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Strip Poker Show Off

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This is a true story.

My first 'mutual masturbation' experience wasn't really that at all... It was more of a one-way exhibitionist show, actually. I jacked off in front of my best friend - who wanted to watch but was too shy to do it with me. We were in the summer before our ninth grade year, which for us was already high school as there was no middle school then. It was 1974, and we were both 14 years old. I was spending the night at his house, as we frequently did back and forth as across the street neighbors and best friends.

It was getting on towards midnight and we were upstairs in the privacy of his room playing cards as we often did. The game was poker, and after a while Mark slyly suggested that, instead of using chips, 'let's play strip poker - whoever loses a hand has to take something off, okay?' I readily agreed. After all, the two of us had been naked together plenty of times before (remember when 'streaking' was the rage?) For at least a couple of years - since we were about twelve - Mark and I had spent many hours together unclothed, whether spending the night together at our homes or in the tree house we built together in my backyard, outdoors, or wherever. And when we were naked, we sported almost permanent hard-ons, which seemed a natural state for daring, aroused young adolescent boys. Far from homosexually oriented, our many naked exploits together were testosterone-driven rites of bonding and trust between two teenaged best friends.

Anyway, the strip poker game proceeded and I was losing miserably. Garment by garment peeled away until I found myself sitting in my BVD briefs pitching a big 'tent' in the middle from my excitement. Mark was still in his jeans, but the telltale shape of the bulge in his crotch let me know he was equally aroused. Then, with only my underwear remaining, I lost the final hand. 'Oh well, I guess I'm busted....' I said as I tucked my thumbs under the waistband and pulled the briefs down and off. My dick made a 'thwack' sound against my hard abdomen while Mark smiled and gloated with his victory - obviously enjoying my nakedness. Feeling sorry for me, or perhaps envious, he announced after a few minutes 'I may as well join you...' and undid his belt, pulled off his jeans, and rocked back on his back to remove his own briefs. Sure enough, his own dick was as rigid and pulsing as my own.

Now free of our clothing, we proceeded to look through his secret stash of porn magazines. He was always vague as to his source, but having a delinquent older brother seemed to have something to do with it. In addition to ogling over the naked girl pictures, occasionally reaching down to caress our throbbing boners, we read stories aloud to each other-pausing often to try to figure out what many of the words meant. One such word was 'masturbation'. 'Hey Mark,' I said, 'maybe that's the word for what we've been doing with our boners?' You see, my friend had shown me a yellow-stained rabbit skin he kept hidden under his bed. He described the pleasure he felt as he'd lay naked on top of the soft rabbit skin and rub his dick back and forth. He had been doing this for a while before he began to ejaculate... much to his surprise, he had explained, globs of goo would spurt out of his erect penis and over time they stained his trusty rabbit skin.

For my part, I had confessed to him my discovery of a really fun thing to do while showering in my parent's shower. They had a hand-held showerhead you could take down from the wall. I found that I could lie back on the built-in bench seat in the shower and aim the water (on a pulsing massage like setting) just below the head of my throbbing young cock. It would bounce back and forth in the pulsing water until I could barely stand it anymore. Then, blamo - shots of creamy boy juice would erupt while I was on cloud nine having what I later learned was called an 'orgasm'. Then I'd have to round up all the slooge and rub it through the drain to hide the evidence. My parents couldn't figure out why I liked showering so much - I was the cleanest kid in the neighborhood!

So as best friends, Mark and I had already confessed our various ways of playing with ourselves... even if we weren't sure of the 'proper' name for it beyond 'jacking off', 'beating off', and 'jerking off' - as it was loosely referred to in the boy's locker room at school.

Now back to that summer evening up in his bedroom. 'So do you think that's what 'masturbation' means - jacking off?' Shrugging his shoulders, Mark said, 'Whatever it's called, it sure feels good!' Feeling very horny and wanting to relieve the pressure below, I said 'I'd sure like to do it right now, how 'bout you?' For whatever reason, Mark was reticent to agree to do it himself - but full of encouragement for me to do it. 'You do it Billy, and I'll watch.... I'd like to see you do it!' I was so horny I didn't need any more encouragement than that. 'Okay, I'll give you a show, but where should I do it - here in your room? I'm warning you, I might make a pretty big mess....' After due consideration, and realizing his parents were long ago asleep in bed down the hall, Mark suggested his bathroom was the best venue.

After donning our underwear, we tiptoed across the hall into his bathroom and closed the door. Once the door was locked, we both stripped back out of our briefs and I faced the sink. The sink and counter were just the right height for me to see the main event in the huge mirror above. Mark stood immediately to my right side, alternating watching me in the mirror and looking down to see the real thing just inches away. As I took my dick in my right hand to begin pumping, Mark held his own hard member in solidarity.

As much nudity and pornography as we had shared together as teenaged best friends, this was a whole new level of intimacy... the two of us were going to 'share' my jack off session and the ejaculation/orgasm to follow. We had talked about the fact that we both did it - now I was actually doing it. For me at my tender age, this was the first time I had 'sex' in the presence of another person - not 'with' someone, but with myself in 'front' of someone. It was very erotic to me and a huge turn-on to have my best friend whispering encouragement as I pumped my boy-flesh.

My breath became heavy and my hips began to methodically pump and grind against the bathroom counter as I subconsciously humped it. My right hand pumped faster and faster as I leaned over the sink, steadying myself with my left arm on the counter. Mark was crowding in to get a good view as I began to gasp 'I'm about to cum', using a word of which we had only recently derived the meaning. Then the first shot erupted, blasting completely across the sink (its intended destination) and splatting all over the mirror. It was followed by a second stream, this one arching over the faucet once again and landing in a streak on the mirror. Completely unable to control my continuing blasts of molten cum, I quivered with the successive, seemingly unending, shots that were now landing all over the counter, faucet and sink. Mark was dumbfounded, with his mouth hanging open in astonishment and awe. 'Jeez, Billy, you're creaming all over my bathroom?!'

Finally I collapsed in a heap on the counter, out of breath and energy. All the sexual tension that had built up over the past couple of hours was released in a single 10-second span of flying sperm. And my cum was everywhere! I became embarrassed at what a mess I had made and just how much (and uncontrollably) I had ejaculated. Mark did his best to make me feel better, putting one arm over my shoulder and handing me a wad of Kleenex while saying 'Let's get this cleaned up, okay?' In an effort at misdirection I pointed to his still rock-hard boner and said, 'why don't you take your turn with that thing?' His reply didn't help my embarrassment any: 'Are you kidding, who could follow that act?!'

Mark helped me clean the mirror, the sink, faucet and counter top. The small room had a distinctive smell of sweet, salty boy juice. We rinsed it all to insure no evidence remained, flushing the toilet several time with wads of tissue.

I really enjoyed that first opportunity to be an 'exhibitionist' and show off in front of a trusted friend. Mark and I had a real 'mutual masturbation' session a short while later which I'll write about at another time.



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