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Sniffing My Sister

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Me and my sister are pretty cool but we'd never be caught sharing pleasures like many of the stories on this site. But ever since I was little I've been fascinated by her and her changing body.

She's a little over a year and a half older than me and has pretty long hair and just a little bit of meat on the bones and a total stunner. I know all the guys were into her huge breasts but I've always been more into her strong pussy. I love stealing her dirty panties and sniffing them to no end. I jerk off imagining seeing her completely naked and smelling her raw pussy juices.

One night, I actually got daring enough to do it. The whole house was asleep and I woke up at about 3 AM hard as a rock and wide awake, needing to get off.

I snuck into her room, originally just intending to steal from the hamper but then I saw her positioning on the bed. The blanket had wrapped around just one half of her body and I could see she was wearing only panties and a t shirt. I tiptoed over and started moving the blanket slightly to get better access.

I started sniffing and it was so strong and wonderful! There was a slight wet spot almost in the center so I lightly licked it and she moved just slightly. It turned out to be pee and didn't taste as I hoped but it was still a huge turn on and I nearly collapsed on her right there.

I managed to keep my balance but as soon as I touched my cock on the bed, I shot cum all over her leg. I didn't care about the mess right away as my cock seemed to get even harder seeing her like that.

I then got curious about her breasts and pulled the tail of her shirt up to catch a glimpse but she started to roll over. That ruined my plan so I turned to her backside and started checking out her butt which was right on the edge of the bed now. I rubbed my dick along the soft material and it felt great and hot seeing my hot cum all over her great ass. I finished off right there and shot all over her bed. Suddenly her arm smacked right onto a glob of cum as she was rolling in her sleep.

The wetness woke her up as her hands started to rub over the cum and she opened her eyes. I hoped she would go back to sleep but she looked over at me and smacked me really hard, calling me gross. I could've cried from the embarrassment and pain but she started yelling about how she already never had clean panties cuz I steal so many and cum all over them.

While it was scary, it was a hundred times more hot than anything and I was once again hard. She got a devilish look on her and pinned my arms back and rubbed her panties right on my nose as she straddled me. She could tell it was killing me and just laughed at me and told me my penis was cute and small. She reached back to flick it and I was about to scream cuz I needed to get off so bad.

She rubbed herself under her panties and I could smell her wetness. She rubbed the juices under my nose and it was just too much. I overpowered her and tried to finish up but she'd just tackle me to get me to stop. We rolled around and wrestled and eventually I got it between her legs enough to finish up by humping her. I collapsed on top of her, using her soft boobs as a pillow. She placed my hand on top of them, encouraging me to play with her nipples. I did so and she rubbed herself off.

We were both exhausted but we cleaned off very quickly and went to my room to sleep. Our mom leaves very early and doesn't usually check on us so we were good to sleep in. We don't do it regularly but it's always awesome.



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