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Sisters in Self-Love

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Sisters in Self-Love
I has been fifteen years since I felt a hard cock plunged into my pussy. Fifteen years since I felt his tongue explore my mouth in sensual kisses. Fifteen years of dedicated love and commitment to his care. He had given me the first 35 years of our marriage a life filled with passionate love making and excitement .Now it was my turn to give back to him the very breath of life. Tethered to his oxygen making machine he was helpless and I held his very life in my hands as I monitored the steady pulse of the machine. The fire had gone out from his lungs but it had not gone from his loins.
Masturbation was the salvation of his spirit. He could control the ebb and flow of his desires and even if I could not assist him to reach his climax. We had one thing left to us. We turned to mutual masturbation. Lying in our marriage bed, skin touching skin we shared our closeness but not the act of love. We watched young bodies make love on the screen as we each stroked our passion to fulfillment.
Our times of shared love grew less frequent until it ceased. He was too weak to even hold his now limp cock in his hands. I could not hold it for him as he could not respond. I too ceased to indulge with my self-loving as a gesture of sensitivity to his condition.
Three years ago I gave him the final permission to leave me to finally be pain free after this life of struggle for each breath had ended. It was over. I was alone and I turned to work to ease my grief so I found comfort in helping at a local hospital, I was a trained nurse and I was again needed. I was helping others and now I turned toward helping myself. I knew that I had found pleasure and release by turning to masturbation when we had masturbated together. Now I embraced solo masturbation. I could love myself in all the ways that brought me to the brink and over the top in glorious climax after climax. I was growing happier by the day as each time I reached my hand down to stroke my pussy I found new ways to excite myself.
Serendipity brought me to this web site on the internet extolling the virtues of SOLO masturbation and inviting women to share the stories of their experiences about their first orgasm by masturbation. I was astounded by their heartfelt outpouring of their pleasures in loving their self.
I was enthralled and read each story carefully and as I did so I realized that there is a vast army of women like myself that reach for the simple pleasures of life that are too often denied them either from demands of family duties or, worse yet, withholding of love where unfeeling men turn away from them leaving them unfulfilled.
I also read with gladness the stories of the young girls, not quite women but on the threshold of sexual maturity, who joyously told of how they had their first orgasm. I hasten to add that the SOLO site does not solicit their comments as many are under legal age but with the proper disclaimer their stories are faithfully printed. It is a forum for women and they should not be excluded.
As I write this I am filled with gladness because I have had my story told and I now belong to the sisterhood. I have found great joy in my masturbation and I will shout it from the rooftops given the chance. I am grateful to be able to do what comes so naturally without the guilt and the hiding.
Should fate smile on me and I find a life partner or even someone to hold me close and offer me that warm skin -on- skin touch that brings me to orgasm with his hard cock pressing into me I will cherish every moment but I will never, never give up the pleasures I have found with self-loving through masturbation.
Your sister in self-love, Louise



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