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Sister To Sister Part 3

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More hot fun from Samantha and Janey


Hi again everyone, Samantha and Janey here. We really appreciate all the comments that have been sent our way, and we are exited that you want to hear more. This time, we'll tell you about the time that I took my sister's virginity, at her request, with my dildo.

This was a few months after we had started our mutual masturbation. I had lost my virginity to a teenage boyfriend back when I was 16, while Janey was still a virgin. When we masturbated each other, Janey loved to slide her fingers deep into me, and use her fingers of her other hand to stroke my clitoris until I came wildly, soaking her fingers with my juices. Janey was still a virgin, and I could feel the bands of her maidenhead partially covering her opening. As I thought she might be saving her deflowering for a boyfriend, I would confine myself to stroking her outer pubic region and her clitoris.

I was about to turn 18 in a few days, and Janey told me she'd get me a great present. On my birthday, in the privacy of our room, she gave me her gift. It was a 7 inch, midnight blue dildo, shaped just like an erect penis! Since both our parents were at work for the next several hours, we had lots of time to put my new gift to good use! In just a few seconds, we had shed our clothes, and jumped on my bed. Janey insisted on giving me her undivided attention first, as I was the Birthday girl. She kissed me, our lips clung hungrily together. She worked her way down my body, kissing me all over! My pussy juiced up wildly as she worked her way down. She took the dildo, and positioned it against my opening. She slowly, slowly worked it into me. I grunted with pleasure as it stretched the walls of my pussy apart! She slid it in, until almost the entire 7 inches was in me!

She started to slide it in and out, her fingers coming into play with my clitoris! I was almost going crazy with pleasure, it was like nothing I'd ever felt before! She kept it up, fucking me with the dildo, and stroking at my throbbing clit, until I exploded! It almost felt like my head was going to fly off, I howled wildly with the pleasure that was exploding inside of me, and I could feel my inner pussy muscles spasming wildly, clamping tightly around the dildo as I came!

I spent several minutes recovering in my sister's arms, the orgasm had been a real gut wrencher! I told her to stretch out, I was gonna return her attentions with a passon!

Janey asked me 'Sam, could you do me a favor?'

I said, 'Sure, just name it!'

Janey continued, 'As you well know, I love to slide my fingers up inside you when we masturbate. Since I'd love for you to do the same to me, I would like to ask you to use your dildo to take my virginity. So, would you please deflower me right now? I want it done, and using your very same dildo, with all your sweet cream smeared on it, sounds really hot!'

Oh yes, it sounded really hot!

I replied, 'Janey, I would be honored. And, I will be very gentle when I break your cherry.'

I kissed her, our tongues slipping out to play with each other. I slid my dildo deep inside me, so it would be well lubed up with my cream! I continued to kiss her body on my way down, loving the taste of her skin. She was moaning, and I positioned myself. I pulled the dildo out and positioned the head of the dildo against her pussy lips.

I told her, 'Ok Janey, this is it. There might be some pain, I had a few twinges when I was deflowered. If it's too painful, say so and I'll stop. It should pass fairly quickly, and start to feel real good. Are you ready?'

Taking a deep breath, Janey replied, 'I'm ready!'

I started to push slowly, the dildo sliding in bit by bit. It reached her obstruction, and I started to push harder. Janey gritted her teeth, and suddenly, her hymen broke. She flinched and gasped a bit, but as I paused she urged me on.

'Don't stop now, I'm ok, keep going!' she whispered.

I pushed it in, until 6 inches were up inside her.

She moaned, 'Oh yes, that feels so good, fuck me Sam!'

I was happy to comply, as I started to slide the dildo in and out of her, giving my sister her first fuck. I started to stroke her twitching clit, and soon she stiffened up, her muscles twitching.

'Oh my God, I'm gonna cum, oh fuck, yes, yes YES!'

Her voice rose to a shriek as she came, her body shuddering in orgasm, shaking wildly like a leaf in a storm. I drew her into an embrace as she started to come down from her climax.

After a few minutes, she smiled at me.

'I've never cum that hard', she said, 'It felt like I was going to literally blow apart!'

I replied, 'Yeah, I felt like my head was gonna fly off when I came! I was honored, knowing that I was the one to deflower you. And, it's made me incredibly horny again!'

We wasted no time to get going again, and we pressed our nude bodies together, kissing each other passionately. We reached down, and our fingers started to stroke each other's hot, creamy centers wildly, until our cries of orgasm filled the room, as we both came explosively!

For Janey's sweet 16th birthday, I gave her a fire engine red, 7 inch dildo, and we both enjoyed christening her very own hot new toy!

We will write back again soon, and we'll tell you about how Solo Touch helped us discover another exciting way to play!



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