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Spying on Big Sis

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Ever since I accidentally walked in on my older sister when she was getting in the shower, I have been almost obsessed with seeing her again. She always makes sure that the bathroom and bedroom doors are locked when she is showering or changing though, and I haven't been able to see anything. A few months ago though, I bought a new camera and after a while I realized I could use the movie function to spy on her.

It took a couple of weeks, but every day after school (I get home about 10 minutes before she does), I would go into her room, hide it under her desk, start recording and leave it for a while. Just about every day, she would go in, change clothes and come back out. I would check it and delete it then wait for the next day. This went on until one day she stayed in there for about 25 minutes. When she came out she went to the bathroom, so I hurried in and grabbed it. Later that night I checked what happened and I struck gold. She came in, kicked off her shoes and socks, sat on her bed and sent a couple of text messages. Then she stood up, pulled off her pants and underwear and sat down at her desk in nothing but her hoodie. For almost three minutes I had a close up view of her beautiful vagina while she used her computer. She then started rubbing it a bit and teasing it before she scooted back, grabbed a small vibrator out of her drawer and put her feet on the desk. She then started rubbing the vibe up and down her slit and played with her breasts under her hoodie. She kept at it for a few more minutes until she leaned back and stiffened up and started shaking, and then I knew she was cumming.

She sat there for a few seconds then stood up and grabbed a tissue, wiping herself off and then sat back on her bed and played with her phone for a few more minutes. When she was done she did something on her computer, pulled her pants and underwear back on and left the room, and few seconds after that it showed me grabbing the camera.

I couldn't do anything about it then, but right before bed I locked my door, hooked the camera up to my TV and started watching it. As soon as she walked in I stripped naked and started stroking myself, and by the time she grabbed her vibrator I came all over myself. Usually after I cum I lose interest, but this time I never got soft. I went slower after that and when she was about to cum I sped up and came a second time while she was sitting there. After it was over I had a huge amount of cum to wipe off of myself. After I taped her I have masturbated almost very day to the video, and some of those days it was more than once.



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