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Spring Break at the Gym

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True story of my spring break at 16. If you want to hear about my next day on break leave a comment on what you thought.


Before I start the story let me give a description of myself, my name is Chris. I'm 5'8' 150 pounds and in decent shape. I love showing off my body to anyone it just turns me on for real. I'm in between tan and pale somewhere and have brown hair and hazel eyes. My dick is three soft and almost six hard. Now that that is out of the way I can start the story.

I was going on vacation for spring break with my family and the hotel we were staying at had a nice gym im talking about it had everything, but what I was the most interested in was the steam room. I pretened to be sick so my family went out that night to do something but I went to the gym. when I got there the first night it was relativly empty except for some old lady and two 14-15 year old studs. I was bigger than them strength wise and helped spot them. One kid we will call Scotty was a skater kid with shoulder length long hair and a skinny frame with sweet blue eyes. The other Jim was a tad chubby but not fat and had black hair. After 20 mins of lifting I said how about we hit the shower and they agreed.

I undressed without hesitation flaunting my soft meat for all to see, they took a while and turned so I could not see there cocks. I said there's nothing to be shy about we are all boys. They akwardly laughed and agreed, and we decided to try out the steam room. We all grabbed towels and set the timer for 30mins. They wrapped the towels around their waists while I lay mine out and sat on it with my legs slightly open sporting a semi. We talked about girls and regular guy stuff, and before I noticed I was as hard as a rock. I sat across from them and could tell they were staring at my cock but they did not say anything. I could see there towels tenting and decided to bring up masturbation and would give my cock a stroke or two once in a while in between. They admited they did and I suggested we compare and they finaly decided it was alright and its not gay. Mine as I mentioned before was almost six, Jim was only around four and Scotty was about seven! I told him that's impressive he said he just turned 15 and he put my six incher to shame. I think jim was embarrassed or maybe weired out by all that was going on but told Scotty the steam room was too much and he would meet him in the room.

No sooner than Jim left Scotty threw his arms around my neck and began to french me, I responded by grabbing his ass and returning the kiss. I pushed him on the bench and knelt between his legs and stroked him nice and slow admiring every inch of his manhood while using my other hand to fondle his big low hanging balls. He finally broke the silence and moaned in an almost feminine way faster, I used both hands and beat him off and he jizzed all over my hands chest and face, I licked it all up.

He got up and told me that he was gay and only his friend Jim knew and that he was watching me the whole time. He said his parants would be looking for him so he had to go but he would meet me here tomorrow at eight pm. He kissed me goodbye and left me standing there to take care of my own needs. I could not wait to see what would happen tomorrow.



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