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You just never know what may come up!!


I needed a change so I packed up and moved to a new town where I did not know anyone. Kyle and his mother had just moved to the town also. His mother had just divorced Kyle's abusive alcoholic father and they were also looking for a fresh start. Money was very tight for them, so Kyle took a job at the place I worked to help out with their bills and things. He started hanging around me a lot, I guess he just needed an older guy in his life since his father was no longer in the picture. We became friends and eventually he invited me over for dinner to meet his mom. I thought he was trying to fix us up. Since I am gay, that did not interest me but I went anyway and ended up having a good time. I got to know them both well and often shared meals with them. Oh, and as for Kyle trying to hook his mom and I up, well I was way off base as you will see.

One day Kyle's mom called and asked me to come over for a small party for Kyle's eighteenth birthday. I gladly accepted but had no idea what to get this kid for a gift. After thinking for a couple of days I decided the perfect gift for him would be a day of skiing. I knew Kyle loved to ski and that he had not been able to recently because money was so tight. I called his mother and asked what she thought of that as a gift, she thought it was a fantastic idea! So I got a nice funny card and made a 'coupon' on my computer for one full day of skiing with me which I tucked inside the card. The day of the party I arrived and found that it was only the three of us and the one friend Kyle had made at school! But Kyle seemed happy with the wonderful meal his mom had made and the beautiful cake she had baked and decorated. Finally it was time for Kyle to open his presents. I must admit he looked a little disappointed when I handed him just an envelope. He opened it and his face just lit up when he saw what I had given him! We made plans to go the very next Saturday.

Even though a snowstorm was predicted, we decided to go anyway. The skiing was wonderful and where we were the snow was only lightly falling. After a long day of skiing we hit the road for the trip home. Soon we ran smack dab into the middle of the snowstorms. After seeing three bad accidents and almost ending up in the ditch ourselves we decided to stop and get a motel room for the night. Because of the weather, they only had one room left, and it only had one queen sized bed in it! I took it and figured we would make do.

We were both soaking wet and shivering cold by the time we reached the room. Since it was to be a one day trip, neither of us had brought along clothes to change into. With no other choice we decided to strip out of our clothes and crawl under the blankets together, NAKED! Kyle was a fine looking boy, 5'9' tall with mid-western golden blonde hair and blue eyes. I had seen him in shorts and a tank before and could tell by his leg and arm pit hair that he would have a nice thick bush. The thought of seeing him naked and being in bed with him naked was making my dick hard. We both started stripping off our clothes, I was surprised that he was not shy at all. I quickly got out of my clothes and slid under the covers hoping he would not see my hardening penis. He was down to his wet boxers which framed his young dick. I could see he was hung! He pulled them off displaying one of the finest pieces of boy meat I had ever seen. Even limp, his dick was about five inches long resting against his low hanging hairy ball sack and surrounded by a nice thick blonde bush! He casually walked round to the other side of the bed and climbed in next to me. I was very hard now and knew that I could not jack off, I was almost in pain.

We laid there watching TV trying to warm up. Kyle was still shivering when he asked if he could move closer to me so we could share our body heat. I said OK and he rolled over on his side and put his arm across my chest. I could feel his armpit hair brushing against my nipple. I was becoming more aroused but still did nothing. Next he moved his lower body in closer and I could feel something rubbing against my leg. I knew what it was, his now hard dick! I just turned and looked him in the eyes. Once our eyes met I could feel an instant bond and knew what was about to happen! He just let his hand slide down my torso and began petting my pubic hair and very hard penis. Still looking into his eyes, I placed my hand on his hard dick and started gently stroking it. He said 'I was hoping this would happen one day' and I agreed!

He threw back the blanket exposing both of our naked bodies. We really started going down on each other's hardons. First we went at each other with light slow strokes but gradually increased our speed as the pleasure increased. I was in heaven feeling his hand on my shaft while stroking his and staring at it. His dick was very hard and about seven plus inches, poking up over his pubic hair at the perfect angle. He began gyrating his hips, I could tell he was very close. We both began spasming as we reached our orgasm at the exact same time. His first blast hit him in the face and his second hit me in the face. Mine shot but not as far as his and he scooped it up off my stomach and put it in his mouth! We were both sweating now and did not need the blankets to keep us warm anymore.

'You suprised?' Kyle asked

'Yes, I never would have guessed.' was all I could manage to say.

He smiled saying 'I always thought you were gay but did not know how to tell you I was too! Plus I am legal now so you have nothing to worry about!'

Then I leaned over and kissed him. We began making out like two mad men. I reached over and took his limp dick in my hand. I worked it back into a full erection as he did mine too. We kissed and stroked each other for almost an hour until we both exploded again! He was a wild man and would not stop! He rolled over on top of me and began grinding his young lean naked body against mine. I could not believe it, we were getting hard again! This time he just kept humping his hard penis against mine while we made out. Soon we were squirting our third load of the night together! After this, we cuddled together and shared all of our feelings about each other and about other guys we had been with. I was suprised at how experienced he was for one so young. We started kissing again! Now exhausted, we drifted off to sleep holding each other tight.

We went at it two more times the next morning. Satisified, we showered and got back on the road home. Our relationship continued for the next eight months until he went off to college. We still saw each other during his breaks and would always find time for a little man sex. Kyle will always be special to me.



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