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In a previous submission 'Putting on a Show for Carol' (January 30, 2003) I told about an experience that I had where I masturbated in front of a woman. I had another experience similar to that about a year later. I had decided to take a day off from work one day and just hang out around the house and do nothing. It was a warm day so about mid morning I decided to jump in the hot tub for a while. My wife and I never wore clothes when we got in the hot tub and that day was no exception. I sat in the tub for about 20 minutes and then decided to stretch out in a lounge chair on our deck and get some sun. I was lying there naked on my back when I heard someone sneeze. I looked up and to my surprise saw Julie, our neighbor's daughter lying on the roof of their house with a bikini on.
Julie was 17 at the time and a pretty young girl. She was about 5'4 or 5'5 with shoulder length auburn hair. She had a nice set of tits and the prettiest ass of any girl in the neighborhood. Julie would often climb out of her bedroom window onto the roof and sun bathe. She should have been in school that day but apparently was skipping. She had her head down when I looked up so she didn't see me look at her. I quickly lay back down so that she would not know I had spotted her.
There was no doubt that Julie had been watching me because for her not to have seen me she would have to have been blind. I moved slightly so that I could see her just by cutting my eyes in her direction. This way I could watch her without her know it. I had on sun shades so I knew she would not be able to see my eyes. I lay there and watched Julie as Julie looked at my naked body. Occasionally Julie would reach down with her hand and adjust the crotch of her bikini. Although I could have been wrong, it appeared to me that Julie was getting hot and horny. I knew one thing for a fact - I was getting a hard on. My thoughts went back to the day I had jacked off in front of Carol and my cock got harder. Before long my cock was sticking up in all its glory, its big head throbbing and leaking precum.
I decided to jack off with Julie watching me. After all, as far as she knew, I didn't even know she was up there watching me. I reached down and took my cock in my hand all the while watching Julie. I coated the head and shaft with precum and began sliding my hand up and down my cock. I played with my balls with my other hand. As I jacked I noticed Julie's hand disappearing between her legs for longer periods of time. Since my wife wasn't around I decided to provide Julie with a little listening pleasure. Saying it loud enough for her to hear I started moaning and saying things like, 'Oh yeah baby let me feel that hot pussy around my cock. Of yeah baby fuck me. Oh Julie your pussy is so hot and juicy. I love to suck the juices from your vagina. Drown me in your hot pussy juice. Oh fuck me baby.' As I talked Julie's hand disappeared completely under the crotch of her bikini bottom and it was easy to tell that she was giving her young pussy a good going over.
Watching her play with her pussy combined with the fact that she was watching me jack off there was no way I could hold out long. Before I really wanted to I felt that familiar tingling sensation and knew that I was about to cum. I almost shouted out, 'Oh fuck Julie, I'm cumming in your hot little pussy baby.' Jets of cum started shooting out of my cock with much of it splattering back down on my body. I pumped my cock until I was completely drained. During that time I saw Julie arch her back and her ass came completely off the roof. The way her body jerked I could tell she was cumming also. After we had both cum I lay there for a good while and massaged my cum into my body. Finally I got up to go inside and take a shower. Although I didn't let Julie know that I knew she was up there watching me, she continued looking at me until I was out of sight in the house. Once in the house I ran to our hall bathroom and looked out at Julie's house. I caught a glimpse of her crawling back into her bedroom and closing the window.

I think it was even more exciting the second time with Julie than it was the first time with Carol because I was able to call he name and pretend I was fucking her as she watched. I jacked off on the deck many times after that but Julie was never there again to watch me.
Other than my wife, Carol and Julie, I have jacked off in front of one other person. I will submit that one later.



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