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Stroking My Peter

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I am tall, dark brown haired with light toned skin. I had visible muscles all over my body, with a quite visible six-pack. For the age of 16, I was quite content with my six inch member, and constantly used it for pleasure.

At that point I masturbated around four times a week. I found it difficult to find time to do it with three siblings and two parents constantly around the house. This made me occasionally excessively horny.

I had a close friend, named Peter, who was an only child of parents who were at the office nearly 24/7. This gave him all the time in the world, making me quite jealous. He had had sex with a girl, though I was still a virgin, but I knew he still constantly beat his meat. He was shorter than me, but way more muscular. He had blonde hair and a bit more stubble on his face usually. He was considered hot by all the girls at our school, so he was a good friend to have.

One day, he invited me over to his house for dinner. We had a good pizza and each had a Coke. We joked around and laughed, then he asked me if I wanted to sleep over, because his parents were both traveling for work. I texted my parents for permission, and since it was a Friday night, they said I could.

We watched a couple of movies, and during the second one, the was a hot sex scene. I, having not whacked off for several days, got really turned on and acquired a boner. It was very visible in my shorts and I knew that Peter had noticed.

'A bit horny there bud?' asked Peter, him giving his crotch a bit of a massage.

'Horny as hell,' I replied.

'Well, we'll have to deal with that!' said Peter.

He turned the TV to a porn channel, where two girls were getting fucked by one guy. This made precum ooze out of my tip, or at least that's what it felt like.

'Want some help?' asked Peter ad he scooched closer to me on the couch.

He grabbed my shirt and threw it away. He rubbed his hands through my thin chest hair, then all the way down to my pants. He stuck his hand down my front, and moaned.

'Let's strip,' I said.

He took off his shirt, revealing part of his beautiful body. We pulled down our pants at the same time. Both in our underwear, he sort of tackled me, laying on top of me. I could feel his bulging member. He dry humped me for a bit, the he sat up again and pulled off his underwear, revealing his seven and a half inch member.

I pulled mine off too and Peter wasted no time. I sat up again and he grabbed my cock, and started madly stroking it. Since I was a lefty, at least for masturbating, I grabbed his cock with my left. We went up and down each other's shafts, feeling amazing. He began to stroke even faster, as the man in the film was about to cum into his partners' faces.

I orgasmed at the same time as the man in the movie. My cum went flying around the room, lots of it landing on Peter. He ate some of it with his finger, while I licked off a lot of it too. I kept on stroking Peter. When he said he was about to cum, I knelt in front of the sofa, in between his open legs, and stroked so fast my wrist hurt. He splattered all his cum on my face. He grabbed my face and licked a lot of it off. He threw me sideways on the couch and we made out a bit, feeling each other's bodies up. We both got up, turned off the porn, and continued watching our movie, both very naked. I gave him a quick thanks, to which he replied the same. 

From that point I knew that sleepover was going to be the best one yet. More happened but I'll have to put that in another story. Hope you *enjoyed* the story to its fullest.



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