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Stranger Stranger

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I've been reading Solo Touch since I was a lot younger, and it has given me a wonderful start to my sex life with many ideas, and fantasies to think about when I masturbate.


Now and then, there are 'stranger' stories, where a boy or a girl has some masturbatory (although I suspect much more) exchange with a total stranger, and I must admit that this is a real turn on for me. Oh, I know, one has to be really careful these days with STDs being so common and many wierdos out there who have more in mind than a quick fuck. Even so....

My journey to work involves a long and always packed train ride. By the time the train gets to my station it is always packed and it is standing room only. Now, I have read stories about people doing sexy things like this, but that is not what happened to me....(although I certainly wouldn't mind it!)

So, I was late home the other night and the train, not my usual one sailed straight through the station I needed and stopped at a small village station about five miles down the line. (ALL I needed!) The train was not packed, far from it. There were plenty of empty seats and sitting a little way diagonally opposite me was a guy I have seen on the train before. He is married, (ring on the finger) and looks very distinguished. He is also I would say, around 40.

Now, I was feeling horny (as usual for me) and I have lovely (although I say it myself) long legs. I noticed that he was stealing the odd quick glance at my legs encased in their black tights, and it made me tingle. I fidgeted around in my seat a little too and gave him a flash between my legs as I crossed them. He was trying so hard not to let me see, but it was clear that he had a hard-on and I must admit, my pussy was wet too. As we came up to what I THOUGHT would be my stop, I decided to let him really see something and deliberately sat for a few minutes with my legs apart enough for him to get a clear look at my crotch. Well, why not? I thought. I would be getting off at the next stop. When the train went right through my station I was really anxious, although I felt super-sexy too. I decided not to move and I felt the train start to slow down so I knew we would stop soon.

At the next station, I got off and so did he! There is only one way out so, of course, he had to follow me, and although in a way it felt spooky, it was also sexy. Outside the station is a narrow lane leading to a main road. He was behind me and suddenly the thought popped into my head. I knew there was only us two in the lane and I stopped, hitched my skirt up at the back exposing my panty covered ass, and waited for him to get close to me. When he did all I said was 'over my tights'. He stood behind me, and I heard him unzip and with a rythmic sound a few minutes later his breathing became heavy with a final long sigh as he splattered my ass and thighs with sperm. Then he walked on. That left me in the middle of a lane, at night, with a total strangers cum all over my tights. In a heartbeat, I had my tights and panties at half mast and was jilling furiously into a really violent cum.

I kicked my tights and panties off, leaving them quite blatantly where they would be seen in the lane then I walked the four miles to my house, where, you won't be surprised to learn, I jilled off again.

WHAT a blast! One of my most erotic moments, so far anyway.



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