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Soft and Furry

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I'd originally written this story in mid-July, but was a little reluctant to post it. I showed it to my sister, and she edited it a little, so it reads better. We want to share our tale with the rest of you! We hope you enjoy it!


I was really quite horny when I finally arrived home from College on this particular hot, humid July afternoon. It was a Friday, and for an 18-year-old second-year student supposedly mature, I had no idea quite why my penis had been hard on and off throughout the afternoon. It was the last day of College for me; I'd sat my exams, handed in my coursework, and basically received my locker and book deposits before chatting to a careers advisor for an hour later in the day. She was about thirty, petite but shapely, quite attractive. I think that's where it all started.

Anyway, like I say, when I got home I was really quite turned-on. I wasn't expecting anyone home for a while except my twin sister, Jessie, who'd walked rather than caught the College bus, and wouldn't arrive for another ten or so minutes. I ran to my room and tore off my shirt, and leaped onto my bed. Increasingly randy, I instinctively, bizarrely too, reached for a soft faux fur cushion on my sofa, plumped it up on my bed, pulled my shorts and boxers to my ankles, and began to hump it as I'd done a few years before as my

first ever orgasm. Back then, I couldn't cum.

After a few seconds of enjoying delicate tickling and hard thrusting, I decided I wanted an orgasm really badly, but also agreed with myself that I wasn't going to ruin the cushion. I knelt forward raising a leg at a time, pulling off my last garments, and turned ready to head to my drawers for a condom. Jessie was stood in the doorway, blushing, a hand suspiciously in her pocket.

'Whoah, Tom! Ummm...you're nicely toned...are you horny...yes you're...oh...' she stammered, trying to hide her embarrassment but in a way that she hoped wouldn't hurt me. I glowed what felt a very deep shade of beetroot. 'Oh...you've been using the furry cushions?!' she asked, sounding shocked. I tried to invent an excuse or other but she just blushed, giggled, and sat on the bed next to me. I tried my hardest to hide my blokey bits within my hands. She'd seen me erect, but I could lessen the awkwardness hiding it now.

'Oh Tom! I'm not shocked or disgusted or...hey, what's it like?!' she asked, smiling. I told her it was a little tingly, very massaging, really sensual. I thought she was about to leave as she suddenly sat up, bothered. I tried to apologise, fearing I'd really scared her, but noticed she was actually pulling her black short-sleeved top off, leaving a pink cotton bra and her ample cleavage (she's a 32c, she then told me). She then slid her skirt off, and grinned widely at me.

'Oh...umm...what're you d-d-doin?' I tried to ask, a thousand moral questions raising themselves in my mind. 'Are you horny?' she asked sheepishly. I got bold. I removed my hands from my crotch region, and immediately my penis sprung to full attention. 'YES!' I shouted, maybe a little too confidently! 'Awesome...good...yeh, that's...oh look, I'm so hot too, you're naked, I'm not, help me...undo my bra straps!' she ordered, before shying away blushing again. I unclipped her bra slightly clumsily, and as it slid down her arms, her breasts

burst out. I'd never seen breasts 'in the flesh' before. I felt even harder. And from my own sister. I felt odd, but hot!

The next thing I know, she's stood before me naked, having tossed her knickers over to my windowsill. She's drawn the curtains, and told me 'I'm not going to break any laws, it's too weird, and I know we don't want sex...for so many reasons...' she suddenly said to me. Jeez, I really was blushing at this point! 'But seriously, Tom, lay on your back and hold the cushion to your crotch! This will be fun!' she giggled. Droplets of moisture slowly running down her thighs told me she was aroused; that, and the sight of a smooth, pink pussy...well, I was overwhelmed. I guessed she wanted to masturbate to me humping a cushion from below; I was so hot and needed to cum, so I did what she asked.

Unexpectedly, she then leant forward and knelt either side of me. Her breasts were inches from my face. Riddled with guilt for these unnatural desires, I fought with myself, maintaining that I really didn't want to suck those gorgeous, exquisite breasts...I wasn't winning the battle with my conscience! Meanwhile, she lowered that puffy pussy of hers onto the cushion, giggling as the fake fur tickled her wet lips. She was now laying on me, her face touching mine. We kissed jokingly, but it felt so good. Really good...

Ten minutes later, we parted our lips, breathing heavily, panting almost!! We'd been snogging, no, french kissing, and we were twins! It was so wrong, but it sure didn't feel it! For a short while we lay there with her on top, just giggling about it, how we were naked and snogging with just a cushion between us.

'Talking about this cushion!' she beamed. She reached a hand under the cushion, between it and my skin, searching for something... She found my penis, which was as hard as before our snogs, if not harder still! 'Good!' she giggled. She began to slide back and forth, into and out of me, kind of like sex I guess. It felt incredibly good; the combination of the erotic feelings the cushion gave, the sexual movements we both made in rhythmic unison, and of course the fact that an attractive girl who just happened to be my sister was laying above me, naked, intent on climaxing!

As we moved for longer, our pace quickened. Her breasts pressed softly into my chest. Our lips met, and once more our tongues battled one another. We continued going 'at it', gradually humping the cushion and thus each other more and more forcefully. I was the first to 'blink', I had an earth-shattering, super-intense orgasm that sent wave after wave of pleasure through my body. I oozed stream after stream of warm, gooey cum onto my chest, belly, and into the cushion. I'd never actually used that condom! Jessie seemed yet more turned on

seeing me cum, and two or three minutes later she orgasmed herself!

* * * * *

It's been eight days now since our first mutual orgasm, and what a memory! To briefly end my tale of our encounter, after Jessie had come, we relaxed for a few minutes before we heard our parents returning home; Jessie had to dash from my room to her own just in case, and so the encounter reached an end. I binned the cushion, telling slightly-suspicious mum 'it was dusty, and a bit too childish for me now'. Thankfully, she agreed!

On Wednesday, Jessie and I found ourselves home alone again, quite bored. The summer heat had left us for a day, and it was miserable, grey, rainy. We decided to try something else, more sexy, more exciting, yet not spontaneous. If enough of you have enjoyed our tale, and let us know with your comments here on the fantastic Solo Touch website, we'll contribute the next 'section' of the story. I'd add it now, but it's dinnertime, and I've typed enough for tonight!

Thanks for reading this far, folks! We hope it's helped you all reach good orgasms yourselves; or even just opened your eyes to the seedier goings-on amongst 'Today's youth' hehe!

Love Tom (and Jessie!!!) xxxxx



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