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Steamed Up in the Steam Room

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I've always enjoyed jacking off since I first found out how good it felt while washing myself in the bath one time. I was about 10 and discovered some very nice feelings coming from my cock when I soaped it all over and rolled back the foreskin to clean under it. I just carried on washing and rubbing until I had my very first orgasm. I had a few school buddies the same age and I guess we all grew up at the same time and for a couple of years we would jack off together and a couple of us would do it to each other. However we soon grew out of this stage and while I certainly carried on enjoying jacking off on my own the guy to guy bit faded as we discovered girls and not guys. I eventually married but still enjoyed a good play with my cock now and then, like most married guys do but don't admit to.

A few years ago, around the big 40, I decided I needed to get some exercise and get a bit fitter so after trying jogging and getting board I joined a leisure centre with a gym, swimming pool, sauna and steam room. I managed to keep going two or three times a week. At first I did some gym work but again got fed up so since I had paid for the year I carried on going but used the pool for the exercise and the steam room and sauna for relaxing afterwards. When I had first joined it was mixed sessions all week but then they introduced two sessions for women and two for men only. They also introduced clothing optional in the sauna and steam room on those split sessions but not on mixed days. This wasn't a problem as my schedule meant I had two mixed sessions and an occasional men only evening. It wasn't long before several guys were making use of the clothing optional rule and were in the sauna and steam room naked or with just a towel and I soon joined them as the inventors of the sauna insist you get more benefit with nothing on than wearing trunks.

Gradually quite a number of guys extended the nudity to the pool after a sauna or steam and no one said anything or tried to stop them. What they would do was to swim first with trunks, then sauna or steam nude then shower and swim again nude, so again after a few weeks I joined the fashion. The fun really started one evening about half an hour before closing. I had arrived a bit late and had been for a swim, in trunks but had headed for the steam room without removing my trunks in the locker room and getting a towel. I thought everyone else had gone to shower and change for home so I just stripped off my trunks at the steam room door and went in. What I didn't expect was to see a naked guy sat in the dim light and steam with his head thrown back jacking off his very erect cock. I don't know who was most surprised him or me but he sat up quickly and covered himself with his towel. I wasn't sure what to do but mumbled sorry if I disturbed you and backed out.

I was going to put my wet trunks back on and have another swim but it is hard work putting wet Speedos back on so I dropped them at the side of the pool and got in for a swim up and down. A few minutes later I saw the guy come out of the steam room and into the shower. I could also see his erection had just about gone. He came out of the shower and headed for the pool and swam up near me. He tried to tell me he was sorry and asked me not to report him to the owners, he said he had just got carried away and though no one else was left. Daft that I am I said it was OK it was dark and misty in the steam room and I told him I had not seen anything to bother about so no harm done. He would not leave it at that and asked if bothered me to catch a guy jacking off. I told him I hadn't been expecting it but it was up to him what he got up to. I swam off then and got out to go for the last few minutes in the steam room. Again he followed me in and while I sat in one corner he settled into the far corner well away from me. In the dim light and steam we could hardly see each other. After a couple of minutes silence I looked across the gloom of the steam room where I could just about make him out and was beginning to realise he was touching his cock again, and as I watched him I realised I was starting to get a bit aroused and my cock was definitely taking an interest.

Then he said he enjoyed the freedom the club allowed and swimming nude was great but it made him a bit randy. I asked him what he meant, knowing full well he was jacking off as we talked and that my cock was half erect as well and any minute I was going to have to have a cold shower or start playing with it. He said it reminded him of his college days when he worked as a pool janitor with one of his buddies to make some money. Most of the work was after the pool closed and the pair of them was on their own to clean the showers and locker rooms and round the pool. He said they often went skinny dipping after hours before cleaning the pool area then they split up and cleaned the locker rooms and showers, one in the men's and the other in the women's. Since it took the best part of an hour to clean up and it was always hot in the locker rooms, he said he would stay naked and enjoy a quiet jack off in the showers while cleaning them.

One night his buddy had run out of cleaning fluid and walked in on him catching him with a hard on but not actually jacking off. They had laughed about it but then his buddy asked if he jacked off and he said he did so it ended up with the two of them watching each other masturbate. He told me that for a couple of years the two of them carried on as Janitors and most times they would jack off together and even masturbate each other even though they both had girlfriends most of the time. When he got to the bit about his buddy catching him with a hard on I was enjoying the story but with an aching erection and a need to enjoy some attention, so I held my cock and slowly started to rub my hand up and down the shaft in the hope he would not notice. He was sat in the far corner where I could just make out in the steam the sight of him sat back with his cock fully erect and with his hand wrapped round it rubbing up and down. By the end of the story I wasn't bothered if he could see me or not I was really enjoying playing with myself as I listened to him and watched him through the steam jacking off. He had certainly noticed what I was up to as he said it was a bit dark and steamy can I join you over there?

I swallowed hard and managed to say OK and saw his erect cock coming out of the steam. He sat beside me and we watched each other close up as we rubbed or cock's but just as I was going to reach out and try his cock the attendants voice came in clear calling time, but luckily he did not open the door and just went back out to the pool area to start the clean down. The guy wrapped a towel round himself that more or less hid his erection but I only had my brief pair of Speedos and tried to cover myself up as best I could as I made a dash for the locker room. Luckily everyone else had dressed and gone so I got a towel round me and my shower soap and went for a final shower. The guy was waiting with the door to his cubical open and asked if I wanted to join him so we ended up in the same cubical and under the warm shower with two huge erections.

I soaped my hands and started to rub my cock while he stood and watched but then asked if I had ever jacked off another guy. I told him not since I was a school, so he pushed his cock forward and asked if I wanted to do it again. I squirted soap over his cock and started to rub it up and down and it was a great feeling to hold onto a different cock. Soon he had hold of my cock and we stood there under the shower having a fantastic jacking off session. It was too good to last and I felt myself ready to cum and I could feel his cock tensing in my hand and he said he was going to cum and I said I was and with that I went over the edge and a great burst of cum shot out onto the shower wall followed by more and then I felt his cock buck in my hand and felt and saw him cum. It was a good job we were in the shower as we were both rubbing each other's cock as we both came sending shots of cum all over. We relaxed and washed down the wall and I headed for the next shower cubical and made it just before the attendant came in to chase us out.

A quick rinse down and the dressed and the two of us went our separate ways. Since then I have not become gay or anything but I have enjoyed quite a few jacking off encounters with that guy and a few others.



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