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Summer Campout

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I was raised in a very strict religious household; there was never any mention of sex. I was fourteen when I discovered masturbation while playing with myself in the shower. When that first incredible orgasm happened, my sperm spurting onto the shower wall, I was terrified that I'd damaged some internal organ. A few days later, feeling no ill effects, I beat off in the shower again, and it's been a regular habit ever since.

My best friend Ed, who knew all about sex, explained it to me. That summer his dad built a cabin in the mountains a few miles from town. Ed persuaded his father to let us sleep out there by ourselves one night. His dad drove four of us out there, Ed, his cousin Howie (15), me, and my younger brother (12). We took plenty of snacks and soda's, a deck of cards, and a pair of dice.

Late that night, after tiring of cards and ghost stories, Ed pulled out an adult magazine he'd stolen from his dad. I'd never seen anything like that before; I was a little scared, but also turned on by the photo's. We dared each other to get naked; I felt embarrassed, but after Ed and Howie stripped off their boxers, I did too. I'd never seen another boy's penis before. My brother hadn't hit puberty yet, so his was still small and hairless. Ed's was about the same size as mine, but I was shocked when Howie pulled his dick out. It was at least seven inches long and curved like a banana. He was a star of the basketball team, and had a tight body. He was also more developed than the other boys his age; I was envious of his thick bush and hairy belly. Howie started rubbing his boxers up and down over his penis, and it flopped up onto his stomach. I couldn't stop staring at his thick meat.

Although the four of us were together constantly, we'd never done anything like this before. That night we laughed at each other's naked bodies, but it went no further than that, I guess because we came from such strict homes. I was hard as a rock, but I was too embarrassed to masturbate in front of the others. After a few minutes horsing around, we turned off the light, went back to ghost stories, then gradually got quiet.

I was wide awake, still hard from the sight of Howie's huge hairy dick that I was dying to jack off, but I was afraid the other guys would hear me. My dick was about to explode; inside my sleeping bag I silently ran my hand up and down the shaft. Ed's sleeping bag was next to mine, but not a sound came from his direction, so I figured he was asleep.

I was wrong. A couple of minutes later I felt his hand slide into my sleeping bag! It explored my thigh, then wrapped around my hard dick, and he began to fondle my balls. The feeling was incredible! Slowly I slid my hand into his bag; whatever he did to me, I'd do to him. I prayed the other two guys didn't know what we were doing to each other. Our mutual masturbation went on for maybe half an hour, slowly, silently, but neither of us reached orgasm. Then Ed pulled his hand off my dick, rolled away from me, and went to sleep. But I was so pumped up that I couldn't stand it, after the sight of Howie's huge boner and Ed's hand action, I had to relieve the sexual tension.

I felt around on the floor for one of my cushioned athletic socks, slipped it over my dick, and masturbated as fast as I dared, without making a sound. It took a couple of minutes, but when I couldn't hold back any longer, I let loose a gusher. God only knows how I kept from screaming with pleasure. Of course, the other guys could've been beating themselves silly too. The next morning we didn't say a word about the night's strip show, and we never did it again.

As for Ed and me, though, that's another story. He became my unofficial sex educator; when his parents were gone, he'd show me pictures in their sex manual and we'd masturbate together in his bedroom. One afternoon after school his mother came home unexpectedly and almost caught us both naked on his bed. The next year he got a girlfriend, and our masturbation sessions ended. I began to realise that I was gay, which I never told him. But I continued to jack off to the memories of that night in the cabin. I still get hard thinking of Howie's big banana dick!



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