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Stacey's Surprise

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I didn't know what to do. It was Jennifer who had thrown a blanket over us as we watched cartoons. Stacey on my left, Jennifer on my right, and me, Derek, in the middle.

It didn't used to bother me when Jennifer touched me. But now her hand was on my thigh. The stirring in my underpants made me wish I had worn tighty whiteys, instead of boxers. I just liked the breeze on my privates that the short shorts and boxer combination allowed. I was afraid Jenny would notice my boner growing down the leg of my shorts.

Then Stacy's hand landed on my other thigh. I jumped a bit and glanced over at Stacy. She seemed to be concentrating on Sponge Bob's antics. I would have been watching the TV too, but suddenly, my boner was rock hard and sticking out the end of my shorts, lifting them as high as it could. I was really thankful for blanket.

Clutching the blanket tightly with my sweatty hands, I tried to forget my friend's seemingly innocent touch. I was half relieved when Stacy moved her hand. At least until she started prying my hand away from the blanket. I stared incredulously at her.

'It's okay,' she whispered.

'Yeah, relax!' Jenny echoed.

Confused, I slowly relaxed my grip on the blanket. Each girl took one hand in hers and guided it to their thigh. To their upper thigh. I felt a surge of feeling I had never experienced before as my hand cupped their soft skin. Encouraged by this feeling, I gently stroked their legs. Stacey's hand moved first, pushing my shorts up. Jenny must have noticed my gasp, as she followed suit.

When Jenny's had brushed the underside of my penis, I thought I was going to die right there. Suddenly, I didn't feel embarrassed any more. I just wanted her to touch it again. Jenny then guided my hand into her crotch. I didn't know why it felt so wonderful, I just new I loved it. I cupped my hand over her mound and pressed. It was Jenny's turn to gasp.

Stacy gave a little look of jealousy and wiggled her abdomen. Taking the cue, I moved my hand onto her crotch. Somehow, she had pulled down her pants without me realizing it! My hand cupped her through her panties. I could feed the fuzziness of her bush through the thin fabric.

Taking a cue from my instincts, I started to gently rub their crotches. Jenny was the first to groan and spread her legs a bit. Stacey soon followed. Taking her courage into her hand, Jenny put her hand around my penis. Stacy's hand was quickly on top of Jenny's.

At firste, I thought they were going to fight over their grip, but they quickly interlaced their fingers and began to slowly stroke me up and down while I stroked them. To Jenny's jealous surprise, Stacey quickly pulled up her pants. The three of us fell asleep until my mom came in and told us it was time for dinner and my friends had to go home.

'Come back soon,' mom called to Jenny and Stacey.

'We will,' they replied enthusiastically.

It only took about 10 strokes and I came. My orgasm must have triggered them because I heard them grunting too.



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