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Step Mom's Masturbation Lesson

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Step Mom's Masturbation Lesson
My dad broke up with mom a few years ago and remarried seven months later. His new wife is only 34, (dad is 46), and has a great body. My stepmother has blonde hair and medium breasts, and great legs. I was so happy for dad when they got engaged. I remember thinking how sexy she was and used to fantasise about her at night. And I think she noticed my lust for her, maybe she realised why I was in the toilet for so long, or maybe she saw the signs on my bedclothes.
A few months after they celebrated they're first wedding anniversary, and when I was out of school, I went to stay with a friend a few roads away. I was supposed to be staying there for a couple of nights, but on the second day we had an argument over something and I returned home. Dad was at work, but I knew that today was mom's day off. When I got home, I didn't ring the bell, but just used my key. I called out to say I was home, but got no answer. So I went upstairs to look for mom, I thought she'd either be visiting a neighbour, out in the garden, or upstairs, probably on the toilet. When I got upstairs, I poked my head through mom and dad's door to say hi. But the word didn't get out of my head.
The lights were off, and my step mom was lying naked on the bed, legs spread wide. I could see her shaved pussy in full view, and she was sliding a vibrator in and out of her cunt. There was a wet patch on the bed below her hand. She must have heard the door open, because she looked up at me. Her face was one of pure horror, and she shrieked "Mike!" pulling the dildo out from her. I shot from the door and into my room, not knowing what to do.
She opened my door a few moments later, with her dressing gown on. "Michael, I'm sorry. I didn't hear you come in, aren't you supposed to be over at Johns?"
"Yeah, but we had an argument and I came back." I felt like it was me in the wrong, I kept wishing I had stayed at Johns house.
"I'm sorry you saw me, I should have been more careful. Please, don't tell your father. It'd really hurt him." She sounded desperate.
Now, I knew all about sex, and masturbation. But I didn't know how women did it, I mean, they had nothing to rub, did they? "Were you, umY" I stammered, still unsure who was in trouble. "Were you masturbating?"
She looked puzzled, "Yes. Don't you? I mean don't you know how toY"
"Oh yes," I interrupted, "I masturbate, but I didn't know if girls did it. And I didn't think adults do it, they have sex."
She pulled her gown tighter and sat down on my bed. I'd never told anyone about my habit, least of all my parents.
"Adults do masturbate, if they can't get enough sex."
"Can't you?" I asked innocently.
"Please, this is just between you and me, right?" I agreed with a nod.
"Do you know about sex? And orgasm?" I said I did to both. "Well, when your father and I have sex, I cannot always reach an orgasm. I just fake it when he has one to make him feel better. But I really do love him, you understand?"
She was really being sincere. "Yes," I said, "I'm sorry you have to masturbate."
"Thanks, she said, "and I'm sorry you had to see" she bent forwards and kissed me on my forehead. "Now, what were you and JohnY" she trailed off, looking down. My shorts were riding up over a big erection I suddenly realized I had. As I realized I tried to readjust my pants to make it less conspicuous.
"Sorry, IY" I couldn't think of an excuse.
"Did I cause that? Do IY do I turn you on? I mean, do I excite you, make you get an erection?" I nodded sheepishly. "I don't mind." She reassured, in fact how about I show you how a woman masturbates?"
I could not believe this. The person I called mom was asking if I wanted to see her get off! I didn't know what to say. I didn't want to sound dirty, but this was the chance of a lifetime.
"ErrY Would I? I mean, I'd love to! But, but isn't that incest?"
"No, incest is when relatives have sex. Think of this as a special lesson." Of course I agreed. "Now, you've got to promise never to tell anyone about this. Not even your dad. Do you promise?"
"Yes!" I said sincerely. My erection was now straining against the material of my pants.
"Alright then, but first let's get a little bit more comfortable. How about you let me see your penis?" I allowed her to pull my pants off my waist, revealing my member. "Isn't that better?" She proceeded to stand and drop her dressing gown to the floor. My mouth fell open. She stood before me, enjoying the fact that she had just shown me the greatest sight a teenager could see. Her body was truly fantastic, and she knew it. I had never seen a pussy in real life before, only drawings in schoolbooks and pictures in friend's porno mags. It was hairless and beautiful.
"Do you like my body?"
"It's the sexiest thing I have ever dreamt of!"
"Thanks! Now sit back and enjoy." With that, she leant back against my desk and ran a hand over her pussy. She rubbed her index finger around the lips a few times, closed her eyes and breathed deeply. I didn't take my eyes off her. My hands found my dick and began rubbing the foreskin up and down, in time with her movements. It looked moist, and her fingers were a little wet. She opened her eyes with a sharp intake of breath.
"No, Mike. Stop that and just watch." I reluctantly removed my hand and sat back to watch. She licked her finger and traced her pussy lips, whie her other hand moved onto her right breast and rubbed and flicked it. Both her nipples, I noticed, were standing out.
"Watch my finger!" She commanded, and with that she slowly inserted it into her pussy, her palm rubbing her pussy faster. After a few seconds she put another in as well.
"Fuck, fuck, fuckY" she moaned as she pulled at her nipple.
My penis was so stiff it was unnatural not to rub it. "Please." I asked, "Please can I masturbate?"
She opened her eyes and said, "Sorry, is this too much for you?" She stopped pulling at her nipple, and slowed her fingering. "How about I masturbate you?"
Better and better! I jumped at the chance; "I'd love that!"
"You know," her breathing was under control again, "I've been wanting to show you my body for a while now. I always wondered what your reaction would be."
She took her fingers out of her pussy, licked them and climbed onto my bed. Kneeling in front of me, she was at face level now. "Would you like to kiss me? I mean a real kiss, on my lips?" My face just lit up, she knew I did and leaned forward. As a first try, it was fantastic. I licked my lips and went to kiss her on the lips, but she gently held head and gave me a full on kiss. I pulled away in shock, but quickly went back for more. This time her lips entered my mouth and poked around. This was a new sensation for me, and I liked the taste. I tried to poke my tongue back, and ended up licking her tongue and caressing it with my own.
"MmmmY you kiss well for a beginner. Now, stand up and take your clothes off." I obeyed and dropped them on the floor. As I went to get back on the bed, expecting to have her warm hand envelope my penis, she stopped me. "No, let's do it on my bed!" She said.
I followed her into her room and she closed the door, the lights were still off, but light was getting through the curtain. She pulled the covers back and climbed in, kneeling. She invited me in and kissed me again.
"You're a great mom," I said, "and a very sexy woman!" She smiled and looked down at my forgotten penis.
"Let's get you back up, I'd prefer to hold a stiff penis!"
"Mom," I asked, "Can I, can I touch you? Please?"
"Of course, I'd like you to." With that she took my hands and placed them on her breasts, cupping them. I rubbed and investigated them, touching and flicking her nipples. "Go on," she urged, "touch my pussy. You want to, don't you?" I ran my hands down her sides, onto her waist, her thighs, and up the inside of her legs. She was smiling, and I realized that my penis was erect again. I lightly placed my right hand onto her pussy, gently tracing her lips. I looked up at her face. "Ready?" she asked.
"Uh huh," I watched her left hand go to my penis. It grasped it firmly. She rolled the foreskin up and down a little, then stopped. She leaned back, and took her hand off it to open a drawer by the bed. "This is what I use on your father, it's a lube." She saw my puzzled face and said, "you'll see!"
She took the cap off and squeezed a little onto her palm, "don't worry, now this may be a little coldY" The feeling was the greatest! She put the tube down and rubbed her palm around the head. I nearly jumped off the bed.
"Oh!" I cried "Oh, wow!" Her hand slipped off and she grasped my penis again, smoothing the jelly below the head with her right hand. She started a slow up and down motion over my shaft. I was in ecstasy! The pleasure was incredible, and I grasped her hips to steady myself. "Oh! Oh, Oh!"
"You like it do you? Let's go a little faster, shall we?" She increased her speed and I began to thrust with her. I knew I couldn't last much longer and could feel an orgasm building up.
"I'm gonna come!" I cried, looking into mom's face. I could see she was enjoying the pleasure she was giving me too. "Here I go! Oh! Oh, oh, oh, oh! Yes!" it was the most intense pleasure I had ever felt. I came for longer than I had ever before, and further. My semen was hitting mom's breasts, sticking to her. She kept up the masturbation, much faster than before, and only slowed after she had completely milked me.
I was exhausted, and wanted to thank her. I hugged her and we kissed, I didn't care about the semen on our chests and the bedclothes.
"How was it?" she asked, smiling. We were laying together, her arms around me and mine wiping the drying semen off her breasts.
"The greatest! Is that how sex is?"
"Something like that. You enjoyed it then? I'm quite impressed! You waited quite long to come, well done." I smiled at the compliment.
"Thanks, you give a great hand off! I never knew it was so goodY" My hand found her pussy again and began to caress it, "Can I try and masturbate you now? As a thank you?"
"I think I'd enjoy that, Mike, yes."
As I began to explore her pussy she smiled down at me, "Mmm, that's good!" I ran my hand over her clitoris and she tensed up.
"Sorry, did that hurt you?" I asked.
"No, no. It felt great, do it again!" She urged.
I rubbed around her cunt lips a few times, and she closed her eyes and breathed deeply. It was moist, and my fingers were a little wet. I traced her pussy lips, and she put a hand on her right breast and rubbed and flicked it. Both her nipples, I noticed, were standing out. After a while I slowly inserted a finger into her pussy, whilst I continued rubbing her pussy.
"Fuck, fuck, fuckY" she moaned as she pulled at her nipple. I continued my fingering as she was obviously enjoying it.
As she writhed slowly beneath me, I had a thought. I slowly positioned myself, leaned forward, and began licking around her protruding pussy lips. She gasped, "What are you doing?" Since she didn't pull away, I kept licking. She obviously liked my new attention. She bent her knees up and spread her legs wider. Now I had easy access to her whole cunt.
After several minutes, I began sucking her now enlarged clitoris. Mom was really excited and began humping and moaning. I kept licking and sucking. A few minutes later mom relaxed and said, "That was unbelievable. I've never had an oral before. Where did you learn to do that?"
"I thought you might enjoy that," I answered, "I read about that somewhere, I never knew you'd like it so much!" She sat up and we kissed again, hands flying over each other. "I think we'd better clean up now, Mike. Don't you?" She said eventually.
"Okay, Mom. ButY" I thought quickly. "Do you think we could, um, have sex?" I asked desperately.
"Michael, we can't. That's against the law." She tried to shrug it off as a joke, getting off the bed.
"But we're not blood relations!" I said, watching her get her clothes out. "You said Dad couldn't give you what you need, maybe I can!" She was putting on her briefs.
"No, I'm sorry. We can touch and play with each other, but I won't have sex with you. It's not right. If your Dad ever found out he'd divorce me for certain."
As she put her T-shirt on I said, "He won't find out, never." "Look, MikeY" She looked uneasy, "Go and get ready! Your Dad will be home soon." She gave me a kiss on the cheek and did her bed.
Reluctantly, I went to my room and put my clothes on. Then I went downstairs and helped her with the dinner. --Anonymous



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