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Sleep over Surprise

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My cousin Tyler would visit during the summer from out of state. Whenever he would come, we always slept in the same bed. Around the time we were both 17 and constantly horny, he came to visit and things changed forever.

The day went by as usual with family chit chat and us playing music and video games just hanging out. That night however, when it was time to go to bed, he brought up a new idea.

'I've gotten into the habit of sleeping nude. It's so comfortable! You should try it.' I was really nervous and at first a bit put off. He was already shirtless and about to remove his boxers before I even decided if I was ok with it. I came to find I was not only ok with it, I was very interested to see where this would go. I started to remove my shirt and when I tossed it in the floor, he was standing in front of me, completely naked from head to toe.

I have never seen a human penis as large as his. It was flaccid but was well over six inches in length and thick. Very thick. It was like he was dangling a hammer from his waist. He hopped on top of the bed (on top of the sheets) to watch TV (and to watch me undress as well). 'Come on it feels great' he said.

I decided WHY NOT and shed off my bottoms and there I was. I'm not as hung as my well endowed cousin but I'm pleased with my size. He looked straight at my dick and very casually said, 'Nice man.'

I lied on the bed next to him and it was the most relaxed i'd ever felt. I was naked, lying in bed with my naked cousin watching television as if nothing whatsoever was new or different. Eventually we both got under the sheets and began drifting off to sleep. Later on in the night, I felt something on my leg. It woke me up and when I looked under the sheet I was shocked to find out my cousin had 'accidentally' rolled over in his sleep and his massive cock had just flopped itself over my thigh. It was almost touching my penis.

I didn't know what to do at first...should I wake him up? roll him over? what do I do? then I just got the craziest idea and went for it. I slid my hand down my waist and slid my hand over his penis. He shuddered a bit and I knew that he liked it. He probably was never even asleep. I caressed it and popped it softly on my thigh a bit and when he got harder, and eventually became fully erect, I began jacking him off. Slow, smooth tugs on his fat rod made me so horny I had no choice but to jack myself off as well.

There I was, left hand stroking his cock, my right hand stroking mine. Before long he grunted and 5-6 steamy ropes piled over my tummy. that pushed me over the edge and I soon came as well. I stirred our cum up a bit on my chest and took a little taste...the combination was amazing.

I never slept so good until after that.

The next morning when we woke up he got out of bed first and when he stood up he stood in the sunlight, still nude, just talking to me as if nothing ever happened. his penis shined in the sun in all that thick, wonderful glory.

We hung out later on that summer here and there but never did that again. I miss it. Maybe I'll call him up sometime and try it again.



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