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Summer Camp Fun

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When I was 18 and entering college I was about 310 pound and needed to lose weight fast. My parents sent me to a fat camp. I was too old to be a camper and to young to be full time staff. So I was a junior staff member who did get a day off and was able to go out twice a week. I wasn't paid anything and my parents didn't have to pay so it was worth it. I took off 50 lbs and went to college not so big. The next year I was a full time staff member and entered camp at 270. I had the oldest kids and lost 45 lbs during the summer to 225. I felt great and decided to come back for another summer. While at college I broke my leg and could workout as I did and put on 10 lbs again.

I am now 20 and 235 lbs and again had the oldest kids. About 2 weeks into the summer I meet J. J was an 18 year old girl and arrived at camp 190 lbs. She was also in the same shoes I was in. One night while a few of us went bowling J was my partner and we hit it off. We started to talk and became good friends. One night when the temp was about 90 degrees at night we had a midnight swim. All the campers were in the pool and the staff was watching. Then came staff swim. I jumped in and J jumped next to me. We were having a good time and after chasing each other around I cornered her and gave her a kiss. J kissed me back and after we broke the kiss told me thank you. Staff swim was over and when I climbed out I had J butt in my face. I looked around and lightly bit her butt she screamed and looked at me and I smiled. J smiled back and told me not nice. J was drying off and I put my extra large towel around us. J turned around and grabbed my semi hard penis and gave me a squeeze. I told her thank you and J just kissed me and walked back to her bunk.

After visiting day we were a couple and I had met her parents. Her mother and father were both happy. After visiting day I was watching the younger kids at night when J came over to keep me company. She had a blanket and sat between my legs and had the blanket over us. I started to rub her arms and stomach and then got bold and rubbed her breast. I felt J had no bra on and asked her. She just smiles and I rubbed both breasts and got her nipples hard as rocks. J started to pant and told me she was wet. I worked my hands to her shorts and put a finger in and she was wet. J lifted her butt up and I pushed down her shorts. I started to play with her vagina nice and slow. I used on hand to open her lips and the other to explore. I had J panting and moaning for ten minutes. Then I found her clit and rubbed and pinched it. That was all J could take and she lost it. She had her orgasm and moaned so loud I thought someone might hear it.

It took her ten minutes to talk again. J turned around and kissed me. She told me that was amazing and she had never had an orgasm before.

J turned back and fell asleep against me for a hour before I woke her and told her it was time to go. She gave me a deep kiss that made me hard and went back to her bunk. The next morning I didn't see J at breakfast but her cabin mate gave me a note and a wink. I smiled and put the note in my pocket. when I went back to my bunk I read the letter. J wrote she was on such a high from my teasing and getting her off that she was going to sleep in. She would be off campus today with some campers and would meet me at the far tennis courts after dinner.

I went thru the day and received a lot of smiles from the female staff and upper girls. I was stopped by the head of girls camp who asked me how things were going with J. I told her we were going great and we were having a good time. She then told me yes I heard we were. I asked what does she mean and she told me to use the far fields for now on. Then she looked at me and told me to take it slowly. In the afternoon the upper staff decided to have a staff vs. upper camp softball game and then right to the dinner bar-b-que. I looked for J at dinner and I was told she was showering and coming later.

After we ate and the kids went to free play I took a walk over to the far tennis courts. J was on the far side of the tennis courts laying on a blanket. When I got closer J was wearing a sun dress. I gave her a kiss and J kissed me back. Then she took off my shirt and shorts. I told her anyone could walk in on us. J said no because the upper girlstaff was keeping everyone away. I was naked in front of her with my dick getting hard. J took it in her hand and started to stroke me. I was in heaven. I soon felt ready to cum and told her. She smiled and I ejaculated. When I was done J cuddled up to me. We fell asleep and when we woke up it was dark. I looked at my watch and noticed it was 10:30 pm. I woke J up and she told me it was taken care of. I asked by who. J smiled and told me the head of girls staff. I smiled and looked at J. I took off her sun dress and kissed/sucked her nipples. Then I rubbed her vagina until she came with some noise. I walked her back to her bunk and went to mine where I took a long cold shower.

During the last week of camp we had color war and were on opposite teams. We still got together and fooled around. On the last day when we would be breaking up since she was going to college across country. The good thing about us being together was J lost 45 lbs to 145 and I lost 50 to 185. I gave her one final kiss and waved good bye as her parents car pulled away.

A week later I went back for my junior year sad because I was in love with J. My roommates saw me parking and came over to help me move in and told me beside the weight I looked different. I just smiled and told them a lot of sex. They asked me if I had a girlfriend and I told them about J and showed them a picture of her. They smiled and told me they were going to the field to watch a soccer game. I told them I would join them later. I was unpacking my things in my room when the door opened and closed I yelled I was in the bedroom and when I turned J was standing in the doorway. She jumped in my arm and kissed me. I asked her how and J told me her parents saw how sad I was and called up the college to see if I could get in. Her high school faxed over her grades and told them she was a great student. I was in the next day and wanted to surprise you. I asked if my roommates knew. She smiled and told me yes and one hit on her when I was looking for you. I kissed her again and told J how much I loved her. I finished unpacking and we went to the soccer field and my roommates laughed about how I was talking. J loved hearing this and told me she had two friends she could introduce to my rooomates. The rest is history



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