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St. Martin Nude Beach

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Recently I made a trip to St. Martin. Of course any trip there is not complete without a day at Orient beach. I found a beach chair and umbrella and sat down. I was reclining and playing with my cock a little, just enough to get semi-hard. After about 30 minutes, a guy about 50 sat in a chair near me. As I continued stroking,

I looked his way and said good morning. We chatted a bit and then he asked if I minded if he joined me. The chairs are close to begin with, but he moved right next to me. I looked over at his cock and noticed it was growing as he watched me play with mine. We sat there and slowly stroked always looking around to not get caught. We were both completely hard and leaking a lot of precum. He leaned over and asked if I wanted to go and finish. I told him I usually go to the bathrooms and leave the door unlocked in order to get "innocently" caught. He told me about the place down the beach where people go to get off. I said "great, but I gotta get this thing down first" and point to my very hard and leaking cock. He said "me too". As I softened, my cock fell onto my leg and drained more precum. I was still engorged some but said, "lets go". As I followed him down the beach my cock was wobbling back and forth leaving ropes of precum sticking to my already wet inner thigh. I was starting to get hard again and had to walk faster to get out of eyesight.

When we got there we were both very hard. We started stroking and watching each other. He reached over and started playing with my balls. It felt so great I just leaned back against the wall. Then he pushed my hand away and started stroking me. I was in heaven. Just then another guy walked up, naked and stroking. I reached over and returned the same favor to my friend as the other guy watched. Being watched is a huge turn on for me so I wanted this to last. After a few minutes I knew I was getting close. I motioned for the other guy to come and stand next to me. I pushed my friends hand away from my cock and continued stroking him and grabbed the other guys' cock and stroked him too. There I was standing between them with two cocks in my hands and still close to cumming without any touching. My friend reached over and scooped up a bunch of my precum and licked it off his hand. Then he dropped to his knees and started sucking me. First time a guy ever did this to me. I soon had to stop him and we all resumed jerking ourselves. The other guy came first. He shot most of his load on my left leg and foot. After edging for almost an hour, seeing him cum on me and being watched by two guys, I couldn't take it any more. I started cumming really hard. My knees were shaking. I don't shoot far anymore but when standing I shoot a lot of cum. It landed all over my legs feet and hand. Both guys watched closely as I kept cumming and cumming. After I finished I looked at my friend and said it was his turn. He said he couldn't because his wife would notice a smaller load and know something was up.

We split up and went back to our chairs, with me walking down the beach as cum was running down my leg and still dripping from my cock. I was still very turned on by what just happened but exhausted. When my friend and I reached our chairs I just laid back and fell asleep under the umbrella.

I must have been reliving what happened in my dreams because when I woke up I had another hard on in very plain sight of everyone around me. My friend was gone. I knew I had to cum again (very rare for me). I couldn't help it and grabbed my cock and started jerking. I looked around to see if I'd get caught. There was a couple not far away and the man was looking at me. I asked if he minded me doing this. He leaned over to his wife and asked her. She looked at me and smiled. The husband said to go ahead. I went back to stroking then glancing back at the couple to see their eyes locked on my hand moving up and down on my cock. Soon again I was cumming. Not as much as the first time but an orgasm is an orgasm. I finally walked to the water having fresh cum on my belly and dried cum all over my legs and semi hardon. I washed off the sperm and went to collect my stuff and leave. The couple waved good-bye as I walked past.

It was a great day!



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