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Something Different for Me

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I have recently, (well, September) started a degree at Uni. Late, I know, but I am in the fortunate position of being able to take three years off work and do this as a full time residential student.


I suppose my ideas of my own room overlooking the delightful courtyard and meticulously manicured lawns of my college was a little on the hopeful side. The final year students, at least, some of them, seem to get a room alone, as do some of the Phd students, but I found myself in a ground floor room sharing with a 19 year old called Aimee. (Yes, really spelled like that.) Aimee is a worker, pure and simple. No boyfriend, no social life, just work work work. She aced her first terms exams and even at Oxford standards, she scores tremendously high in her assignments.

Me? Well, I had a boyfriend before Uni, but we agreed to go our separate ways when I came up. Frustrating? Well, not as much as you might think. This place takes some getting used to and it isn't easy as a so-called 'mature' student. Anyway, I got into the habit of taking care of myself once or twice a week and that was all I needed....until yesterday morning!

I woke up later than usual, Aimee was already up and out, and the room was comfortably warm and sunny. I stretched out in bed and decided I would have a little fun before showering and beginning my day. I stretched, covered only by a thin cotton sheet and wearing nothing but yesterday's panties, I started to masturbate. Just lightly stroking my miserably small but pert breasts and stroking over the increasingly moist material of my panties. My mind was wandering from previous sexual experiences but I couldn't really settle on any image or fantasy to get myself off. Then, looking at the empty and still unmade bed across the room, I wondered about Aimee. Oh, not in a sexual way, but just about how/if she masturbates, if she has had sex, if she is straight or bi, and I found that musing really started to get to me. I wondered if she waits until I am asleep at night and then rubs one out. I pictured her biting her lower lip to stop herself moaning as her fingers danced on her clit. The thought of us both masturbating at the same time was very erotic. I wondered how wet she got, whether she was clitoral or vaginal, or even, like me sometimes, anal too!

I was getting a really nice buzz going and that's when I saw them. Aimee's panties scrunched up in her bed. They were small, dark blue bikini style, and I wondered...oh yes, I wondered.

In the blink of an eye I was out of my bed and lying on hers with those little panties in one hand and the other in my own.

I fingered Aimee's panties around before finding the still moist area in the crotch and the little white partially dried cum-stains. Before I really even thought about it, I had them to my face and for the first time in my life was inhaling the intoxicating scent of another girl. Oh, I can't describe the scent. Fresh, musky, sexy, yes, all of those certainly. There was even a very faint scent of pee too and that was almost as erotic. I felt my orgasm begin to flutter into life deep in me and on pure instinct, I opened my mouth and licked her cum stains. Immediately, an orgasm tore through me like nothing I have ever felt before. I arched off the bed and sucked really hard on Aimee's panties as if I was sucking her. I even moaned and called out her name. Oh, My, God! The orgasm just kept building. Wave after wave after ever-increasing wave. Finally, I jammed the crotch of Aimee's panties into my own and pressed it up inside me.

Afterwards, I literally could not move. Never, not ever in my most wild sex have I cum like this.

I lay in Aimee's bed, inhaling her scent on the pillow for at least an hour before finally, and very reluctantly, I moved. I pulled her panties from between my legs. They were literaly soaked all over and were no longer dark blue but almost black. I decided I would wash them through and hide them at the bottom of her hamper.

Of course, now, I really don't know. Was this a one off? Was it just me being curious and horny? Maybe I would do something for real? One thing I decided I will do is listen really hard. I want to see if she jills off. I love cock, don't get me wrong. I would never imagine a time when I wouldn't want to get royally fucked. I can be quite wild and have certainly experienced every possible thing a man and a woman can do to and with each other. But now..... hmmmmm. I loved her scent. I loved the thought that her pussy was there, gently creaming into those panties. And yes, I have to admit, I loved that little background scent of pee too. Some girls, I know experiment with peeing as a sexual act, but that is one thing I have never had an interest in, so why did it turn me on so?

Well, tonight and in the future, I will listen hard and maybe Aimee and I will have a little girly chat about sex over a bottle of wine. Who knows.



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