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Some 'Show and Tell'

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I'd lived in this apartment just over twenty years. Larry, also single and approximately my age, had moved into the next door apartment about a year earlier. We chatted periodically, and we occasionally took our afternoon walks together. Sometimes we watched the evening news together but, other than this, we pretty much had separate lives.

One evening when I was in Larry's apartment watching the evening news with him, he got a telephone call as the news was ending. As he talked on the phone in the kitchen, and the news program changed into a game show, I noticed and pulled out a copy of JUGGS from the lower shelf of his coffee table. Fifteen years earlier JUGGS had been a significant source of masturbation material for me. I loved photographs of bare naturally big breasts to masturbate to, and JUGGS specialized in such photographs.

When Larry's telephone call ended, I asked if I could 'use' this JUGGS for the evening, telling him that I'd return it in the morning. I was somewhat hesitant to say this to him in this manner because we had in no way ever shared any real sexual intimacies. He said I could certainly 'use' the magazine overnight, but he added with a wink that I was welcome to 'use' it right there where I sat on the sofa. I knew that Larry liked large bare natural breasts, because we'd shared that, but we'd never referenced masturbating, let alone doing it in the presence of one another. He then paused for a moment and added that he'd like to watch. We looked at each other, and then he more direcly invited me to look at the pictures in JUGGS and to masturbate to them in front of him, as he watched.

I remained on the sofa, and rather quickly unbuckled my belt, unzipped my zipper, and took my already enlarged penis from the fly in my briefs. I felt that I should have been embarrassed doing this in front of another man, but I was not. I was actually very sexually excited and very sexually anxious to do this! Larry sat down on the coffee table, approximately two feet away from 'ground zero'.

I selected a full page photograph from JUGGS of a lovely young thing with a huge set of bare natural breasts tipped with genuine puffy nipples/areolas. This combination of large bare breasts and genuine puffy nipples/aerolas is rare. I looked at the picture and rubbed my hardening penis. I was so very aware and excited that Larry was watching me. I told him that I'd done exactly this since puberty. I loved to masturbate to pictures of large bare breasts. I told Larry how exciting this was for me. I told him how I sometimes let myself squirt-off on the pictures themselves, unfortunately spoiling them.

Larry told me to do whatever I wished. He was already playing with his penis through his pants. My penis was so hard and I was so excited that I thought that I would ejaculate any second. But, I slowly and carefully stroked myself anyway, and I looked at the breasts in the picture, and at Larry watching me. I told Larry directly that one of my major fantasies was ejaculating on bare breasts. I told him it excited me to have him watching me. He told me that I had a beautifully big and hard penis, and that the 'head' of my penis was huge. I told him that I was going to have my release soon, and he encouraged me to go ahead and let it happen. 'Let yourself go, Tom, let it flow, let me see it.'

That did it for me. I had my ejaculation right then and there. My warm and slippery white semen sprayed up in the air from my penis, and then plopped back down on my shirt, on my jeans, on my briefs, and on my right hand, narrowly missing page 48 in JUGGS. My semen was everywhere. My ejaculation had been massive, and exhausting.

Then I relaxed back on the sofa, and I wiped things up with a tissue from a box on the end table. Larry thanked me, and asked me if I wanted a glass of wine. Larry told me that next time it would be his turn to 'Show and Tell'!



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