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Step Dad's Navy Buddie

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To start with this all happened when I was fourteen, we were all living together, my step-dad's buddie was saying with us while he was going to school, him and I were as close as brothers, he was 26, slender, a solid cut body, around 150, 5'9', and his name is John.

It all started one night, I was in the bathroom jacking off, I guess I was in there for quite some time. When I came out and went to bed (we shared the bed room) he just sat there and said it's about time. Well he got up and went in to go to piss, when John came back in he sat on his bed and looked right at me and said 'I know what you were doing in there.' Well I stumbled around denying it. He said 'Look all guy's do it and if they say they don't their lying.'

Well I started to explain why I was jacking off, he said 'No need to I was your age once.' I was very blunt and asked Curt if he jacked off, he said every day, even if he got laid. Well as the conversation went on he said 'Guys my age usually play around with other guys, jacking off together, even jacking off each other,' Well when he said that I instantly thought they were gay. John explained that was kinda like nature, nothing wrong with it. He said that anytime if I wanted him to jack me off let him know and he would.

Well with that I was hard again like granite. At the end of our talk he stood up and removed his shorts revealing his manhood of six inches with no pubic hair. He laid on the bed and began to jack off. Well I couldn't take it any longer and I stripped down and sat on the edge of my bed watching him. To my surprise this was a major turn on. I could see him thrusting his hips and with no warning he came all over his chest and stomach. He looked over at me watching me then I could feel the ejaculation coming on. Then I came all over the floor. We both got up and went to the bathroom to clean up, and as we were doing so I asked him why he had no hair. Dah he said I shave it, why I asked, the only response he gave me was it feels great being bald jacking off.

A couple of days past my step-dad was on duty all night and I thought to myself I'm gonna ask him tonight to jack me off. Just thinking that I was going to ask him got me all horny. I wanted to go and jack off but I didn't. John got home around 5:00pm, we had supper and sat down for a little bit to watch tv. I looked over at John and he had his hand down his pants. I said 'Can't you wait,' he just looked at me, then the moment came. I said 'I have a question for you,' 'what's that,' 'were you serious the other night about jacking me off.' John said 'I wouldn't have said it if I didn't mean it.' Well I got up and went to the bedroom and stripped naked. A few moments later John came in and said 'I see you are naked, hard, and not doing anything so I suppose you want me to take care of you.' I nodded and said please, 'Ok,' he said he got naked also.

I laid across the bed and he sat between my legs and started rubbing my balls. I could tell he was jacking himself also. Well he slowly started stroking my dick, he had a nice easy but firm grip, he told me to just close my eyes and enjoy, I did. The feeling was like nothing I ever felt before, now I had a guy stroking my dick. He said to let him know when I was close to cumming. I was close, he started stroking faster, then I had an orgasm like none before, it was great. I really enjoyed that night, we had several other nights like that but none as the first time. Since then I have shaved my pubes several times and he was right, there is no feeling like being bald to jack.



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