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Sneaky in High School

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Some more of my experiences.


This story is about my masturbation experiences while I was in high school, continuing on from my last experiences.

I was still with Chloe at this point in time, and we'd been together for about a year and a half. In that time we'd spent a lot of time mutually masturbating together. Either by masturbating ourselves in front of each other, or masturbating each other. In the whole time we were together we never had sex, and just satisfied our urges with our masturbation. I loved every moment we had together.

On this particular day, we were at school during summer. At the high school we went to, we had to wear uniforms, and the summer uniform for both the guys and girls left very little to the imagination. For the guys it was an almost transparent white shirt and very short/tight grey shorts. For the girls it was a one-piece dress that was also slightly transparent, much to the delight of many guys around the school.

I happened to share a History class with Chloe at the time, and like many other couples in school, we'd sit together up the back of the class and spend most of the time passing notes to one another, or touching hands/skin under the desk. Harmless flirting stuff.

On this particular occasion, I hadn't had a chance to masturbate for a couple of days, and sitting next to my gorgeous girlfriend in her revealing clothing wasn't helping my condition. There were only about 8 people in the class, so we were pretty much on our own up the back of the class. We held hands under the table as the teacher droned on about whatever the subject was at that time and like any randy 16-year-old teenager, I got an erection that just wouldn't go away.

Fair to say that Chloe noticed, given how tight and revealing our school shorts were at the time. She nudged me with her elbow to get my attention and looked into my eyes, glanced down at my revealing bulge and then looked back up while smiling at me. She winked at me and then went straight back to watching and listening to the teacher. I thought she was just flirting by mocking my condition, but she had plans that she began to put in motion.

As I was listening to the teacher and writing notes, I felt her let go of my other hand and snake her way up my leg to my crotch. As she touched my erection through my shorts, I let out a sharp gasp that I'm sure somebody would've heard, but nobody gave any notice.

She kept her eyes on the teacher as she slowly started to stroke me through my shorts, just lightly running her fingers up and down the shaft. I had my eyes down on my notes as I'm sure my facial expression would've given away what was going on.

She eventually snaked her fingers along to the head of my erection and gave it a squeeze. I was this close to cumming in my shorts at that stage and had to be really careful not to make a noise. She curled her hand around my bulge as well as she could and began to rub the material up and down as though she was giving me a proper handjob. After only about a minute of that, I put my hand on hers to stop her as I was about to cum, and just held her hand back under the desk.

As I tried to get my erection to go down, I looked at her and she smiled at me, giving my hand a squeeze. I winked at her and put my hand up to ask the teacher if I could go and use the toilet. With his permission and with my erection now gone, I snuck out of the class and quickly went to a toilet stall.

Since the school was cheap, we had to use the toilets to change into and out of our sports uniforms, so when I went in there, there was another class packed in there getting changed. I walked past all the half-naked bodies into the last toilet stall and locked the door. I quickly pulled down my shorts and my boxers, noticing that I'd left a wet patch where my pre-cum had soaked through. I sat down on the seat, spat in my hand and started stroking myself quickly, imagining that Chloe had snuck out with me and was giving me a handjob there.

As I was wanking myself, I could hear the other class talking about how they used the toilet stalls to relieve themselves, and some of them were joking about how others probably wished there was a toilet stall open so they could have a wank. Oh how little they knew about what was going on not a metre away.

After a couple of minutes of imagining a handjob from Chloe, I stood up, turned around and ejaculated into the bowl. Stroking myself slowly to make the moment last. After my orgasm finished, I cleaned myself up with some toilet paper, pulled my pants up and left to go back to class. I left my cum on the toilet seat and in the bowl so that maybe some of the kids from the other class that were changing might be inspired to follow suit.

I got back to class and sat down next to Chloe. She whispered to me 'Did you just go and do what I think you did?' I clasped her fingers in mine and just nodded and whispered 'Thanks, I owe you one.' She grinned and we just held hands until the end of class.

Looking back, she was probably really horny from that experience all day, and since she could never use the school toilets to quickly rub one off like I did (she found the environment too gross to get in the proper mood) she probably went all day just dying for an orgasm. But luckily I made it up to her that following weekend.



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