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Sister Act

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Totally true-children will be children, how times change.


I come from a small family in a relatively isolated part of the countryside. All us kids went to school together and we all had a very close circle of friends.

My sister and I, who was only a year younger than me, played together all the time. She was very much the archetypal tomboy. She shunned anything that was female for many years. When we were younger she would always tell me she wished she was a boy, we had the best toys, we were always the most important person and most importantly we could nip behind a tree for a pee when out and about-and nobody cared. She was always berating me for having a cock and wished she had one. She would often ask to 'borrow' mine. By this, whenever I needed a pee and she was about she would come running up and ask to hold it while I peed! This carried on for years and I thought nothing of it-it was quite a thrill to have someone else hold your cock while peeing but that was it and she did have such warm hands.

One day however, I suppose we were 14 or 15 at the time, we were at home and I excused myself to go for a pee in our upstairs shared bathroom. I stood in front of the bowl undid my fly and pulled my cock out to pee. We never locked the doors in our house as you usually knew if the room was busy. I had just started to pee when I heard the door open and sis walked in. 'Oh goody, can I hold it for you?' she whispered. We had not done this for some time but as usual I thought nothing of it. She put her hand round my waist and took hold of my cock which by this time was in full pee. As the flow subsided to a trickle she said something that took me by surprise. Apparently she had been talking to one of her girlfriends who told her that us chaps like to squeeze and shake the last few drops of the end. 'Shall I shake the last few drops off for you?' was all I heard. With that she gripped tighter and slowly moved her hand up and down my cock. She pulled back quite a way and exposed the head by rolling my foreskin back. Within seconds I had such a boner that I covered my embarrassment by moving her hand quickly and putting my cock away. She was surprised and disappointed by this. It seems that she had talked more about cocks with her girlfriend than I had thought and wanted to see my rock hard cock some more. It's safe to say that at this point our toilet games finished.

I had been masturbating for a while but not to a successful climax. It usually ended in a slight seepage of a clear sticky liquid and a very strange feeling in my cock and in my anus.

Some time passed after this and I went away to school some distance from home. During this time I learnt a lot more about my body and about girls from my new school buddies. One summer, when home from school, my sister and I went for long walks around the area. We would often be out all day and took whatever provisions we needed. One very warm day, we had drunk copious quantities of water and squash and inevitably we both needed to pee. I said I just need to nip round a tree to relieve myself when my sister brought up the subject of holding my cock some years ago. We were now about 16 and 17. I blushed a little remembering that day when she held my boner. 'Go on, please can I hold it for old times sake?' My cock by now was pushing the front of my shorts out like a tent. Much as I would like it, I needed time to gather my thoughts. 'All that time, I never saw you pee!' I said to her. A smile crossed her face 'I need to go as well, do you want to watch?'

Not the answer I was expecting but I smiled and said 'yea, go on then!' We were in a very isolated part of the forest so did not expect to see any body. She undid the waist band of her shorts and pushed them down and stepped out of them. Stood in front of me in a tee-shirt and panties I suddenly realised how much she had grown up. I'm sure I could see some whispy hairs peeking round the crotch of her pants. She slowly rolled her panties down to her ankles and stepped out of these as well. When she stood up I looked at her beautiful trimmed pussy. What happened next almost blew my mind-she gave me the panties and said 'have a sniff, do you know what pussy smells like?' Many times I have sniffed her panties out of the dirty washing and gave me huge orgasms. I found the crotch and was surprised to find it very damp. As I lifted them to smell them, she squatted in front of me with her legs wide apart and with a whoosh let her pee go.

WOW! My first sight of a girl peeing and her damp panties to my nose was too much. I dropped the panties, undid my shorts and released the biggest boner I have ever seen on my body. I was desperate to stroke it and gripped it gently. 'Don't do that, wait a minute and I will do it for you.' With that as she stopped peeing she stood up and took hold of my cock and started to stroke. The feelings were indescribable. 'You can touch me too, please!' With that, I felt down to her sopping pussy. There was pussy juice mixed with pee and the aroma was stunning. I felt along her pussy gently feeling my way in between the lips. By now she was breathing heavily and I could feel my cum beginning to well up for a mammoth spurt. Her pussy was just so wet that I had no trouble getting two fingers into her. 'Touch my bottom!' she muttered as my load was on its way up my cock. I gently touched her puckered hole and slowly slipped a finger in to this tight place. She moaned and stiffened and with that my cum exploded everywhere. Some caught her under the chin, on her shirt and all over her arm. Her anus twitched hard on my finger as she came at the same time and copious amounts of girl-cum trickled down her legs as she orgasmed violently. Well, we cleaned up and continued our walk never to repeat this episode. We both reminded each other occasionally when we meet and I still get a twitch in my cock. I wonder if it makes her damp?



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