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Small Circles, Big Orgasm

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I would love to see some comments as to if anyone else has gotten off this way.


Although this happened a while ago, the story and technique are just as good today as they were then.

I had a good friend (Chris) when I was about 19 years old. One night Chris was going to spend the night at my house while my parents were out. Chris was always over, so he had a key to get in. I had gone to sleep about 2 hours before he got there.

Chris walked into the bedroom, but seeing I was in bed he was very considerate and quiet. He did turn on the TV at a low level and tried to watch it. The minute he did, my heart stopped, because I had forgotten to take one of my porn DVDs out of the DVD player. It was still on, and Chris popped out the disc to see what it was. The disc was one of my all male ones and actually it was pretty hot. Chris put it back in and hit play.

The scene was one I had been watching a couple of hours before and had jerked off to. It showed two younger guys getting it on with each other, kissing, feeling, stripping off their clothes and jerking each other off. It was one of the few tapes I've seen where each guy jerks the other off and keeps doing it until the other one cums while being jacked.

Chris seemed fully taken and I could see he was rubbing his cock through his shorts. While he was sitting on the chair I watched him take his cock out of his nylon shorts and start jerking off. Chris is a really good looking guy, six feet or so, tan, lean and has no problems with talking about or apparently jerking off in front of anyone. His cock is about six inches, which is the same as mine, also being clean and circumcised.

I wasn't going to do anything and intended to just let Chris finish, but the sight of him jerking off right in front of me was too much to handle. I pulled the sheets down quietly and felt my dick and balls in my boxers. I continued doing this until I was hard, and then started making slapping noises against my belly as I jerked my cock, hoping Chris would notice. Chris looked over at me, then back at the TV and said, 'Dude, where'd you get this thing? I'm not gay or anything, but this is freakin' hot. Dude, I'm sorry but I gotta bust a nut to this, hope you don't mind!'

With that Chris stopped jerking off and put some spit on his fingers. He started to rub the underside of his cock in small circles, near where the shaft meets the head and played with his balls at the same time. Once in a while he would give it a slight stroke. I said I thought he was going to bust a nut and he said that he still was. He told me a girlfriend did this to him once, (rubbing the underside of his dick) and he had an awesome orgasm. When he offered to show me I thought I had died and gone to Heaven.

I stripped out of my boxers, and Chris told me to play with my balls while he rubbed me off. Chris put some more spit on his fingers, and started to rub my cock in the small circles, just under the head on the underside, like he had done to himself. I could not believe how good the feeling was. He said the trick is to use lots of lube, and rub right near the 'V' close to the head in small circles. He kept this up for another couple of minutes and I couldn't hold back any longer. I clenched my ass, letting go an awesome cum shot. Chris finished me by grabbing my dick and jerking it off a couple of times, using my cum as lube on the shaft.

I told Chris I would like to try to get him off and do him the same way. He laid back and took off his shorts. I grabbed a bottle of baby oil that I keep in my bedroom and lubed up the 'V' at his head. I started to go in circles with my fingers and could feel him getting harder. I was also pulling on his balls while I rubbed him off. He must have been a lot closer to his orgasm than I had been, (probably because I had jerked off about three hours before that) and about a minute into it, his cum shot hit.

We got together a couple of times after that before we went off to college. While I guess you have to be in the right mood to rub off, it's definitely nice once in a while and makes a change.



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