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Summer Camp

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I went to a coed camp in New England from age 12 thru 15. At age 15 I was jerking off at home twice a day and now I had 8 weeks to find time and a secret place to do it. The first day while my whole bunk was on the basketball court I was in the bathroom jerking off. During my free time after dinner I went to the upper tennis courts and found a path that lead to a clearing 15 by 15 feet and no one could see you. I made sure one day by going their for a full period and no one at the courts saw me. I was set, I brought a magazine I had and some tissues and started my fun. The first time up their I stripped naked and jerked off three times in 1/2 an hour.

One day when I was heading up to my spot I must have been followed by a girl my age. I knew she liked me from a friend. I was in my spot with my shirt off and Pam comes out and asks what I was doing. She scared me and I told her nothing. She looked and saw a magazine and walked to it and picked it up. She told me it was illegal to have. I asked if she was going to tell on me. Pam smiled and told me if I did what I was going to do she wouldn't. I made her promise me and she did. I then took out a bag from the bushes and pulled out a towel and laid it on the ground. I took off my shorts and underwear and sat down and started to jerk off. Pam eyes were as big as saucers and she smiled and asked how long have I been here. I told her two weeks. Pam asked if I have been jerking off long. I tell her a lot since last summer. Pam was getting red in the face as I kept on stroking myself. I told her I had another towel and she could enjoy herself. Pam said watching you was okay. When I got close I stopped talking and all you heard was my slapping my meat. I was close and grabbed some tissues and cummed in them. I opened my eyes and Pam was wide mouthed. I asked if she was okay. Pam said I was the first guy she ever saw do that. I laid back and she just watched my dick shrink. I then put on my shorts and shirt and told her I was leaving. Pam said she would also go. As we were leaving she asked if I wanted to dance with her tonight. I smiled and said sure.

I went to the boys basketball court and joined a game and then went and showered. I went to the dance and the minute I was in the door Pam grabbed my hand and lead me to the dance floor. We danced to the fast and slow songs and when the dance was over she gave me a kiss on the cheek and a hug. I said good bye and went back to my bunk. A few of the guys asked how I hooked up with Pam and I told them I just talked to her. The next night Pam was waiting for me and sitting on a blanket she brought. I asked if she told anyone. Pam said no. She did say that her bunkmates asked why she was dancing and kissed me. I asked what she said and she told them she thought I was cute and we had nice conversations. I told her I was going to jerk off and she said okay. I stripped and laid on my blanket. Pam sat next to me and asked how my dick felt hard. I took her hand and placed it on my dick. Pam smiled and told me it was hard and soft feeling at the same time. I told her how to move her hand and soon she was jerking me off. In a minute her hand was tired and I took over. In a few minutes I cummed again. Pam then took the tissue and put a little of my semen on her finger and put it up to her tongue. She licked it off. She made a face and told me not bad. I asked her if she wanted to masturbate. She said no but then took off her shirt and bra. I told her she had nice breasts and my dick started to rise. Pam laughed and said someone does like them. I was fully erect and asked if I could touch them. When I did she jumped. I asked why she did and she didn't know. I touched them again and she moaned. We laughed and I was feeling her breast and nipples. Soon free time was over and we got dressed. Before we left our area I kissed her on the lips. Pam pulled back and then kissed me back. We broke it and she asked what I was going to do about my problem. I told her I would take care of it later. I went back to my bunk and told the staff I was going to take a shower and be late for evening activity. Once I was in the shower I jerked off thinking about Pam. I arrived at evening activity half way through and Pam smiled when she saw me. When the activity was over we met by the side door and we kissed and said good night. Pam asked did I and I told her while showering. She looked at me and I said I was thinking about you. Pam was called away before she could say anything. The next night was Saturday and we had a movie on the lawn. Their was no free time and Pam and I sat next to each other. We held hands and when the movie got boring we laid back and fell asleep. Most of the upper kids did the same thing. When we woke up we were spooning and a few of our bunkmates were smiling at us.

I told her the next day not to go to the spot because I think someone is onto us. I told her to meet me by the softball field. We did and only kissed. Pam asked me how far I ever went with a girl. I told her I felt her breasts. Pam said you did that with me. I then told her she was the one I was talking about. Pam said she was just wondering. The next day Pam was acting funny and I decided to let it be. I went to the spot and when I arrived Pam was already their and laying naked on a towel. I stripped and laid next to her. I rolled over and kissed her and Pam said I could look down. I looked at her vagina and saw she had a few hairs. Pam then took my hand and put it in her vagina. I started to rub her lips up and down and Pam started to moan. I went faster and faster and she moved my hand to her clit. I started to rub it and she shivered and then told me to kiss her. When I did she moaned in my mouth and her body shook. Her legs closed around my hand and I felt something warm. Pam then stopped moving and looked up at me. I asked what happened. Pam said she had an orgasm. We smiled and I kissed her. When I licked my fingers I told her she tasted good. Pam made a sour face. I then laid on my back and started to jerk off. In A few minutes I cummed with a high shot. Pam licked the cum off my stomach and fingers. We kissed a little and then went back to the bunks.

I went to the shower and my staff member was in their. He asked how I was getting along with Pam. I said great. He then sniffed and asked if we were having sex. I asked what he meant and he told me he could smell her all over him. I told him we were rolling around. He smiled and said you were fingering her and she jerked you off. I smiled and told him we were. He laughed and said about time. He asked where and I told him upper tennis courts. I told him about a trail and it was isolated.

Pam and I did a lot during the summer. We both loved each others bodies and making each other cum. I introduced her to my parents and she to me. We kissed and I had her number. Unfortunately Pam lived in Ct and I lived in NJ. We talked a few times a week, then twice and then once. Soon we stopped calling. That summer I was 15 was the best summer of my life.



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