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Sister Surprise

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It was last spring this event took place and just recently stumbled across this site and just had to share this with someone.

My sister and I have always been fairly close growing up as far as siblings go but grew apart a bit once we both went our seperate ways after college. I took the computer wiz route and she went into teaching about 40 miles from me. For as long as I can remember she's had the same boyfriend and two years ago she moved in with him, with the plan of getting married within a year. And me?..well as a young decent looking guy making good money lets just say I played the field a bit more. Well last May we had a meet at the parents for my mothers birthday and I noticed Dennis wasn't with her but had the good taste not to bring it up unless she did. Well after a few drinks and things loosened up she pulled me aside when we were sitting on the deck and told me that she and Dennis had decided to go their seperate ways, I naturally being the good brother offered a lending ear as she spilled her guts. But then she told me that for the last two weeks she had been living in an extended stay hotel until she figured out what she was going to do.

I really felt for her at that moment because sis unlike me was always the most organised person I've ever known and this had to be hard on her.

So after hearing her story I got thinking to myself that I have this big house and live by myself so within a few minutes I offered one of the spare bedrooms to her once her summer vacation started so she didn't have to rush into anything finding a place to live. She thought about and soon decided it would be a good idea and decided around memorial day weekend would be a time to move because her school was out that week before.

That week finally arived and I borrowed a pickup and that Wednesday before the holiday she was settled in to her new surroundings.

I must admit right up until that day I had second thoughts about her moving in just thinking how things would change a single guys lifestyle with his sister living in the same house.

The first few days started out great and it was actually a lot of fun having her there, I think we were both very aware of the other and tried to give each other as much space as we could.

Memorial weekend was finally here and I told her that for probably five years a group of buddys would get together that weekend at the local lake for a camping weekend, drinking beer and playing golf and if she didn't mind I was going again this year and she could have the house to herself.

The friday night I left I even invited her to come out for a visit if she cared to but she declined saying she would probably go back to her town to look at places to live and looked forward to having some time to herself and maybe even break into her wine collection.

That weekend for the most part was a disaster weather wise especially for outdoor activities. Friday and Saturday wasn't too bad but about the time we finished golfing that afternoon it started raining and didn't stop all night and me sleeping in a tent it couldn't have been worse. By the time we got to our tents about two am my equipment was soaked. I layed there for maybe a half hour freezing my ass off and thought this is just stupid I only live 15 miles away from my nice dry warm bed so I got up, left everything sit and would come back in the morning if it clears up. So I get on my motorcycle in the pouring rain and make the 15 mile trek home to my warm bed.

Arriving home, needless to say, I'm soaked so once in the garage I start to get undressed but remember I now have a house guest. I leave on my pants but leave everything else in the garage, not wanting to wake or scare my sis this time of the morning. I quietly head to my room through the kitchen when I notice the two empty bottles of wine on the counter. I smile just a bit thinking gee sis musta been serious about getting into the wine. I then make my way toward my bedroom and notice her bedroom door open and the TV blaring in her room.

As I approach her door I'm wondering if I should go in and turn it off but think it might be awkward going into her room when she's asleep or more likely passed out so I think..well maybe I'll just shut the door to quiet the TV a bit so I can sleep. Well I approach her door and stand there totally in shock..she's laying on her bed..asleep, completely naked laying on her back hiding nothing! To make matters worse, her butts on a bath towel and a pink vibrator laying by her side. I've always thought my sister was attractive but never thought of her doing anything like this. She was simply gorgeous laying there in the dim TV light..her blonde hair covered her pillow, her perfectly rounded breasts stuck in the air exposing her large dark nipples and below was a fine racing stripe shaved out of what used to be pubic hair.

I stood there staring for probably a few seconds before ducking behind the doorway but couldn't help myself from taking another look, and then another. Within a minute my cock was as hard as it could be and couldn't resist pulling it out right there and giving it instant relief. After spraying the hallway floor with what seemed to be a gallon of cum I retreated to my room with another problem, now what do I do..if sis wakes up and sees I'm home she'll surely know I have seen her in this embarrassing situation and I didn't want that so I (believe it or not)quickly and quietly got into some dry clothes removed any evidence I was home and pushed my motorcycle back out to the street and went back to the campground. Thank god it had quit raining by then.

From that night on I always looked at my sister a little differently, still maybe a little embarrassed for her but as the next few weeks went on she had become more comfortable living there with me and could tell in the way she acted and dressed which suited me just fine.

About a month later on a friday night I was already home from work and sitting on the deck having a beer in a pair of gym shorts when she got home from another day in the city looking for an apartment and walks out on the deck and says..what a fucking day! I burst out laughing because this was the first time I'd ever heard my sister say a bad word in my life..she starts laughing and says I'm serious..I'm going in to shower and I'm getting into the wine and within 10 minutes she's back out with a bottle of wine in a ice bucket, a wine glass and another beer for me. I had kind of made plans for that friday night but soon went in and cancelled them because it was truely enjoyable sitting out on the deck grilling and drinking with my sister. She was totally different that night..for one thing she was wearing a pair of skimpy shorts and from the best I could tell nothing under them with a black teeshirt and clearly no bra.

As the night went on I could plainly tell sis was getting horny just from her actions and speech and we had a riot. Then it came up..SEX..what the hell..out of nowhere she asks..so..you gettin any lately !..I about choked on my beer! so I proceeded to tell her that there are a few women that rather enjoy my company so then I ask her....sooo..what about you? she lets out a little giggle and says..well not since I got rid of ole limp dick! We both literally had tears in our eyes from laughing and I blurt out..looks like someone needs a trip to the adult novelty store by the mall..and without hesitation she comes back with..oh been there done that..so by now I'm wanting to see how far this conversation goes I ask..oh..and how's that going...and an instant reply a hell of a lot better than ole limp dick ever was..again we laugh but now I'm getting in a situation between watching sis's nipples getting harder and her lil butt in those shorts and the sex chat we're having I'm as hard as a rock and gonna have to pee soon and only wearing a pair of gym shorts it might be pretty hard to hide if I get up. So pretending I know nothing about sex toys I then ask...so like..your sex toy you bought..is it like a vibrator or a dildo or what is it? Again quick to answer..well ones a vibrator..you've never seen one she asks, again I act stupid and say..well no, to which she replies..they're pretty cute..and stands up from the outdoor table and walks inside without saying another word..not sure where she's going or what she's doing I'm not caring right now cause this is my chance to run inside and pee quickly and come back out.

As I see her heading to her room I quickly pee and head back out to the deck and she follows me out and smiles and says...now ya have...there it was..the familiar pink vibrator I'd seen once before..sitting right on the table in front of me. opening another bottle of wine she says..so what do ya thing..to be honest I'm speechless..I think I mumbled out..so..better than the real thing!..laughing and sitting down again she picks it up and says..better than the one I had for eight yes at that moment she turns the knob on the end and it takes off, she says..feel it.

She hands it to me..by now I have to admit I'm feeling a bit awkward but totally aroused and judging from her nipples so is she..so I ask..sooo sis...how often do ya have to replace the batteries...she laughs and says...a lot..as I hand it back to her she gets this naughty look on her face and says..don't look at me like that..you probably do it more than I do to which I have no answer..and she says it again...don't lie to your big sis..so I confess and say..yea maybe by now she's holding it in one hand and beginning to stroke it with the other and I say...Jesus Christ sis..stop that!!..and laugh and she says...what's the matter...looks like it got to you..and looks at my now raging hardon packed in my shorts..now a bit embarrassed but horny as hell I say..well looks like it's getting to you toooo and look at her nipples sticking through her top..with that..it became quiet..and she leaned back in her chair and rested it between her legs just above her pussy..I'm totally speechless watching her make circles on her shorts and the circles getting bigger and closer to her pussy. Then with one more circle it stops resting right at the opening of her cunt and she rests it there and smiles at me. She slowly begins sliding it down between her legs and the smile disappears when she seriously looks at me and says..want to join me?..by now there's nothing in the world I could do..watching the vibrator sliding between her legs as they begin to open wider with ever motion and now being able to see glimpses of her pussy and confirming she's not wearing panties my cock is now out of control. So I place my hand on it and begin to rub it through my shorts as well. This went on for a minute or two when she couldn't take it anymore and smiles at me and then pulls her shorts to one side and enters her toy..I'm totally in a state of shock..even being dark on the deck I can see my sisters pussy not three feet from me and a vibrator sliding in and out of it. With that I follow suit..pull my shorts to the side and my raging cock jumps out to thank me. She takes a look at it and wow bro..bigger than I remember! Now my heads spinning..I have to ask...so you've seen it before..she slides her toy deep inside her and smiles and says..yep..when we lived at home..I even watched you do that once and tells me exactly when and how she's seen me..then she asks..I'm sure you've seen me before too right..and the gods honest truth other than the night in the bedroom a month ago only once when we lived at home I saw her boobs but never nothing more and I tell her about back then but still not telling her about the month earlier incident.

I barely get done telling her about that time and I can't take it anymore and within a few more strokes staring at her pussy I release my cum everywhere and about the moment that happens I notice her breathing tightens and she tenses up and has the longest orgasm I have ever seen a woman have!

We both just looked at each other without saying a word then I start laughing with cock still on hand I say..holy shit sis, she smiles back slowly sliding her pink friend out of her soaked pussy and says..so how was that? Infuckingcredable I say and with that I grab some knapkins and begin cleaning my mess from the table and my hand and she places her toy on the table and straightens her shorts as I try to put my still hard cock back where it belonged. By now it's about midnight and we're both spent and as we go inside turns to me and says..so Tom..was this night as good as the one a few weeks ago?..with that she walks away toward her bedroom leaving a trail of clothes behind her.

If I get any responses I may share more of the rest of that summer.



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