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Summer Camp Nurse

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Not the first time I went to a summer camp but the first time at one with a lake. The first day we had to take a swim test. As long as you could swim you could go into the water and paddle a canoe or use one of the paddle or row boats.

After that the nurse gave us all physicals and once we passed we could do everything. She took two or three at a time. You'd go into her office strip down and she'd give you a once over.

Due to my last name it was me and a gal from the bunk house next to me that got our physicals last.

Our names were called and we were plenty ready to go for our check up cause that meant we could start with the fun. Little did I know I was in for some other kind of fun.

When we got there the nurse was in her office and she told us to go in the exam room and strip down to 'your bare butts' was her words.

Sandy and I just looked at each other in amazement. Little did I know that she thought Sandy was a boy at the time. I asked, 'Both of us at the same time or one at a time?'

'The both of you, I haven't all day.'

Sandy and I slowly walked in a started taking off our clothes. I had all mine off and put them in a bundle on the bench. When I turned around I saw Sandy's little budding tits and some sparse brunette hair around her pussy. That was the first time I saw a girl actually naked and could just stare instead of a glimpse.

Instantly my dick went hard. At that time instead of sticking straight out it almost stuck straight up. Sandy was staring at me just as I was her. She then said, 'That's a lot bigger than my brother's. Does it hurt when it gets like that?'

I don't recall what I said, something about you get used to it.

The phone rang in the outer room while we were waiting for the nurse to come in. She opened the door a crack and told us she'd be right back and not to go anywhere. Even then I thought that was funny, like we were going to go play ball naked while we waited.

Sandy says 'Are you sure that doesn't hurt? It looks like my brother's when he rubs it... He says he has to rub it cause it hurts.'

I didn't want to let on that I didn't know anything so I just nodded.

'I, I never tried it.' I said.

I can do it for you. Want me to?'

I again just nodded. Sandy went to the basin and lathered up her hands. 'Come over here so you don't spill on the floor.'

I had no idea what she meant by spilling on the floor. I figured she meant peeing cause in a little bit I thought I might.

She grabbed a hold of my cock and went to town like she worked in a Chinese massage parlor.

Even today I don't know I've ever had a better hand job. It felt wonderful and I felt pretty stupid I hadn't known about this before. I just stood there and shuddered.

When she she told me to tell her when I was going to shoot point it here. I guessed she wanted me to pee in the sink.

That was my first orgasm. It was great. I didn't know what it was called but I called it 'that feeling'. Later on I always tried again to get that feeling.

No semen ever shot out and Sandy wouldn't stop. I had to push her hands away from me, then it hurt, or was really going to.

Sandy said she didn't do it right but would do it better next time. I thought she had done just fine and told her so. I thanked her but she couldn't understand why I didn't want to 'finish'.

Turns out we finished just in time. My cock was drying off and Sandy was rinsing her hands in the sink when the nurse knocked on the door, 'Are you ready?' She called.

With that she walked in. She got a look of total astonishment on her face. I felt embarrassed my cock was so hard in front of an adult. That wasn't it all. She had noticed Sandy was a girl.

'Well, I'll be.' She kept saying over and over. 'Kids today, well I'll be!'

She looked at us with a puzzled face and didn't say a word for a bit. Then she started to say something, then stopped and said, Well, I may as well get started.'

She did all the usual stuff nurses and doctors do. Looked into our ears and mouths and stuff like that. My dick was hard as ever all through out. She came to it and gently touched it, it was still quite sensitive and I squealed.

'That shouldn't hurt, does it hurt? She asked me.

Sandy said, 'Not anymore.' The nurse just looked at her and uttered something.

She looked back at me, 'Does it hurt?'

'Uh, kinda, I guess.

'Why does it hurt. How long has it hurt for?

'A little while I guess. It...'

'No matter, you come see me tomorrow and I'll check it again then.

She checked our feet and then said we could get dressed.

When I went back the next day Sandy came too. Sandy and I were inseparable after that. She was my new best friend.

The nurse asked Sandy to wait in the other room but she refused. She looked at me and she could tell by my eyes I agreed. 'Well, I'll be.'

We walked in and I dropped my pants. It was on it's way to full hardness when she touched it. She half expected me to recoil in pain. I didn't, I just stood and enjoyed the touching. It was a long way off from getting that feeling but it felt great. 'How does that feel, any pain at all?'

'No mam, it feels kinda good.'

'If you feel any pain at all there you come and tell me, won't you?'

I promised I would. Sandy Promised too.

That was the start of one of my fondest summers.

Sandy taught me to rub her pussy and she jacked me off at least once a day.

The next year I went back but Sandy wasn't there. Year after that I wasn't and Sandy was. The year after that we both were and it was like old times. Only now this narrative must stop because we graduated from masturbation and learned another activity.

A few years after that I went back as a camp counselor and took up with who was then the nurse.

That was the best year of all.

I hope Sandy one day reads this. I'd tell her I still love her as much as always.

The nurse, I don't have to tell her anything here. I tell her everyday still. She's my wife.

Sandy, I'll always remember you and I hope your life turned out as nice or happier than mine.



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