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Solo Girl

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The first time I orgasmed I must have been very young because I don't remember it. All I know is I've been masturbating since I was probably in my crib. I remember my mom coming into my room when I was diddling myself and saying something like, 'No, no honey, don't be doing that.' So I learned it was something people didn't talk about or do in public.

When I reached puberty and the lubrication started coming I was a little scared that I had hurt myself or something. At first there was very little, just enough to get me worried. I usually didn't notice it until after I was done orgasming.

I'm not sure how or when, but somehow around that time I realized that the feelings I had when I played with myself had something to do with sex, which was a big subject for me and my friends. I did some research at the library and figured it all out for myself. I realized that what I was doing was called masturbation, and that the big spasms of pleasure I gave myself were called orgasms.

My lubrication secretions from my vagina didn't scare me anymore. I had always loved to smell and taste my fingers while I was playing with myself, and the wonderful liquid that now oozed out of my vagina was a wonderful new addition. To this day I love the way a smell and taste.

I never had many dates in high school and so far I've only had sex once in college, which was totally uncomfortable and unsatisfying for me. Since then, when I'm feeling horny, which is most of the time, I just play with myself until I'm satisfied. My philosophy is whoever has the most orgasms, wins.

I usually start by pulling back the skin around my clitoris to expose the head. Then I touch it very gently and then lift my finger off it so I get this little sticky thrill that runs through my whole groin and up into my chest. I repeat that over and over again until I feel like I need more stimulation. Then I change the touches to light taps. I just tap rapidly on my clitoris, tap-tap-tap-tap, until the pleasure really starts spreading. Every once in a while, I'll pause to smell my finger.

Finally, I get some of the lubrication, with which by now my whole crotch is smeared, and I start diddling my clit rapidly. If my clit starts to get dry, I smell and lick my fingers, reach inside for more lubrication, and keep going until I have my orgasm.

I usually do all this in bed either on my back or on my side. Sometimes I like to get up and walk around while I'm playing with myself. I know that must sound strange but there's something about it that I just love. My most shattering orgasms ever have all been when I started in bed, got up and walked around, and then squatted down when I felt my orgasm coming and finished in that position. Halfway through my orgasm I sometimes let myself fall over on my side on the floor and finish that way.

One thing I know for sure is that I will never, ever, ever do it with another person. The way I spaz out when I orgasm is just too intimate and embarrassing.



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