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Submitting To the Boys

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This is a true story of an incident when I was 14. I was friends with two brothers of a similar age who lived close by. We often played together and messed about. One day in my house when my parents were out, and the boys came round, we were joking about wrestling and the boys started to wrestle each other. The younger one got on top of his brother and laughingly asked him to submit, which he did, to my surprise he then said "hands down trousers to let you go?" and his brother said "yes". The younger boy then pushed his hand down his brothers trousers and obviously felt his cock. The older brother moaned and said "you got me!" they then wrestled again and this time the older boy won and again only let his brother up after pushing his hand down his trousers and feeling his cock.

They asked me if I wanted to play and I agreed. I wrestled the younger boy and being bigger and stronger won quickly. His brother said "ok hands down trousers" so feeling a bit turned on I did and found his stiff cock. I squeezed it and then let him go. We sat down and had a drink of orange juice and talked for a minute or two. They asked me about "the stuff that comes out if you rub your cock" I asked them what they meant and they said they'd been told when you were a teenager if you rubbed your cock stuff came out, which was the seed for making babies. This was the sixties and kids were less aware then!

I asked them if any had come out of their cocks and the eldest said "no". I said it does come out if you're older yes, but I was very embarrassed and didn't want to admit I was doing it. They went home but the next day we were all together again, alone in my house. They came round just while I was looking at a copy of a "dirty" magazine I had found in my father's things. He had it hidden and I used to look at it when he was out and wanked myself. They came in and I quickly pulled up my things and hid the magazine. They suggested playing wrestling again. I wasn't keen but they were very persuassive and feeling very turned on I agreed. The two boys wrestled and the elder one won, pinning his brother and sitting on his tummy. "I submit" said the younger boy". "Pants down to get up" said his brother and bounced heavily on his stomach causing the younger boy to lose his breath. "OK" said his brother "yes", the eldest brother then undid his trousers and pulled them and his pants beneath down, revealing his younger brother's stiff cock. He laughed and said "free touching" then grabbed it hard and gave it a couple of twists and rubs pulling the foreskin back. "It tickles!" shouted his brother laughing. The elder brother then let him up.

They then said I should wrestle the elder boy, so I did, but the younger boy joined in, and between them I was thrown onto the floor and quickly sat on by the elder boy. The younger boy grabbed my arms and pulled them back and above my head. The elder boy jumped on my belly and winded me. "Hands down trousers" he said, "NO" I repleid embarrassed as I had an erection. He jumped again I was winded "OK" I replied meekly and felt his fingers go down my trousers. He gasped as he felt my cock, "trousers down!" shouted his younger brother. "NO" I said but the elder boy jumped on my tummy again" and then said "it's hairy look!". I realised he'd pulled my cock out of the top of my trousers enough to see it. I knew I was lost. "OK" I said "trousers down". The younger boy let go of my arms and went round to my legs. Together they pulled down my things and exposed my cock and balls to the air, my erection was really hard. The boys giggled, felt, squeezed, pulled, and prodded my cock and balls.

"Let's see the stuff come out" said the eldest one and pulled my foreskin right back. "NO! NO!" I said but it felt so nice. They took turns to feel it and slowly I knew my restistance was going to end. After a few minutes of there feeling and pulling I screamed "NO!" very forcefully and they got off me. I bent forward and grabbed my cock to stop my ejeculation just in time. But I was so hot and my head was spinning. The two boys were really disappointed and said I was "unfair and a "spoilsport" etc. I was so turned on, wrongly I know, but I said "OK you can see it" and lay down for them to finish it off.

They took my things right off and took their time examining my cock and balls again, but eventually I showed them how to wank it, I showed them how to rub it up and down properly and they took turns and rubbed me to a thundering climax spraying cum over my belly to their delight. We did a few other things between us after that but I had no further male to male experiences. I am straight, happily married and haven't had other male to male experiences apart from then, but I look back on it with excitement.



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