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Six Year Old Masturbators

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Six-Year-Old Masturbator
I will start---there are two things a boy/man remembers in specific detail all his life--the first is the first time he climaxed, and the second is the first time of ejaculation---the first with pleasure, and the second with usually a couple of days of terror--(something broke !!!)
I was six years old when we first moved to denver, and as we moved in i saw a little girl was living next door.---after couple of days i again saw her playing in her back yard, so i went over and asked her if i could play---(she was playing with a doll), so she said she would be the mommy, and i was to be the poppy---sounded reasonable to me, so a little while later she put dolly in bed for nap and turned to me and said it was now time for mommy to make poppy feel good.
Again that sounded good to me---then she asked my if i liked to jack off???--i told her i didn't know what she was talking about---to which she expressed surprise and told me she would show me, because i would like it.---she then led me to her front porch which had a brick parapet hiding us from the street---and told me to remove my pants, and since she started to do the same, i complied
She then took hold of my (pe pe i called it,) but she said no---it is called a prick !!!) She started to pump it, and i saw it was becoming larger than ever before---however when nothing happened i became bored and suggested we do something else --but she continued and started to assure me i would---and at that point my body gave a great jerk---followed by two or three more, and the most delightful feeling of paralysis came over me as i tried to catch my breath--
When i could talk again i asked her to do it again, at which she said ok, but there was another way to do it, upon which i experienced my first time being sucked off.----thus began my entrance into the delightful world of masturbation-- (four to five times a day for the next six years until i began to ejaculate)---
A month or so ago , drawing upon my memory, and factoring in the varying frequencies at different stages in my life, i computed that since that incept, my "prick" as she called it has reached orgasm 23,450 times, which i am sure is not a record, however it has been and is continuing to be, a delightful pastime---fucking---being sucked---jacking off---being jacked off---and the times during my youth when just thinking about it would bring on an orgasm ---as near as i can compute masturbation was the conveyance for about 15,000 of those happy occasions
I have often mused as to where and how that little girl in denver acquired so much adult knowledge---she had no brothers or sisters---and she did not seem to know any of the other kids in the neighborhood, and in that when she would suck on me she often cautioned me to not get an "icky" in her mouth--indicating that she had experience with an older male---possibly her father, with her mother as a trio ??? I suggest the mother because as i recall there was a large window looking out on the porch where we played, and the mother had to have seen us, and probably watched in amusement ????



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