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Size Does Matter

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My girlfriend and I love this site and both get turned on thinking about all you young guys jerking your cocks, whatever their size, but especially the big ones!


My girlfriend Gemma and I are sitting reading Solo Touch. I have a hardon, leaking precum like crazy....as usual! Every time I look at this site it gets me going and I gently squeeze my cock, edging and holding off my orgasm for ages while I try to read as many stories as possible until I finally wank. Once I start wanking properly I cum very quickly (between 20 seconds and a minute every time) and I cum massive loads (between seven and ten squirts) with the first squirt or two usually shooting out hard. Gemma reads the stories with me and rubs her tits and fingers her sopping pussy. She watches me jerk off then she makes herself cum with her fingers working hard on her swollen clit. We then remember the stories later when we mutually masturbate with each other and have another great orgasm.

We get turned on by a lot of stories but our favourites are the ones where teenage guys write about their adventures and talk about the size of their dicks. I have always been kind of obsessed with big dicks, since my school days when I would look around the changing rooms enviously at the other guys big hairy cocks. I was a late developer, only starting puberty at age 14. When I did grow, I grew pretty well and when I got together with Gemma two years ago I had reached my full size. My dick is five and three-quarter inches long and four and a half inches round. Below average for a full grown man but not really small. However, both Gemma and I are turned on by BIG dicks so we are always turned on by stories such as the ones linked above where teenage guys have bigger dicks than me. The guy who says at 15 he has seven and three quarter inches and still thought he would be smaller than his three friends needs to realise he is HUGE!

His friends were huge too with eight, seven and just under seven inches respectively, but they should all realise six to six and a quarter inches is supposed to be average even for fully grown men! The thought of those four massive boy cocks gave Gemma and I some fantastic wank sessions together! Tom and his friend Jim with their six inch dicks at age 14 and their cool story were a real turn on that got us both cumming hard and CB with his truly horny stories about his fun with Julia and David were the best ever! We have kept re-reading those stories and had some of our best mutuals thinking about them. CB seems to have a slight issue with his size. Not only does he say his dick is seven inches in one story and admit to six and a half in the second story before saying it is 'more like seven really', but he showed a jokey annoyance that his friend David had seven and a half inches. CB is VERY BIG at six and a half inches, especially for a 15-year-old, David is simply HUGE if he has seven and a half.

Guys like CB need to have the same attitude as me. Enjoy and be satisfied with what you have but appreciate and be happy for guys who are bigger. Gemma is satisfied by my dick and I am happy with it too but we are both impressed and excited by guys with bigger dicks. We have had some fun times with our friends Robbie and Gary who are teenage studs with lovely BIG cocks (Robbie six and a half inches long, five inches thick and Gary six and a half inches long, five and a half inches thick). They let Gemma and I wank their big dicks and shoot their hot loads. Thinking about our times with them and reading stories about other young studs turns us on enough to keep our mutual masturbation constantly satisfying. We don't even need to have full intercourse (I am a virgin, Gemma isn't) we are happy with our HOT masturbation fun. I am going to jerk off now before watching Gemma use a big dildo on herself pretending it belongs to CB! When we have both relaxed after our huge cums we will go to bed and have another fantastic mutual. All of you enjoy your cocks and anybody elses you can get the chance to see or touch. We do!



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