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Strong Air Flow Vibration

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Quite an exciting experience but once is enough


Came back to the motel from work early in the afternoon and saw a vacuum sweeper in the room.

When showering, remembered hearing about men masturbating with a vac. Since I usually masturbate when coming back from work anyway, decided to see what I could do with it.

The canister was the long type with the port on the end. When I took the hose off, I could see that the port was much deeper than my 6-1/2' penis and larger in diameter.

I turned it on and put my penis in. Went in all the way and when the base of my penis shut off the port, the suction was strong and this did not feel good at all. However, when I withdrew and my penis was about half way in, the air flow vibrated it for a very strong good feeling.

I started to stroke in and out slowly and on each stroke, there was something like a momentary orgasm. I started to worry about the noise I was making and whether the strong vibration would hurt me, so I kept my penis in the 'hot spot' position for about ten seconds and had a strong orgasm.

It was a normal one, except the ejaculation was out of sight and my penis came out bone dry. Was like when I was younger and had dry orgasms. However, I did feel the contractions of my prostate (the usual four). I also felt my bag pull up tight just before I orgasmed.

Another difference is that I normally keep on stroking about a minute after as then it feels good when my skin rolls over my now very sensitive penis head. However, now neither the vibration or the sucking felt good, so I pulled it out and gave it a few hand strokes as it went back to flaccid.

At dinner, I got to worrying about whether that vibration harmed me. However I normally mastubate three times a day when out of town and both on my masturbation before going to sleep and the one on awakening in the morning, my penis responded normally and felt very good.

Due to lack of privacy, never had a chance afterward to do it again and never had the nerve to ask the maid to leave a vacuum with me when out of town.

I think anyway that the three places a man should orgasm is in hand, in mouth, and in vagina.

If anyone tries this, be careful, try for that 'hot spot'. It will be a thrill if you get a big orgasm, but you will probably stick with the tried and true method of 'jacking off'.

Whenever I feel I am taking myself too seriously, I need only remember when I was stark naked in a motel room having sexual intercourse with a vacuum sweeper canister!



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