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Sucking Toes

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To start off, I am 24 years old and just about a confirmed lesbian. I have been with guys before but I did not find the satisfaction like I do when my skin is pressed up against that of another woman. Along with that, I have been seeing a 27 year-old woman for about the past three months now. We do just about everything together; cuddling, masturbation, massages, licking and sucking, etc. Until a few days ago, there was something I had not tried yet.

One night before I went to bed, I took a shower and went back to my bedroom feeling horny. Naked underneath, I slipped off my robe, sat down at my desk and started looking at some porn to get me going. When I was well into it, I had stumbled upon some pictures and movies of a lesbian foot fetish site. I had never thought about any of this before, but seeing those girls having so much pleasure masturbating while the other licked and sucked on their feet, watching their toes curl and stretch, their soles wrinkling with their orgasms, I exploded with fluids gushing from my throbbing vagina. I had never thought of the human foot to be such a sexual object, but these girls must've been onto something.

The next night, my girlfriend came over and as always, we made our way to the bedroom and quickly became naked while rolling around on the bed. It was then that I decided to try out my new discovery. I told her to lay back, close her eyes and start masturbating, because there was something I wanted to show her. After she started, I made my way to the end of my bed, took a deep breath and began kissing her feet. Her eyes opened, she raised her head and asked me 'what are you doing?' 'Just keep going' was all I could say. She started rubbing herself again and I lifted her foot, kissing and licking her soles and let my hair brush run over it. With this, I could hear her let out a slight moan, so I knew that she was enjoying it. I then began sucking on her toes and licking between them as she began wigging her hips in pleasure. She said to me 'mmm, that feels good, keep going...', so I began licking and sucking faster, biting her heels, sticking her foot in my mouth, running my tongue across the tips of her toes. When I did this, she screamed out, clenched her toes and had one of the strongest orgasms of her life.

As she calmed down, she sat up, put her arms around me and said 'that was unbelievable, where did you learn that?' I told her what I found online and she said that I would have to show it to her later. In the meantime, she wanted to pay me back. I put my foot in her face and wiggled my toes and I started masturbating. While she licked and sucked on my feet, my mind was being blown away from the feelings both from my pussy and my toes. Seeing it was one thing, but the sensations were on a whole different level. That whole night our love making revolved around our feet, and at one point we even fucked each other with our big toes.

Before I had never understood the fetish or saw feet as anything other than something to walk on, but now I understand the power that they have. If you have never involved footplay in your lovemaking, I cannot recommend it enough.



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