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Start & Stop; Start & Stop

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Start & Stop; Start & Stop
Very educational site. I was particularly interested in the women's comments. That's the sort of info that men should read to learn what best pleases their female partners, and I think that I learned a thing or two that I plan to try on my next date.
My technique: I started doing this when I was young, to try to draw out the pleasurable experience, but its good training for all sexual play where your penis is concerned. I'd take a magazine (fashion when I was young, porn when older) and, starting with the cover, find the first picture that aroused me & work naturally to the point of ejaculation, but stop just before. A few breaths to recover & calm down, then turn to the next hot picture. Again, stroke my cock as close as I could get without spurting, & stop & recover. The trick was to make it through the whole book without coming, but getting as close as I could each time. Also, no turning back or skipping ahead, so that if a picture didn't do it for me, I still had to force my body to react before going further. And of course, no stopping the exercise before reaching the end (unless I lost it & shot-off). Extra credit: force yourself to the edge while focusing on images that are sensual to someone but not to you. I.e.: fetishes you aren't interested in, homoerotica (or heteroerotica) etc. This can allow you to enjoy pleasure with a partner whose tasted are different from yours. Challenge yourself!
This is still pretty much my masturbation regimen, & I usually allow myself to release cum a few times a month, but I stroke much more often. I think this exercise has helped me to engage in sex for long periods, and my orgasm can last a full minute or more. I can also sometimes be forced to cum several times without stopping.
Male sex toys: I often masturbate with a cock ring on. The internal pressure in my cock enhances the pleasure. I had a girlfriend who loved vibrators, but I never could get off with vibration alone. What am I doing wrong?
Female ejaculation: This absolutely fascinates me! I've come in, and on, enough women that I think it's time to be in the receiving end! Do women who spurt do so everytime, or is it controllable? How can I encourage my lovers to do it? Is the orgasm enhanced by spurting at or onto a specific place like a lover's face, chest, or into a glass? (I ask that because I once had a girlfriend with a beautiful upper back & shoulders, I desperately wanted to release myself onto her back & rub the come over her skin, but I could never figure how to ask her to let me). Is it as dangerous to swallow a woman's ejaculate as a man's? I'd love to read women's responses, or perhaps correspond.
A little healthy male curiosity: The glans of my cock is, of course, very sensitive, but the area that provides the most pleasure, & gets me off, is just behind the cockhead, underneath & on the inside of my foreskin. I've had a few girls tell me that that's unusual. Where's the "spot" on most men? Does cut or uncut matter?
Well, I've certainly enjoyed exposing my sex to you. The idea of a masturbation club is an interesting one, especially co-ed, (I wonder If I'd be able to force myself to orgasm in front of men only. I'll have to think about that one). Are there any in the tri-state area?
As a bit of color: I've gotten pretty aroused writing this, & I have stopped after each paragraph to work my foreskin back & forth until I was quite hard, & slick with my own pre-cum. Then I'd get back to typing, savoring the ache in my cock.
Anyway, I look foreward to checking out this site again. Regards, Max



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