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Sleepover Truth or Dare

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Back in middle school


I've been quite bicurious the last three years. Besides the following experiences, I've only had one mm experience. It happened while I was with a complete stranger, in a city I'll probably never visit again.

My fiance' has tons of experience on her bi side but I've not really hand the chance to embrace mine. Sometimes I go to an adult chat site and try to work up the courage to respond to ads and follow through but I always chicken out.

[My Story]

I had two friends that lived in my subdivision whose names were (protected) Mason and Tyler. Mason and I went to school together kindergarten and 7th-8th grade, otherwise we were in private school. Though we still hung out all the time With Tyler, he showed up 4th-12th grade.

Around seventh or eighth grade, I became very close with both. During our sleepovers, we would have little truth or dare games between the two of us. Truths were typically centered around what girls we liked and why. Dares started around making some weird noises, doing something stupid on a primaries webcam, or call/IMing a girl we liked.

Eventually dares would progress further. They would become sexual in nature. Show your balls, get naked and walk around the house, touch yourself until you get hard.

[My Story:Mason]

With Mason, it never got too serious. We would browse porn on my dial up (and eventually cable) internet for awhile then end up playing. I saw him naked, and even pre-bicurious, thought about him jerking off or naked in general.

[My Story:Tyler]

Tyler and I did all the same things but a bit more. One night at his parents house we got into our games and actually touched each others cocks. I had asked permission to touch his to see how it was different than mine. We sat on a small couch cross-legged facing each other reaching out and lightly tugging at the other guy. It only lasted a minute when he got up and went to the bathroom. I proceeded to use one of our pillows to jack off into.

Both Tyler's and my family had a pool. His parents were away from the house and frequently during sleepovers we'd sneak out into the pool. Again, we'd start getting randy with games such as tearing off a swim suit while jumping in, running around the pool fence naked, skinny dipping, or even both of us getting naked and daringly walk around their property. We would always end up getting separated and (at least myself) jerking off under the stars.

[My Story:Tyler's Brother]

Right near the end of Tyler and my 'sexual' relationship I walked in on his brother. He had just turned 17, we were 18. I was getting ready to go home after Tyler and I had an uneventful night. Tyler had gone to hop in the shower and I went to take a leak before excusing myself. I walked into the bathroom to find Tyler's brother, Cody, ass naked with his clothes at his feet, freaking out, but previously jerking off in the mirror. I was semi hard from browsing some porn just before closing up my laptop and tried to calm him down by pulling mine out, lightly pulling on it, and telling him it's ok and that everyone does it. He relaxed a bit while covering himself with a hand towel exclaiming 'what the fuck, don't you knock!?'.

I implored him it's nothing to be embarrassed about and that I needed to rub one out too. I continued to tease myself even though I was at full mast. He gave me a roll of the eyes and offhandedly remarked 'yea ok whatever'. We both started to let go a bit and enjoy it. I dropped my boxers and khaki shorts to the ground and soon after he eased up and dropped the towel he was ackwardly covering himself with.

Neither of us said a word, budged, or snuck too long a glance for what seemed like an hour. Then we heard the shower turn off upstairs. Cody said something to the effect of 'you better hurry up'. Within a minute we had both stepped up to the sink and busted a few strings in it. He asked if he could feel mine, to which I gladly accepted. Though he was tugging nicely, I grasped him briefly, then started to get dressed as Tyler would discover that I was curiously still there or even what we were doing together.


I never had another experience like any of those until my encounter at 21yo. Even though I wish I could.



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