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SO much good jerking

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I love jerking my cock. There's nothing better in the world. I've learned so much about my body & my cock in the last few months. I jerk off as much as I can. It's the best thing a guy can do. Now I learned how to make it last for hours. I even love saying it. Jerking off, jacking off, masturbating. It's the best! I going to do it right after I right this. I hope you enjoy reading about how I jerk off my big hard cock.


I have a few minutes alone at home so I'm writing more about myself.

I've been jerking off quite a bit lately. At least 4 times a day & one day last week I spent 4 hours solid at my uncles house jerking off in his porn man cave when he was away.

I tried a few different things. I tried again to see how long I could keep my boner & jerk off for without cumming. I managed 3 solid hours! My cock was so tender just like last time so I could barley touch it. I did that edging thing & made sure not to cum but I came close quite a few times. For the last half hour I could only give my cock about 2 or 3 slow light strokes with my first finger & thumb. Then I had to let go of it & not touch it for about 30 seconds. My cock was purple & I watched it pulse a little bit to the beat of my heart. I never noticed that happen before but usually I'm not just looking at my cock when it's so hard & after so long of jerking off. For the last few minutes I could only go 1 time up & down then stop. What happened next felt better than anything I ever did before. You know that cum feeling that you get just when you know you are going to cum? It started just like it did for the last hour but when I stopped doing the light 2 finger jerking it never went away. It was like my cock was locked in the close to cum position. I looked down at my cock all shiny from the Vaseline & it was pulsating like a heart beat. It was like the beat of my heart was enough to keep my cock feeling like it was being jerked & that cum feeling was right there but it never went away. I kept squeezing my cock muscles trying to keep that feeling & not to cum & it worked for quite a long time. I would say I kept it for about a whole minute before I had to give my cock 2 or 3 tiny light stokes then it started all over again. My balls looked like they were almost gone. I shaved off all my hair a while back for a better feel. Both balls were not hanging down. My bag looked almost gone & my balls looked like they were attached to the bottom of my cock at the sides. Finally the cum feeling got more than I could handle even though it was so good. I used one finger & thumb & made myself cum. Just like last time the cum was like the best ever feeling in the world. I was covered in cum & my body pumped real hard. After all the cum came out I kept on trying to pump out more & more & I was so happy my uncle was not home because I was so loud grunting & yelling.

Then what I now call aftershocks started. I have these aftershocks if I've been jerking for a long time. After I cum my body goes through weird shocks but they feel great. It's almost like my body wants to keep cumming so bad that it keeps pumping but there's no cum left to squirt out. I have no energy at all & I just lay there or sit or whatever position I'm in after cumming. Then my whole body tightens up & heaves like I'm cumming or like I'm throwing up. What's weird is every muscle in my body tightens up few a few seconds like a hard shiver then stops a few seconds. This time it kept going for I'd say at least 3 solid minutes. Once my body calmed down I was so sleepy & calm. I think everybody should try it. I almost fell asleep but not quite. I laid there thinking about how lucky I am to have a so great uncle that lets me use his jerking porn man room.

I laid thinking for a while then I noticed for the first time ever that my cock never went totally soft. I stood up & saw it was not rock hard but stayed hard enough that it was sticking out almost straight but not pointing a bit upward like if I'm real hard. Then I had an idea. I tried to jerk off again right away before I went soft. The porn movie was still going so I sat down & scooped some more Vaseline for my cock. I coated my cock & started jerking off again. My cock felt a bit numb at first but then after not long at all it felt sick! It was so good & I wanted to cum again. I turned the movie back to my favorite part where two nice hot chicks are licking each others clits at the same time & they both cum together. The bottom chick actually squirts juice out her pussy while the other girls licks her & she drinks some up. I always cum hard when I see that part. I went back & forth over that part a few times then my cock was ready to cum again. I tried to edge but it was not use. I felt the cum start & I knew I could not hold it back so I jerked nice long strokes & enjoyed the cum. This cum was more intense than the last which is hard to beat. It came on tons faster though but it felt better. I came hard again & then there was those aftershocks but they never lasted so long like last time. This time after I came my balls felt sore but in a good way. I thought to myself that I could never feel better than I did right then.

I decided I was not going to stop even though I didn't feel like sex any more but I wanted that cum feeling so bad. I waited for quite a long time. I showered & I'd say maybe 20 minutes later I made myself feel like sex again. It took just a bit of watching the girls before I was back in the mood. My cock was so tender but got rock hard fast. I was able to jerk off for almost a half hour & the cum feeling never came too fast but the jerking felt good all the way through. When I did cum it was like a train. This time the cum feeling was so huge that I wondered how it could be better. I edged once then I let the feeling go away then decided to jerk right through without stopping. I jerked off slowly but with full strokes. I don't have much cock skin at all & there is one thing that I sometimes do to make the cum more intense. I hold my cock at the bottom & pushed against my body. When I do that my cock skin pulls so tight that there is none left at all. My cock is one long hard shaft then a head with no loose skin. I stroked over the bare shaft & then came hard. What a cum it was. I kept the skin as tight as I could. Even though my cock was so sensitive I kept giving it long strokes right until I was done cumming. Usually I don't move past just under the head when I'm cumming because it's way too sensitive. Stroking over my bare shaft & over the head was almost like torture but I made myself to it.

After a long time laying soaked with sweat & cum I got up & cleaned up. My cock felt like it was at the beginning of cumming all night long! I never felt that feeling before. I can't tell you how good it was. Every guy should try it. It's lots of work but so worth it.

That's all I wanted to tell you today. I have a few more things to update you with but I know somebody will be home soon so I better get off the computer.



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