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Summer Lunches With Mrs. Nelson

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Summer Lunches With Mrs. Nelson in 1955
My sexual world had two awakenings. The first one was Easter vacation in 1955. My uncle and his family were being transferred to Europe from the United States. So, my father took me to help his bother get ready to move. My cousins were both older than me. Mary was in college; Sam was a year older than me. My dad had Mary's room, and I bunked in with Sam. While bunking with Sam, he taught me how to jack off and even gave me a couple of his "treasures" to take home with me. They were "girlie" magazines that had Mad magazine covers pasted over the cover of the "girlie" magazines. That way neither his parents nor my parents knew we had "girlie magazines in our possession. After I got those magazines, I always kept my room cleaned and straightened. I don't think my mother ever figured out why my room suddenly stayed so neat and clean. I didn't want to give her any reason to snoop in my room and find my "Mad" magazines.
My second awakening started on the 4th of July weekend in 1955. My house was at the end of a cul-de-sac and was surrounded by a field on two sides. The three families on the cul-de-sac were celebrating the long holiday weekend by having a fireworks block party. Everyone brought fireworks and soft drinks to the dead-end street next to our house. I was laying on my back facing the street watching a couple of kids scampering about and listening to the various adults talk about their home, their kids, the economy, etc. I was the only teenager on the cul-de-sac and was absolutely bored to death.
I then noticed Mrs. Nelson leave the group of adults and come and sit on our porch on one of the chairs. She moved the chair so that she was in the shade of the tree that we had in our front yard but also away from the group of adults. I smiled and resumed silently bemoaning my boring existence on earth. After awhile, I glanced back at Mrs. Nelson and noticed that she had crossed her legs, and that I had a great "view" of her thigh under her dress.
I tried to be casual and not stare, but I could not keep my eyes of Mrs. Nelson. She must have known that I was interested because she made a point of uncrossing and then recrossing her legs several times in the next fifteen minutes.
I decided to be bold. Under the pretense of getting out of the sun and having more privacy, I moved the blanket I was laying on closer to Mrs. Nelson. I also placed myself so that I was in position to look straight up her dress since she was about three feet above me on our porch. Mrs. Nelson didn't disappoint me.
I smiled at her and openly stared at her when she uncrossed her legs. But, this time she did not recross her legs. She just slightly parted her knees. I was becoming excited and was having a difficult time trying to hide my erection. Mrs. Nelson pointedly glanced around and then parted her knees farther. I could see her panties, and I was in heaven. Just then, my dad called me to help him get something from the garage. Mrs. Nelson got up and went back to the group of adults while I was getting whatever my father wanted from the garage. I was greatly disappointed that Mrs. Nelson did not leave the group of adults and just stayed next to her husband.
I was still quite excited so I excused myself and went up to my room. I proceeded to get out my "Mad" magazines and jack off thinking about Mrs. Nelson and her panties. I went outside later when the fireworks started, but both Mr. and Mrs. Nelson were gone.
Mr. Nelson was a long-haul trucker, and Mrs. Nelson was in between jobs. She was comely and about 5'4" weighing about 140 pounds. They had no children, and this was her first marriage and his second.
After the fireworks were done, the other family went home. My parents told me that I could earn some extra money by doing some chores for the Nelsons. Was I interested? Of course, I was!
While I was in my room, the Nelson had approached my parents about me doing some work for them. My father was in aerospace, and my mother worked part-time during the day for her brother at a variety store he owned. My mother was gone about three days a week from 10:00 a.m. until about 3:00 p.m. My parents thought that doing some work for the Nelsons would be a good way to keep me busy during the summer vacation from school. So, the next morning at 10:00 a.m., I was to go to the Nelsons while my parents were at work. That night I did not get any sleep; I just thought about Mrs. Nelson and seeing her panties!
The next morning my mother left for work, and I eagerly went to the Nelsons. Mr. Nelson had already left on his trucking assignment. Mrs. Nelson greeted me at the door and took me around to the backyard. She was wearing another simple house dress and began to explain to me what she wanted done.
I began doing what she wants and an hour and half pass rather rapidly. Mrs. Nelson called from the patio door that I was to take a break and come into the kitchen area to have something cool to drink. I noticed that she had changed from her house dress into a pair of "short shorts" and a blouse. She gave me some iced tea and placed it on the bar area that was between the kitchen and the living room. She hopped up on one of the bar stools and told me to do the same. With our feet on the chair rungs, our knees were about a foot apart. Being a typical male, after a few seconds, my legs spread apart and my legs started dangling down the stool rather than still being on the rungs of the bar stool. Mrs. Nelson still had her feet on the rungs, but I see a lot of leg because of her "short shorts."
Mrs. Nelson made "small" talk, and I just responded once in awhile and kept sipping my iced tea. To this day, I still vividly recall what transpired next. Mrs. Nelson asked me what am I staring at because I am not looking at her or answering any of her questions. I had not heard anything or responded to anything because Mrs. Nelson has parted her knees, and I was able to see her pubic hair. I also had an obvious erection.
I answered Mrs. Nelson by saying WOW. Mrs. Nelson then asked if I enjoyed looking at her. Of course was my response. She then asked me where did I go yesterday after my dad called me. I told her that I looked for her, but that she hadn't left the group of adults so I went to my room. Then she asked me the question that brought about my sexual interest and appetite for women for the rest of my life. DID YOU JACK OFF THINKING ABOUT ME?
Right then and there, I decided that I would share all my sexual secrets with her. I answered yes and told her about the "girlie" magazines and my fantasies about her. She then told me that if she could trust me not to ever tell anyone what we were talking about, then she would tell me about her "playing" with herself. The first words out of my mouth were GIRLS DO THAT, TOO!!! Of course, she said, girls do that, too.
I promised her that I would never tell anyone. But, please let me go to the bathroom because I can't stand it any longer. She said no that if we trust each other, then why don't I jack off in front of her? I was excited, but I was also worried. I blurted out what if I am not big enough? To her credit, she said don't worry about; let's just see how big you are. I hopped off the stool and took off my tee shirt and then pulled down my shorts and pants together. I had my pants around my ankles and my erection was right in front of Mrs. Nelson. She put her hand around my erect penis, and I erupted. Each time I spurted, I said I am sorry, but I just kept spurting. I came all over her blouse and was thoroughly ashamed for messing her up. Mrs. Nelson was quiet for about 10 seconds and then said: GOD, YOU SURE HAD TO GO!
That comment broke the ice, and I relaxed. Mrs. Nelson got some napkins from the bar and cleaned me up. She then said a promise is a promise and took off her blouse and bra. I started to become excited again as she took my hand and led me to the living room couch. She had me sit on the floor at the foot of the couch while she removed her "short shorts" and her panties. The object of all my dreams and fantasies was no more than six inches from me, A PUSSY.
I was awe struck. She started to move her fingers around her pussy. I stopped her, and I said that I just wanted to look for awhile longer. After a couple of minutes, she asked me if I wanted touch her pussy. I said yes, and she had me get up and sit right next to her. She put her left arm around my waist and took my right hand with her right hand and put it on her pussy.
I don't remember if I swallowed or took a breath. I was in heaven! She then had me put my palm on her pubic bone. She then took the index figure of my right hand and placed it at the top of her slit. She pressed down on my finger and the told me to "slide" it over a little bump and then press down. I could just barely feel the little bump. Next, she had me press down again and then "slide" my finger over the bump back to the other side. She had me do this a couple of more times. She then asked me if I would keep doing that and not stop until she told me too. I said sure. She gripped the arm of the couch with her right hand. I kept rubbing like she told me. After about thirty seconds, she started to tightened her grip on my waist with her left arm and told me to move my finger back and forth faster. A few seconds later, I heard a low moan, and Mrs. Nelson started taking rapid breaths through her open mouth. The rapid breaths started becoming louder and faster: then I heard a loud OOOOOOOOHHHHHH!!!
I had heard my first female orgasm! I was so pleased. Mrs. Nelson then placed her right hand on my hand that was still on her pussy.
After a few minutes, Mrs. Nelson took my right arm, without saying a word, placed it around her right shoulder. While she was leaning on me, she reached for my still erect penis and began to stroke me up and down. It was the first time that I did not have control of my climax. It was wonderful !!!
About five minutes later, Mrs. Nelson told me to stay on the couch, and then she got up and went to the bathroom. When she came back, she brought a warm, wet wash cloth and cleaned me up.
She then said we should get dressed. I asked if I couldn't please just look at her pussy for a little longer. She agreed, and I sat on the floor gazing at the most beautiful thing in the world. Within a few minutes, the phone rang and after a few pleasantries Mrs. Nelson told the caller that I was doing an excellent job and that we had stopped for awhile because of the heat and had finished having a nice summer lunch together. She also told the caller that I was no bother and a tremendous help to her.
I went home to wait for my mother. When she got home, my mother said that she had called Mrs. Nelson, and she was very pleased that I had was a tremendous help to Mrs. Nelson. For the rest of the month, Mrs. Nelson kept finding various chores for me to do while Mr. Nelson was doing his trucking job. Each time I was doing the chores, Mrs. Nelson and I would always take the time to have a nice summer lunch together.
During the last week in August, a set of circumstances happened that turned out to be the most fantastic experience that I would ever have. I came over on a Friday morning to find out what chore Mrs. Nelson wanted done. She, however, stopped me at the front door and said to please clean her car right away. She had to go to the airport in the afternoon and pick up her brother and his wife. They were spending the weekend before continuing on their vacation. She was sorry about missing lunch, but please do this big, big favor for her. I told her that all my cleaning equipment was at my house including the vacuum cleaner. She said she would drive the car over to my house, and could I please clean it there? She would leave the keys in the car so that I could clean the inside of the car, and that she would walk over later in the day and pick it up.
With a lot of regret and some anger, I did clean the car. My mother came home, and Mrs. Nelson's car was still there. I started to explain the situation to my mother when Mrs. Nelson walked up to pick up her car. She told my mother about the circumstance involving her brother and thanked me for doing her a big, big favor.
The weekend was typical. I did something with my dad on Saturday; Mr. and Mrs. Nelson entertained her brother and his wife. Sunday was equally as dull for me.
Sunday evening, Mrs. Nelson called our home. She told my parents that her husband went out on long-haul job and that she had taken her brother and his wife to the airport to continue on their vacation. But, the real reason that she had called is because she really needed me to finish the last chore I had started on. Would I please go right to the backyard promptly at 10:00 a.m. Monday morning. This didn't make any sense to me since I knew I had finished the last chore she wanted me to do before I had to clean her car. I said nothing to my parents, listened to the radio in my bedroom for awhile and then went to bed.
Monday morning, promptly at 10:00 a.m., I go over to the backyard of the Nelsons. There, on the patio door, is a note taped to the glass. The note said to take the note down and please go into the living room and just sit quietly. I did. A few minutes went by, then Mrs. Nelson came into the living room. All she wore was some clear plastic high heels and a transparent pink nighty with pink fur trim. She looked just like one of the models in my "girlie" magazines. I was overwhelmed. She turned slowly around several times. Then she turned her back to me and bent over. I was speechless. All of the poses that I had seen in the magazines were happening right in front of me.
She asked me if I was pleased. I could only nod. She then had me stand up and told me to take my clothes off and then sit back down on the couch. Next, she slowly took off her shoes and the nighty, piece by piece. I was totally nude, and so was she. She came over and sat down on the floor like I did when I wanted to gaze at her pussy. She held my erection and told me what a fantastic job I did on cleaning her car. She knew the car was clean because she could see that on the way to the airport. But, what pleased and surprised her so much happened at the airport. After she found her brother and his wife, they went and got the luggage. Her brother then asked for the keys so that he could put the luggage in the truck. She was terrified. She knew that Mr. Nelson kept a lot of junk in the trunk and that it was always dirty. She hadn't even thought to tell me to clean the trunk. She couldn't put the luggage in the car because then there would not be enough room for her brother and his wife in the car. She reluctantly opened the trunk for her brother. When she looked, she was so relieved. She realized that I had removed all of the junk and had also vacuumed the trunk.
With Mrs. Nelson still sitting at my feet, she said that since she had asked me to do a big, big favor for her and that I more than delivered, she was going to do a big, big favor for me. With that, she took my erection and put her mouth around it. She started to move her head up and down on my erection. I had never felt anything like that before. I did not even think to ask if I could come in her mouth. I just sat there and savored the feeling. Quite quickly, I erupted. She swallowed most of it. Next. she pulled a towel from under the couch and wiped off her face and then wiped me.
After I recovered, I told her that I would remember this day for the rest of my life. She then told me that she had received the nighty and heels as a gift from Mr. Nelson but never felt like wearing it until now. I told that I was glad that I had thought to look in the trunk. I also told her that Mr. Nelson junk was in a box in our garage. I then said that I would like to change positions so that I could look at her pussy.
Of course, looking at her pussy made excited me again, but it also made me bold. After a while of looking at her pussy, I asked her if I couldn't lick her since she had licked me. She asked me if I was sure I wanted to do that. I told her I really, really wanted to. She then laid lengthwise along the couch and had me get up on my knees and position myself at a right angle to her pussy. She spread her legs so that one of her knees was touching my chest and the other knee was against the back of the couch. Next, she put both of her hands on her pussy and pulled her slit apart with her thumbs. She then told me to put my tongue on her thumb and lick across to the other thumb. I did. She told me to keep doing it and to lick a little harder. I did and was enjoying the taste. Then she told me to keep doing it just like that and don't stop no matter what.
I put one hand between her legs for balance and my other hand under her neck. I started to lick waiting for her to start breathing rapidly from her mouth. Instead, what I heard was a low moaning sound, and after awhile her hips started to move up and down. I could feel her pushing down real hard on my hand under her neck while she kept moving her hips up and down as I licked back and forth between her thumbs. Then she started to make a rhythmic moaning sound. A few moments later, I felt a quivering sensation on my tongue that was followed by something that I can still recall to this day: a loud YYYYYYYYYEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!
The next thing I remembered was her gently pushing my face away from her pussy with the back of her hand. She put her hand around my neck and pulled me to her chest and put both of her arms around me. We stayed like that for a long time. She whispered to me that she would never forget this day.
The coming weekend was the Labor Day weekend, and school would start again for me. I spent the whole Labor Day weekend trying to figure out how I was going to juggle school, my mother and being with Mrs. Nelson. Fate stepped in and dealt me a cruel blow. It seems that Mr. Nelson had suffered a stroke while on the road. Mrs. Nelson went to the hospital in another state where Mr. Nelson was and never came back. She had my mother go over to their home and pack a trunk for her. Mr. Nelson's company moved everything out of their house and sent it to them in the other state. The company also sold their house for them. I never heard from or saw Mrs. Nelson again. But, I will never forget my summer lunches with Mrs. Nelson in 1955.



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