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Skinny Dipping

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This is the story of my first sexual encounter with another person. Like a handfull of others my first experiences were when I was young with another boy, my best friend at the time Matt. He lived in front of a wooded area and had a pond behind his house we would swim in a lot during the summer. I was friends with him all through grade school and we had since begun puberty and often talked about sex and girls we liked and so forth. I had discovered masturbation a few years before now in the shower. I was washing myself and got an erection and noticed how good it felt to rub myself but it started to tingle and I stopped. After I had gotten out I went to my room and played further. It got hard and tingled a lot and kinda felt like I was going to pee but started feeling really good so kept going and had what I know to be my first orgasm. I began masturbating every day and by now was noticeably ejaculating. I learned from friends at school what it was and of course had talks about it with Matt who also had been doing it for awhile. We were always open about stuff like that.

This particular day however we would become even closer. It all started when we were swimming in the pond. We had been in and out all day and it was now night and we decided to go back for one more swim. We would play around a lot and have water fights, and just swim around and talk. His parents were in bed already and no one else was around. He went on to tell me that he often skinny dips out here at night. I was taken by surprise and the idea sounded like a lot of fun. We talked more about it and I said I would like to try it sometime. He said we could do it now. I wasn't sure how to respond. I felt nervous but excited at the same time. I finally agreed if he wanted to that I would try it. He didn't hesitate and I saw him reach down and next thing I knew he had his swimming trunks balled up in his hands and threw them out on the grass. It was pretty dark but just knowing he was really naked gave me a feeling I wasn't used to. I knew I had to go through too and I reached down and pulled my trunks off as well. The cool water on my now naked parts was pretty invigorating. Unlike Matt though I kept my trunks in my hands in case his mom or someone happened to come along, I was pretty nervous feeling. We swam around and my nerves calmed before long. It was nice being naked out there in the summer night breeze, something I never felt before. That was until Matt got a hold of my trunks and threw them out to be a jerk. He thought it was funny but I was scared I would be caught now.

We floated and talked a bit and I said it felt funny being naked with him. We started talking about our penises and masturbating and I was shocked to learn he seen Kevins, another one of our friends. He said they showed each other just to compare and that was it. I was curious and began asking questions about his and he said he would show me if I would show him mine. This was a whole different game now, and I wasn't sure what to do. It felt really weird but I was really curious for some reason. I decided to go through and we agreed and both got out and sat on the grass. It was dark but the moon was out and I could make out quite a bit. We both looked each other over and talked about our sizes and hair and such. I was so nervous but doing stuff of this nature was all new to me, I had never seen anyone naked before and I couldn't stop myself from getting an erection.

He of course noticed and right away asked if I was hard. I said I think so. I new he would make fun but instead seemed quite interested. He asked if he could feel it and I asked if he was serious. He said he wanted to see if it felt like mine and I agreed if I could feel his. He agreed and I watched as his hand reached out and lightly grabbed me. No one had ever touched me before and it was heavenly. I reached and began playing with his. It felt like mine but so different too. I held his sack and started caressing his penis with my fingers. I couldn't see a whole lot but from what I felt he was no doubt growing. I knew he was hard like I was, and from that point neither of us spoke another word. I don't know why but neither of us would stop. I was waiting for him to stop but it felt good so I wasn't going to make an effort to stop. Our curious touches had turned into full on strokes, as innocent as I tried to convince myself this was, we were jerking each other off plain and simple. I remember thoughts running through my mind like is this normal and what will become of this, and are we really doing this. I was confused as to what was happening and why, but things just lead to another and we both just went with it for some reason. I knew I was gonna cum and was debating if I should say something or stop him, until next thing I new he made a gasping sound and I felt something hot and wet running down my hand. I was stunned, wow he really just came was all I could think. He kept pumping me and I just went along with it and not a minute later my orgasm came as well.

It was really intense and I couldn't think of anything to say. He finally said well that was fun or something like that and I laughed. Not a whole lot was said but we got our suits back on and went inside. We got to his room and started to talk a little about what happened. We both just kept saying things like that was crazy and why did we do that and stuff. We were both just trying to play it off like nothing, we didn't want to make it out as a big deal as much as we knew it was. As if that wasn't enough adventure for one night we decided to show each other our dicks again, this time in full lighting. Why not was all we could think at this point and we ended up jacking off again on his bed. It was a whole new friendship for us but it wouldn't last too long. Once we got into high school and got more into girls and new friends our jacking off days were history, and they were always just kept between us.



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