ahhh' moaned Dee.

Judy let out a light moan as if to agree. Kelly started picking up her pace. My strokes started becoming more frantic when I heard the snapping sounds of juice emanating from three sopping wet pussies. They were now so swollen, red and ripe for orgasm. My dick took on a life of it's own, looking bigger and so close to exploding, it's vein on the side bulging with each pounding surge of blood. More clear goo oozed from the tip. I looked past it at Dee's pussy that now had clear juice seeping out of it, the walls of her vagina opening slightly, and pushing out in spasms of pink tissue.

Judy's pussy made some loud squishing sounds as her pussy puckered open and I could see her head tilting back as she got closer to the edge. She smiled an even bigger smile in anticipation.

Kelly was coming along nicely as well, for all her inexperience, keeping up with the other girls in their quest for the big O.

All three girls now were breathing heavy as if in a race, each wrapped in their own sensations, deep concentration etched on their faces, lost in the glorious pulsating orgasmic warnings of their throbbing pussies. They were so close. I felt like I was in a dream, I mentally recorded these three girls as they sat before me, frantically rubbing their pussies, my own orgasm about to surge, yet holding off for a sign from one of them so I could blow when they did. Few guys ever get to see something like this. I could not believe my control. I smiled.

Suddenly Judy blew and looking down at her bulging pussy, tore at it as if she was possessed. Gritting her teeth at one point she kept rubbing at high speed and looked right at my dick as she let out a low groan.

I exploded thick blobs of cum high over my lap and was still shooting when Dee took off.

'Ahhh-YES-ahhhh-ahhhh-ahhh-oh damn-ahhh-ahh' Dee worked her organ hard and I could hear her juices squirt between her mangled pussy lips. A short gush of clear fluid squirted out of her vagina and into the leaves and on her pants, then another pulse sent fluid flowing over her ass cheeks. I had no idea that girls were capable of shooting anything when they came. The sight of it made my dick surge one last time.

As I was slowly stroking the last of my payload, I watched Dee and Judy as they slowed their manipulations and cupped their organs. In contrast, Kelly was still going hard in high speed on her pussy, a single squishy sound mixed with heavy breathing.

After about a minute, Kelly suddenly got this shocked look on her face and looking down, marveled at the sensations that rippled from her pussy and flowed throughout her body for the first time. She let out a little scream, then rubbed her clit slowly, her body jerking in spasms, as she broke out laughing. 'I...I...did it' Kelly panted. We all laughed with just pure joy in the moment. The come we had craved for so long, came and went so quick, even after trying so hard to prolong it. And we all got to come this time.

'Wow.....that was great!' said Dee, still a little breathless.

'MMMmmm-yea.' said Judy.

We lay there for a while soaking up the rays of the sun, listening to the gentle breeze in the trees, and wrapped in the afterglow of our delicious orgasms. I felt the air as it caressed my dick and balls and wondered how the air felt to the girls on their wet pussies. I tried to capture the scene before me and etch it forever in my memory, the girls glowing, their legs still spread revealing bulging wet pussies.

Judy, Kelly and I did a few more sessions that summer after Dee had gone back home. But it wasn't long before we started having separate social lives and relationships. That summer was the best summer I ever had. It made me aware that girls jerk off too, just as much as boys and sometimes coming faster and more often! It instilled a fascination with female masturbation to this day, and I have shared many sessions with women over the years. I'm glad that it is becoming more acceptable and maybe more common because of sites like Solo Touch.



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