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Sleeping With My Mum

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I didn't know this was wrong at the time but now I do. Sorry mum!


My story goes back to when I was just eight or nine years old. Dad worked away a lot and I was an only child. When dad told us (mum and I) that he was going away for a few days, it always excited me, because mum and I would use the time to do girly things together. Things like watch movies, go out for food, go shopping and things like that.(dad was very old fashioned, and so mum and I never got the chance to do all those things normally.)

So, this one time, dad said he would be away for about 3 nights, well, this was music to my ears cause I knew mum and I would have a great time together. By the time I got home from school, he was gone, and mum greeted me with a big hug and asked me what we should do that night.

We ended up at the movies then on to a burger bar. We had a wonderful night. When we got home we had some hot chocolate and then went up to bed. Seen as though it wasn't too late, I asked mum if I could lie with her, in her bed for a while. She said of course I could, so we both washed and changed into our night clothes and got in bed, and started watching TV (I had my PJ's on and mum had a nighty on)I soon got really comfy cuddled up to mum. After about an hour, I was really tired, but never told mum, cause I hated going back to my room. I loved mum and dads bed, so big, warm and comfortable, but, nevertheless, I still dozed off to sleep.

When I woke up, the room was really dark, TV was off and mum appeared to be asleep. She must have seen Il had fallen asleep and let me spend the night in her bed. This was new for me, l'd never spent the night in there bed before, so I was very happy.

So, there I was, in mum's bed I was so happy, I cuddled up to her to get into a position to go to sleep. But as my hand went to hold her, because it was dark, I touched her private parts (she must have been facing me exposing her bits !!! Well, you can imagine the shock. But then, shock turned into excitment. I never remembered seeing mum naked and although I couldn't see her, I could touch her. I took a deep breath and reached out my hand, very slowly. When my hand made contact with her, she was so soft and smooth, and so I just felt her all over, it was wonderful, I didn't really know that what I was doing was naughty. Every so often, mum would move slightly and moan but l could tell it was just in her sleep. After what felt like hours, I fell asleep too.

The following night was much the same, we ended up watching TV together in her bed. I asked mum if I could stay in her room again, she smiled and said yes. This time, mum fell asleep first (I must have been to excited) I slowly got out of bed, so as not to wake her, turned off the TV and the light. I got back in bed and cuddled up to mum, but she had fallen asleep with her back to me, so I just stroked her bottom, again she moaned a little. After a while, she turned over to face me, but this time, her legs must have been wide open because I could feel her much easier, so I just carried on, in the same way, touching and caressing my mum (I know this sounds weird, but at the time, I was niave).

I did this for ages, maybe an hour when I realised that mum was a little wet (I thought she had peed herself, now I know different) but it made it easier to touch and massage her bits. She was so slippery and smooth. Although I was tired, I couldn't stop, it felt so nice. Then she started moaning more often, I thought she would wake up, but she didn't. She said 'oh yes, please Steve ummmm' (Steve was my dad's name)I was so freaked by this, that I stopped touching her, but the noise she made, had me believe that she was disappointed that I had stopped. So I touched her again.

She said 'ummmm' again, then begged me to go faster, which I did. (I can't believe it now, that I was masturbating my mum) All of a sudden, she grabbed my hand, and started yelling at me. I was so scared, she told me to go straight to my room and stay there.

I ran to my room and cried, so scared of what she would say to me the next day. When I woke the next day, I was so scared to go down to breakfast, but I needn't have been, when I did, mum had a big smile for me and gave me a hug. She said she was sorry for last night and that only dad was allowed to touch her in that way. She said that she thought it was him, and when she realised it was me, she freaked !!!

I was never allowed to stay in her bed again when dad worked away. Mum never talked to me about masturbation either, she just let me find out about it by myself (when I have time, I'll post my first memories of masturbation)

Now I'm 31, and have a daughter of my own, I realise now what I did was so wrong. She must have felt so bad, having her little girl touching her like that. God only knows how I'd feel, if my girl touched me like that. She sometimes sleeps in our bed, but on those nights, I never sleep very well, worried about the same happening to me.

Sorry mum, but I didn't know at the time, but now I do!

I'll post again soon, with my first time memories, until then bye bye

I love reading your stories on this site!!!

Love Debbie X



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