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When I was very young my little penis would become hard and sometimes as I remember the head would be painful against my briefs. At that time I lived in a house with my grand- mother, mother and older sister so I lacked any close male adult relationship. I had to rely on my male schoolmates and neighbor friends for my sexual education. Sex education hadn't hit the schools yet. I guess I was about thirteen or so when I had my first wet dream and I can remember it vividly. I awoke after experiencing a feeling in my groin like I had never experienced before. My pajamas were wet, the bed was wet and I was scared. In the morning after the semen had dried, my pajamas and the sheets felt like they had been starched. I was afraid to ask my mother or sister for fear they would freak out so I kept it to myself. We had a wash woman each week who did our clothes, bedding and such; nothing was ever said nor mentioned. I joined the Boy Scouts about that time and at one of our meeting we Tenderfoot members were told to read the one page on conservation which I thought would have to do with the forests and lakes but was surprised when it dealt with a boy's change and especialy about wet dreams or 'nocturnal emissions' as the guide book called it. The wet dreams continued regularly about once a month or so and still no one in the family ever mentioned why my pajamas and sheets were starch-like when they were washed. As I grew older and my circle of boy friends became more daring in talking about sex, I became more interested in my body's development. My penis and balls had become larger and hair was darkening and growing around my genitals and legs but I never to that point tried to masturbate as I thought it was wrong but had no one to confide in. Then one day a friend who lived across the street, Tucker, who was a year or two younger than I, were playing in a room under our garage that we had made into a club house. Tucker and I sat on a small sofa reading comic books and I remember it was between my freshman and sophomore year in high school so I must have been fourteen or maybe even turned fifteen. It was a warm summer's day and our clothes consisted of tee shirts, shorts and tennis shoes. Tucker said that he was getting a hardon from looking at the Captain Marvel comic book and asked if I ever had a hardon. I told him many times and it was difficult for me to hide it often, like in church or in a classroom at the end of the period. He asked if I ever jacked off and I said no and didn't know how to do it. Tucker was a street smart kid and said that his cousins on the farm did it and showed him how it was done. He said he could get his little penis hard but nothing else had happened like shooting his wad, as he called it. He suggested we get naked, so we both stripped out of our clothes and Tucker was stroking his little cock (he had yet to develop even a strand of pubic hair) and then asked if he could stroke my cock which was then semi-hard. I told him to go ahead since I didn't know how to jack off. He spat on his had and gently placed his small hand around my shaft and started an up and down movement very slowly. He must have known what he was doing because the feeling in my body became intense. As he progressed a few strokes I was hard as a rock and the head of my cock was a brilliant purple. The feeling intensified quickly and my legs became weak and the familiar feeling that I encountered during my wet dreams returned. I couldn't control it anymore and his stroking caused me to shoot a stream of white thick spurts of cum across his arm and onto the floor, several more spurts of less intensity shot out and finally a dribble of cum rolled down my cock. Tucker took his finger that had a small bit of cum on it and stuck it in his mouth and swallowed. Then he howled in laughter for several minutes. My body was quivering a little and I felt exhausted. My cock was loosing its stiffness, then my mind started doing guilt things to me. Tucker said that all the boys he knew did it and was surprised that I was still a cherry.
That eveing after dinner I excused myself from the family and went to the basement where I masturbated again and shot almost as much as I did in the afternoon. From then on, I would masturbate almost daily, sometimes two or three times. To this day, I jack off at least once daily.
Another story shortly after this episode occurred when a cousin of mine visited us for a few days from Illinois. I'll relate that at another time.
Thanks so much for taking the time to read of my first experience in masturbation.



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