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Started With a Shave

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A few years back when I was 15, I went camping with a large group of friends and our families for a week and a half. All of the families did this like twice a year, and each year we continued to go to our same grounds, where there was a nearby lake, a hike to a small oasis and waterfall, and large rocky hills that we could climb and mess around in. This year I had offered to bring my best friend Jack along. He had gone a few times before, but hadn't been in a couple of years, and he was excited that I had asked him to come.

So all the families got to the grounds on the night we had planned, and we all pitched our tents and set up the fire pit. After that was done and the fire had gotten going, I sat off to the side with Jack, and talked about our summer break so far. We were out of earshot of the adults, so we started talking about girls and what turned us on, although still in hushed tones. Just to be safe, I told him we should go into our tent (Jack and I had one, and my dad and younger brother had another). When we got in, we continued our conversation, which eventually died. We changed into our boxers, got into our sleeping bags, and called it a night.

The next day some of the younger kids wanted to go to the waterfall, so Jack and I accompanied them, while the adults took care of lunch. When we got there, they pulled their shirts off and dove into the water, while I made my way to the top of the waterfall, about fifteen feet from the water. Jack came up with me, and we sat, watching the kids. They were wrestling around, until one of them pulled another's trunks off and threw them off to the side, forcing him to retrieve them naked. Everyone laughed, and I got to thinking about how my brother and I had swum naked here when it was just my family.

Later that night, after dinner and sitting around the fire, I told my dad that I was going to go take a shower in the large shower and bathroom building that the grounds provided. Jack said that he would come with me, and then we went to the tent and got our shampoo and stuff. A short walk later, we were inside the shower room, which was a large open space. I knew that there weren't individual stalls or anything, and that it was all open, but Jack had forgotten, so he was a little embarrassed when we got inside. I reminded him that that was why all the younger kids went separately, but it didn't matter to me, since we had seen each other naked before while changing and stuff. Sure it had been glimpses, but we had seen each other.

He agreed, and then we stripped down, and turned the warm water on. Backs turned to each other, we began washing ourselves. A few minutes later, Jack turned around and asked me to get the shaving cream and razor out of his small bag. I thought he was going to shave his face, but when I watched him open the can and smear it around his cock, I kind of stared, which he noticed. He told me he had been shaving for almost a year, and that it felt better, and it made your cock look bigger. When he offered to let me try it after he was done, I thought about it for a moment (hey, it took a while for those pubes to grow!) I agreed, and waited for him to finish.

So when he was done he handed me the cream and razor, and I started to cut away at my pubes. After a few minutes, I was hairless, and I let the water run down the now smooth skin. He was right, it did feel better, and looking at my cock and the small wrinkle above it that had been normally hidden by the hair, it did look bigger (at least to me). We both gave each other a sort of cheesy grin, and then I got an idea. I hadn't been able to jack off for a few days beforehand, and being around the kids and stuff, I wasn't getting any better chances. Turning to Jack, I told him that I had to get off, and I was going to do it whether he minded or not. (Come on, when you got to get off, you got to get off). My cock was hard, and I started pumping away, until Jack came over and placed his wet hand on my cock, and then kind of glanced at his, like he was telling me to jack him off, which I started doing. He pulled at each others cocks until we both came, and then we finished rinsing, dried off, and went to the tent. When we were all closed in, we stripped off, and slept naked, repeating our showers the whole time we were there. Fun trip, can't wait for the next.



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