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So Many Firsts

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This was probably the weirdest thing that had happened to me in my young life. I was thirteen when this happened. I looked up jerking off on the net after the experience and immediately discovered the correct term of masturbation. I also discovered this site.

It was Saturday afternoon and I went over to my girlfriend Marnie's house just to hang out and play video games and eat pizza. About an hour after I got there Marnie's boyfriend Mark rings the doorbell. I forgot to tell you that Marnie's mom and dad work usually on Saturday until five. Anyway, the three of us talked for awhile and then Marnie and Mark went into Marnie's bedroom. I figured they were going to make out. I played with her computer.

Several minutes later they came into the family room. I remember thinking that was a real short make out session. Marnie motions for me to come into the kitchen with her. She then tells me she would really like to watch someone jerk off her boyfriend. I thought she was kidding and I said yea, right. Marnie said she was serious. Mark is a real good looking guy so no problem there. I said OK, I'll do it if that's what you want. Marnie said great.

We went to Marnie's bedroom and Mark took off his pants and shorts. He already had a hard-on. I never saw an erect penis before. I put a couple of drops of a lotion that Marnie had in my palm and I began stroking his penis. I had never even touched a boys penis before but I was part of enough discussions with girls to know how to jerk someone off. I have to tell you that I was never so aroused in my short life as I squeezed and pumped his penis.

At one point I looked over at Marnie and she had a hand up her skirt and was rubbing her pussy as she watched. She looked like she was in a trance. Mark just lay on the bed with his eyes closed. I would rub and then stop for awhile and then start rubbing again. Girls said that doing that drove guys crazy. Finally Mark got real excited and told me not to stop. I didn't and immediately glops of cum started shooting out of his penis. I never saw this before. Marnie took some of the stuff off of my hand and put it into her mouth. I was ready to gag.

Marnie got some paper towels and cleaned everything up. I just couldn't believe what I had done. I had actually made a boy cum. I told Marnie I was going home. She just said OK and I left. I couldn't wait to get to my house I was that aroused.

Once inside I immediately went to my room and got on my bed. I pulled down my jeans and panties and started rubbing the inside of my pussy. It didn't take long for me to find my clit. The feeling was incredible. I started rubbing faster. Just then my door opens and mom sticks her head in to obviously say something to me. There I was with my knees in the air and my legs wide open with my hand between them. Mom stared for a couple of seconds and then quickly pulled her head out of the doorway and closed the door. I didn't care at that point. I kept rubbing until I experienced my very first orgasm.

My mom never said a word about seeing me and what I was doing. Guess what! Shortly after that experience at Marnie's Mark and Marnie broke up. I still can't understand why Marnie would want to watch someone masturbate her own boyfriend. I probably should just ask her but that's kind of embarrassing now.



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