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Skinny Dipping

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It was the last day of secondary school so seven of us decided to celebrate. We met up at a local pub on the outskirts of town. After, we decided to walk along the river bank on our way home. As I said, it was the end of the summer term and it had been quite a hot summer too. Chris suggested that we go skinny dipping. This was nothing new to us because our school was an all boys school and trunks weren't allowed for swimming. So we ripped off our clothes and jumped in. It was getting quite late and so after about ten minutes of larking about, we decided it was time to get out. It was then that I realised that I had quite a hard on. So, once out of the water, I turned my back on the others and started to wank. It was nothing new to the group, we often had wanking competitions - who could get their cum highest up the urinal wall, who could come first... the usual.

'Hey, look what John's up to!' shouted Nigel.

'Well I have to get rid of this somehow,' I replied, pointing at my prick.

'I could do it for you...' It was Nigel. I didn't really believe what I was hearing. As I said we've all wanked together before but we'd never touched each other. That's not exactly true I suppose, when I was a bit younger, Brown had introduced me to masturbation while we were cleaning up in the communal bath after rugby. I'd suddenly felt a hand on my cock... a firm hand that took me all the way for the first time---while the other lads watched. I hadn't realised until I'd opened my eyes. It took about a year before I lived that down.

Anyway, Nigel came over and grabbed hold. I'm 6.5 long but not very thick---I got the shock of my life when Nigel's cock sprang to life in my hands and I couldn't close my fist around it because it was so thick. The feeling in my balls when he held me took me back to Brown in the bath---a feeling that I hadn't felt since. That started it - like magic suddenly the others started doing the same... Chris was the only one who hadn't got a partner so he came over to us and asked if he could join in. It was quite mindblowing. Me wanking Nigel watching him wank Chris and have Chris do it to me. I grabbed Chris's balls and he grabbed Nigels and '****!' Nigel grabbed me..... what a tangle. I'm stiff just thinking about it. The others came over to watch and we all ended up in a writhing heap on the river bank. A tangle of arms, legs, cocks and bums. We said we'd do it again---but we all went our separate ways. I still fantasize that I dare do something like it again... and have had hundreds of wanks re-living it all in my head.



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